Talkspace Goes to the Next Level by Partnering with Michael Phelps

There is nothing that is comforting than finding someone who has been through what you are going through to comfort you. There are times that we feel like no one gets what we are going through regardless of what they say. Individuals with depression agree with this statement, those who are suicidal even say no one can get them out of the dark whole they find themselves. This is why the partnership of Michael Phelps with Talkspace Reviews is very valuable.

Talkspace is an organization that offers online therapy sessions through chatting and video calls. The app currently has 1 million subscribers. Oren Frank has been making multiple additions in the firm to make the services effective. He employed a chief medical officer from UnitedHealth. This will enable physicians to prescribe tablets when necessary. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

The partnership with Michael Phelps will be in the form of a TV Campaign. Many people suffer silently because they hate themselves for what they feel. The campaign will help kill the mental illness stigma and encourage people to talk about how they feel openly.

Michael Phelps says that he suffered from depression all through his career. He says that it wasn’t easy to get the help he needed. In his mind, Phelps considered talking about what he felt weak; he thought it made him vulnerable until he did. Contrary to his expectations, he realized that he felt in control and strong whenever he shared. It was, therefore, an empowering moment when he discovered he could talk about what he felt through chat and video calls.

Mr. Michael Phelps will help the patients who are in the recovering process through his personal experiences. Additionally, he will become a member of the board of directors of Talkspace. Having someone who understands what their clients are going through and what they need, will be very helpful.

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Madison Street Capital arranges $3.2MM Mondak Deal

On December 11, 2018, the international banking firm, Madison Street Capital arranged a $3.2MM debt facility for the company MonDak Portables, acting as the exclusive advisor for this trade. MonDak is known for delivering, manufacturing and servicing portable toilets and trailers that it sells and rents; It is based in Epping, North Dakota and was founded in 2008. The aforementioned facility was developed by North Avenue Capital. Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s Founder and CEO, announced the transaction and Lester Rodgers, the Senior Managing Director, led the transaction. Rodgers has stated that he has enjoyed his work with Barb, Kathy and Rick while addressing the capital needs for MonDak. He also feels that their leadership team is one of the best and is in a position for solid growth.



The firm known as Madison Street Capital was founded by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala in 2005 and is based in the Chicago Area. It is primarily known for its dedication to excellence, integrity and serve in its delivery of financial advisory to both publicly and privately held corporations. It’s also known for its quick and efficient responses to corporate finance opportunities. Their approach assures that both investors and business owners can benefit from each and every transaction. Their staff is also known for its incredible expertise, knowledge and relationships with their customers. Their methodology is focused on applying that experience to all areas of finance, which include due diligence and market pricing, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, specialized financing, deal structuring and the implementation of exit strategies. During their 14 years of service, they have helped hundreds of industries, clients and more reach their goals in an efficient manner and are known to be a leader of the industry in providing corporate finance and governance. They currently have offices housed in North America, Africa and Asia and wish to help businesses across the globe with any advisory services they may need.



Madison Street Capital also holds many awards for their services to prove themselves in their field. For 2016, they saw a total of three awards: the Emerging Leaders Award from their 7th annual awards ceremony, the Cross Border Deal of the Year Award and the Industrials Deal of the Year award from the M&A Advisor Awards. In 2017, they won the Restructuring Deal of the Year award from the Turnaround Awards, as well as the International M&A Deal of the Year and the Financing Deal of the Year from the M&A Advisor Awards. In 2018, they received the B2B Deal of the Year from the M&A Advisor Awards for that year. Lastly, in 2019, they received the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year ($25MM to $50MM) award from the Annual Turnaround Awards.


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Deirdre Baggot Makes An Impact In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is evolving to include a range of different payment options following the introduction of the Affordable Care Act of President Obama. One of the leading experts in the development of bundled payments for the healthcare industry is Deirdre Baggot who has been working to reduce the complexity of the U.S. healthcare payment system. The level of experience and interest in the healthcare payment system of Ms. Baggot has allowed her to become one of the leading experts in the nation with numerous public and private groups looking to her for assistance. Read full interview of Deirdre Baggot at Inspirery

The career of Deirdre Baggot began with leadership roles in the acute care units of hospitals in different parts of the country before she settled in Colorado. Initially, Loyola University Graduate School of Business alum began her career at the University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Beginning her career as a nursing professional who received her Bachelor’s degree in this area of study has given the payments specialist insight into the problems and success which can be found in the everyday practice of acute care procedures.

During her career, the role of Senior Administrator at the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of SCL Health gave Deirdre Baggot her major break as a bundled payments expert. Since then, she has gone on to take her skills in this area to GE Healthcare and to the boards of many of the leading medical associations in the U.S. The work of the financial expert has been estimated to have produced more $5 million in revenue for two healthcare companies and changed the way the industry bundles its payments. As a senior advisor for Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, the work of Ms. Baggot has become increasingly important. She has also offered advice and various policy points to a range of groups including the American Heart Association, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and SAS.



Meet Matt Badiali: A Scientist, Investor, and a Businessman

Matt Badiali is one of those people who like and enjoy science. He holds a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from the famous Penn State University. Also, he holds a Master’s degree in the same area from the well-known Florida Atlantic University. He acquired this degree just before 2004. When he began working on his Ph.D. Matt met a friend who introduced him to a financial career path.

Matt’s friend had the intention of helping Matt know some of the ways an average investor can make money. During his childhood days, Matt saw his dad struggle with investing. He knew very well that investing may not be a walk in the park especially if one doesn’t have enough capital. This is why he decided to welcome guidance from his friend with both hands. A few days later, Matt became adept in the area.

Nowadays, Matt Badiali travels to corners of the world advising people on how to make a great deal of money using simple tricks. Many people from different corners of the world have made lots of money after following his pieces of advice. In other words, Matt has helped several people get into their dreams.

How the Idea for Badiali’s startup newsletter came about

Matt Badiali has a strong educational background in the area of Science. This crystal clearly shows that he has in-depth knowledge of natural resources. While at Florida Atlantic University, a friend approached him and they discussed how to help average investors make money using natural resources. His main duty is to help people get investment opportunities involving metals as well as other natural resources.

How a typical day for Matt Badiali looks like

A normal day for Matt Badiali begins exactly at 6:30 early in the morning. He goes through the newspaper and also makes sure his daughter gets to school at the right time. Also, he likes watching the weather as well as news on television before starting his day. In most cases, he reaches his office at about 8:00 in the morning. He spends most of his morning hours writing. He answers messages and phone calls in the afternoon hours. This is also the time he plans the meeting and other business activities.

OSI Industries Stamps its Presence in Europe

OSI Industries acquisition of the Dutch Company Baho Foods marked another era of stamping its market presence in the lucrative European market. Baho Foods is a privately owned firm in the business of meat processing and other foods items for both the retail and foodservice industries.

Baho Foods has plants in Germany and Netherlands and operates five subsidiaries including Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren and Vital Convenience. Each of these subsidiaries has been in operation for almost 60 years selling a range of convenience foods and snacks, deli meats, and serving customers in over eighteen European countries.

OSI Industries is banking on Baho Foods’s experience and presence in the European market in order to expand its operations in the region. Speaking about this acquisition, David McDonald, COO and President of OSI Industries had a lot to say. He said that the addition of Baho Foods to OSI Europe gives OSI Group a broader presence in the European market. He went on to say that Baho Food’s product portfolio and brad will compliment OSI Industries’ processing strengths and broaden its capabilities to serve the company’s evolving customer needs.

The acquisition did not, however, isolate the Baho Foods staff. It was agreed that Baho Foods will retain its management team led by John Balvers. The team will also work in tandem with the OSI Group senior management to implement a workable future long-term growth strategy.

Commending the transaction, John Balvers, said Baho Foods will leverage on OSI Industries’ outstanding customer and supplier relationships to grow even more. The combined effort of the two companies will enable them to serve their customers even better in order to realize their strategy as well as broaden their product portfolio.

The acquisition of the controlling stake in Baho Foods follows OSI Group purchase of a Tyson Plant in Chicago.


Talkspace Online Therapy for Those Who Cannot Afford Traditional Therapy

There are many people who suffer for mental health issues and even after noticing its symptoms, simply ignore it. The primary reason behind it is that the treatment can be expensive. Talkspace has emerged as the savior for such people who are suffering from mental health issues but can’t afford mental health treatment. It is a mobile app that anyone can easily download on their phone and register at. The people suffering from any kind of mental health issues can take the help of mental health therapist at Talkspace. The fact that one has to pay just a fraction of traditional therapy at Talkspace is what has caused its popularity to grow tremendously.

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Talkspace has also recently introduced counseling for teens, which is a helpful concept for teenagers. Teenagers these days go through many challenging issues and times, which wasn’t the case earlier. It is due to this reason they need someone to talk to and open about those issues as many of the teenagers are not comfortable talking about these issues with their parents and sometimes, even friends. Talkspace has become the go-to online therapy app for adults as well as teenagers as it gives easy access to professional therapists at a very affordable price. People do not have to waste their time or their money on visiting a traditional therapist.

Talkspace has been trying to help more people seek help for any mental illness. Also, for those having problems in their relationships can also talk to a therapist and a solution to a problem. Michael Phelps has undergone mental problems, and he knows how difficult it can be to get help for many people. He himself was reluctant in getting help, but online therapy allowed him to get clean. Now that he knows that online therapy is quite effective, he wants other people to come forward and get help too. Learn more:


ClassDojo Creates App to Be Used at Home as Well as Classroom

Tony Wan recently published an article to the EdSure website titled “ClassDojo Goes ‘Beyond School’ to Launch First Monetization Feature for Parents.” The article reveals the recent monetization plan for the education technology company that has sustained itself on investments. The company was created in 2011 and has quickly grown to be used in more than two-thirds of middle schools and elementary schools in the U.S. One of every six families uses the app on a daily basis.

However, co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don were determined to keep the app free for schools and teachers. The company only recently revealed the subscription-based app that will be available to parents and families. The at-home app will have some similar features to the platform that is used in the school. It will have the same point system where the parents will be able to determine when and how to reward their children for behaving well. When the children behave poorly, they will be able to take away points. The company maintains that this will help children learn personal responsibility while also creating more mindfulness in young children.

ClassDojo also ensures that parents will be able to help their children become more mindful of their actions and more aware of their surroundings through their meditation videos and mindfulness prompts. The self-reflection tool that is available in the app will provide pre-set questions and prompts to encourage young children to have more meaningful connections to their families as well as more meaningful conversations. This allows children to have the opportunity to express themselves and create an identity they can be proud of. The app was designed to be used in small increments. The points and exercises should take no more than a few minutes each day.

However, the app also allows the parents to communicate on a regular basis with the teachers and the school they attend. The app will become available for monthly subscriptions in February 2019. The current price point is $7.99 per month, though that may change.

Sam Chaudhary reveals that they have been able to succeed for so long without making any profit because of the investors’ patience

David McDonald Leads OSI Group Growth

OSI Group is one of the biggest names in food that you probably have never heard of. They are one of the 4 main providers of burgers for the entire McDonald’s franchise. One of the people that have been there with the company since their impressive bath of growth started in the early 2000s is David McDonald. He may be the COO of one of the biggest private companies in the world, but he spent most of his early life on a farm.

While it may have been a while since David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science, he is still committed to the success of the school and their students. He spends a good amount of time working with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. In addition, he supports the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund financially and has provided internships for many students within OSI Group. His good works were not left unnoticed as in 2014 he was awarded the Emerging Philanthropist Award by the Iowa State University Foundation.

OSI Group has a strong presence internationally and David McDonald played an instrumental role in much of the expansion. Some of the big deals that he took the helm of included the acquisitions of Creative Food Europe and Baho Foods. When it comes to the concept and practice of food logistics, he is considered an expert. The wide array of government agencies, retailers, and suppliers on a local level may be a lot different than the people he interacted with on the farm, but his experience at that level was an important factor in his decision making in his career.

It’s important for OSI Group to develop partnerships with entities that know the market that they are in and have relationships in their communities. David Mcdonald believes that it is important to have a lot of knowledge about the customers of OSI Group and be operating closely with them. The company has become an icon of the Midwest and has come to be one of the most recognized symbols in the areas that the company operates out of.

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Randal Nardone Knew How to Start a Company

As one of the top business people on the Forbes’ billionaire list, Randal Nardone knows a lot about business and the right way to run a business. He also knows there are things he can do that might make it easier for him to focus on how he can help people. There are a variety of things that might make it easier for Randal Nardone to focus on changes and that’s something that continues helping him show people how to make the most out of these situations. No matter how hard Randal Nardone worked to make things better for the company, he knew it would be worth it if he had the chance to help people. He also knew that a major alternative investment firm would be better than a majority of other options he could find with different companies.

Between working with other companies and coming up with positive solutions for his investment firm, Nardone knew he could make a difference for all the people he worked with. It made him want to see there were things that could help him through the most positive impacts he needed to get with his life. By thinking of his own opportunities, Randal Nardone gave himself the chance to show people how they could continue making their careers better than ever before.


While there weren’t definitive options for people who needed them, Randal Nardone knew that the Fortress Investment Group would give him a chance to try different things. He also knew the industry needed someone who could make people understand the positive impacts that came from the company. Doing all of this made it easier for him to focus on the changes he could make. It also made it easier for him to show people they could invest their money in the right way. As long as they had an investment company that could direct them to do things better, they could make the most out of all the options they had. It was their goal to keep doing things in a way that allowed them to show people investing opportunities.



InnovaCare Health: It Succeeds Because of Executives Like Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer and president at InnovaCare Health. Mr. Shinto attended the University of California at Irvine, which is where he obtained his bachelor’s of science degree. At the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Mr. Shinto received his medical degree and got his M.B.A. from the University of Redlands.

Rick Shinto began his career more than 20 years ago when he was a specialist of internal medicine and pulmonologist in Southern California. He was the vice president at MedPartners. He was responsible for medical management at MedPartners. He worked at Cal Optimal Health Plan in Orange County, California, and he also worked at Pathways Management Company as the operations manager and CMO. At North American Medical Management of California, he was the senior officer who was in charge of medical management. He worked with Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. At Aveta Inc., he started with the company as a member of the management team. He was later appointed to president of Aveta Inc. and remained at this position until the company was sold in 2012.

Mr. Shinto was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, and he was also named a Top Minority Executive in 2018. He was given the Access to Caring Award for his dedication to making healthcare more affordable to individuals in need. He currently serves on the board of directors at America’s Physician Groups and America’s Health Insurance Plans. Mr. Shinto previously served on the Financial Solvency Standards Board for the California Department of Managed Care.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. She was previously with the company as the chief operating officer. Ms. Kokkinides is an expert at developing and managing healthcare programs, and she has worked with government programs that include Medicare and Medicaid. Penelope Kokkinides was the chief management officer at Centerlight HealthCare and the head of operations at Touchstone Health. She also worked at AmeriChoice as the corporate vice president. At AmeriChoice, she was responsible for the care management and disease management division.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a corporation that offers sustainable and affordable healthcare plans throughout North America. The company has more than 200,000 registered members and 7,500 network providers. The company offers services through MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare Health’s Medicare Advantage healthcare plan was given the highest accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.