Equities First Holdings-The Major Alternative To Traditional Business Loans Globally

Equities First Holdings has been in the stock-based loan business for over 14 years. Started as an American lender in stock-based loans, EFH is now a global operation, with globally all across the world.The hub of EFH’s European operations has its location in London. Like Equities First Holdings stock-based loans that enjoyed years of success here in the states. Equities First Holdings has underwritten shareholder loans in the billions since opening its London operation in 2013.

Even in the economic crisis during 2013 to 2015, Equities First Holdings growth has been tremendous.Equities First Holdings has committed $100 million to further the growth of its European operation. EFH loan structure is ideally suited to the business investor who does not want to use his property or transaction as collateral on a significant business loan. If your business has an interest in this type of business loan, contact EFH today!

Eric Lefkofsky Helping Cancer Patients Get Better and More Effective Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is a distinguished businessman from Chicago, United States, and is known for his start-up venture Group Inc, which went on to become a billion-dollar enterprise. Along with Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has started many other start-ups and companies that have become an enormous success. However, Eric Lefkofsky is not only known for his business prowess, but also for his philanthropy. In the last few years, the charity foundation co-founded by Eric along with his wife Liz Lefkofsky has been able to do a tremendous amount of work in the area of human rights, civic causes, education, and much more. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has funded many schools and colleges to provide scholarships to the pupils from the low-income families.

Also, many meritorious students are not able to study further due to the lack of funding. It is these students that the foundation of Eric Lefkofsky aims to help. Recently, Eric Lefkofsky started a technology company named Tempus, which is aimed at helping the cancer patients get more precise and personalized treatment. For so many years, the cancer patients have been getting the same treatment regardless of their age. It is for this reason, the procedure sometimes works, and in many cases, it worsens the situation of the patient. Eric Lefkofsky has had the misfortune of seeing one of the loved ones being diagnosed with cancer.

It made him realize that the doctors don’t have the treatment-related data that they can use to create a patient-specific detailed treatment plan. If the doctors have the records of how a particular treatment worked on a cancer patient of a sixty-year-old man, they would be able to define the treatment course that is effective and refined in the future for another patient with similar characteristics of sixty years old. Such a co-relation in treatment can make a huge difference in the outcome of the treatment.

Anil Chaturvedi Is A Reputable Banking Professional

If you are looking for information on investing, banking or other financial issues, it is imperative to consult the right resource. Want to find out about Anil Chaturvedi?

There are many ways to go about getting the advice or guidance you need for your success. Perhaps you want to enlist the services of a renowned banking or investment expert. Maybe you are already aware that Anil Chaturvedi provides top notch advice to clients.

Anil Chaturvedi is a leading banking professional, and he has decades of experience in the industry. Anil Chaturvedi has rendered outstanding services to a wide variety of clients and he comes highly recommended.

Numerous organizations and business owners turn to Anil Chaturvedi for expert assistance with issues related to money and financial management. He is a well known professional and he has an established history of guiding clients to success.

When it comes to raising money for business or for any worthwhile goal, it is extremely important to get help from a reliable professional like Anil Chaturvedi. He can advise you on how to go about putting together a compelling business plan. Without an impressive business plan it can be difficult to convince investors and bankers to extend financing to you.

Anil Chaturvedi takes the time to evaluate his client’s banking and investment needs before deciding how to approach the matter. He works closely with his clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the strategy he decides to use address their issues.

Having a viable opportunity is essential but you also need to present your offer properly. Anil Chaturvedi has great expertise in funding businesses, advising entrepreneurs and he has the resources to help put his clients on the road to success.

Anil Chaturvedi knows a lot about private banking, commercial banking and investment banking and is well equipped to meet the needs of organizations and businesses that want to grow or expand their operation.

If you are serious about getting the guidance and advice you need to achieve success in your ventures, then check out Anil Chaturvedi right away.


NewsWatch TV Offers High Return to Their Clients with Effective Review

Innovative marketing techniques are necessary to stay competitive, irrespective of which sector your company belongs. There are many companies that are using out of the box marketing measures to get a competitive edge over the competitors, and rightly so since the competition is increasing. If the companies fail to reach its target audience efficiently, it will get difficult to take the lead in the market. NewsWatch TV is a show that is aired for thirty minutes every week with nearly a hundred million households every week in the United States. Many popular companies have used this show as a means to market their new product launches and their brand in general.

The outreach of NewsWatch TV has been increasing with the passing time, and many large-scale companies have been using it to reach out to their target audience. One of the companies that recently used NewsWatch TV as a marketing platform is Avanca, which is a technology company that was raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign and needed some exposure. Partnering with NewsWatch TV helped them get funds that were two thousand percent more than their initial target. There are many companies that are looking to achieve similar success by marketing on NewsWatch TV. Some of the companies that have achieved their marketing goals through advertising on NewsWatch TV are Ford, Toyota, Siemens, Discovery Channel, and many more.

Another company that has seen success with the help of NewsWatch TV is a Danish company with the name Ockel. The company saw an increase in profits by half a million after their company was showcased on their show. The Managing Director of the company said that he was happy with the association and they were also able to secure crowdfunding from investors and it was possible because of the team of NewsWatch TV.

The Chainsmokers’ “Somebody” Video Shows Artists at Play

Recently the Chainsmokers released a tiny little making-of video for their new hit single, “Somebody”. The New York-based EDM band has been charting singles for years, ever since their breakthrough in 2014 with “#Selfie”. The making-of video shows two artists at work, and although it looks like a lot of fun, one can see that it is also quite a bit of work.

The video shows DJ’s Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart compiling sounds for “Somebody”. Taggart is playing riffs on a piano, while Pall sits behind a sound booth with a laptop. The video definitely captures the feel of mixing. Taggart for instance is recording piano sounds that will be mixed later by Pall. Pall is listening to a vocal track they are using, a track which was recorded for another song. The track is apparently too low, so Pall changes the pitch and the voice goes higher.

The intricate attention to detail is seen here, as Pall listens for just the right sound. It almost reminds one of building with Legos. Trying to construct an impressive structure from hundreds of tiny little bits. Some of them are so small you might lose them, others do not click in the way they should, and some require you to push harder and that breaks apart what you just did.

The work is painstaking, with both Pall and Taggart striving to get every little detail right. They make it look easy, even though the tiny film is a bunch of little scenes edited together. It definitely compliments their artistry. After Pall messes with the track he plays it back with its new pitch, he then adds it to their primary track and plays that. This is the song eventual listeners will hear and it contains all the individual sounds we just saw the duo making.

“Somebody” sounds really good, and to hear the finished track is a testament to how each little piece forms a whole. The song has their same beat, their unique sound, and knowing the Chainsmokers a real-life reference to the artists themselves.


The Chainsmokers Chased Dream

The Chainsmokers are an American duo group that launched again in the year 2012. Their career really took a turn in 2013-2014 when they began playing in shows and their hit song “Selfie” came out. The song was their first breakout moment and put them on the music chart in twenty different countries. After selfie they launched another single called “Roses” and then “Don’t let me down” which featured the incredible, Daya. These two songs became their first songs to make it into the top ten on the music charts. The next song they launched was their hit “Closer” which landed them as the number one spot on the music chart for weeks, and it featured the incredibly talented, Halsey. After that they put out a new album which featured “Something Just Like This” which featured Coldplay, and their hit song “Paris.” Finally, in 2018 they created a different type of music and came out with another hit single titled “Sick Boy.” In their music career they have already won various awards and even a Grammy. They have gained millions of loyal fans all around the world and the numbers keep adding.

With all of the success you can’t help but to wonder how the Chainsmokers came about, and how it all came together for them. According to a recent article, before the chainsmokers, members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were just ordinary men.

Alex had a job in New York and Djing part time, until one day he decided that he wanted to make music his career, so he told his manager and chased his dream. ng to find the success they hoped for and more!

Andrew was a college student in Maine until one day he heard about the chainsmokers seeking a second member and so he took a bus to New York to meet Alex’s manager. Alex’s manager introduced the two and they began making music instantly. It didn’t take them lo


Infinity Group Australia and High-Quality Financial Coaching

Financial fitness is a concept that’s critical for people in the modern world. If an individual wishes to enjoy a comfortable, productive and smooth daily existence, then he or she should do everything to prioritize financial well-being. It can help to rely on a financial coach who has experience and extensive training. Many smart people work with these coaches for significant stretches of time. Infinity Group Australia is a highly regarded company that concentrates on financial coaching services. The team members who work for Infinity are well-versed in retirement options, wealth establishment and, last but definitely not least, debt elimination. People who turn to this company often explore online review options. Infinity Group Australia has many strong Internet reviews from people who have employed its services previously.


Many people naturally have concerns that revolve around retirement and their futures. People often try to get ready for retirement by saving money early on. Retirement is something that involves many diverse and varied considerations. People should think carefully about superannuation matters. The professionals who are on the Infinity Group Australia staff aim to assist people who want to have worry-free tomorrows. They aim to aid people who want to safeguard their family members from potential financial issues as well.


Wealth establishment is yet another major area of expertise for the team at Infinity Group Australia. Most people have the desire to establish wealth. This is completely normal and natural. The vast majority of individuals in this world have no choice but to think about basic needs such as mortgages and grocery store expenses. That’s why they’re in many cases unable to find the time to concentrate on wealth establishment. That’s where the staff at Infinity Group Australia comes into play. They assist people who want to pinpoint and employ effective yet logical and functional wealth establishment practices.


The professionals who work for Infinity Group Australia also have expansive knowledge that involves the world of debt elimination. Debt is a severe concern for many households and individuals all around the world. It isn’t uncommon for people to feel helpless and like they’re drowning in debt. If an individual is in debt and wishes to regain a firm grip on his existence and destiny, then the team at Infinity Group Australia can come to his rescue. These coaches offer financial guidance that’s rare and priceless. They offer financial guidance that can help people smile and feel content and relaxed yet again.


People who want to learn about their monetary statuses can request in-depth financial wellness assessments from Infinity Group Australia. These tests can help people determine how they should proceed. They can help people figure out how to take care of all sorts of dilemmas that involve resources. Learn more: https://heycompanies.com.au/0767701/Infinity_Group_Australia

The Different Arts of Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is making a lot of rounds in the media. For one thing, it is not only an art school, it is also one that is being recognized because the students are taking their education and making successful careers out of them. Academy of Art University is involved with a lot of high profile projects. One of the most recent events that have gained recognition for Academy of Art University is Avengers: Infinity War. The visual effects department has done a good job. It is one of the reasons that Infinity War has gone on to be one of the top grossing films of all time.

Other arts that Academy of Art University is involved in are drawing and painting. People enjoy good paintings and drawings. It shows a lot of discipline and dedication. While people can learn how to do both when they take time off, Academy of Art University offers people the environment they need in order to get involved in this type of activity. People will learn about the different ways to stroke the paper. They will also learn how to create realistic images with paint. A lot of impressive artwork is seen in Academy of Art.

Lately, Academy of Art University is being recognized for its contributions to fashion. One of the reasons that fashion is one of the most covered areas is that it is an art like many of the other forms of art. Academy of Art University is working hard to get people to recognize the art aspects of fashion so that they will be inspired to discover their own sense of art. They can either enjoy the new designs or come up with their own designs for people to wear. One of the best things about fashion art is that it can help people learn new things about themselves.

Peter Briger – the experienced and skilled asset manager.

Philanthropic, experienced and an industry icon, you will never really run out of words to describe Peter Briger Jr. as the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is an experienced and skilled asset manager.The Princeton University graduate and holder of an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is a business leader with an experience of about 20 years in the assets management industry. Before Peter Briger Jr. making a move to Fortress in 2002, he worked at Goldman Sach. At Goldman Sach, he was a partner, and he worked in several positions overseeing the company’s operations. Goldman Sach gave him a wealth of experience which he brought with him in 2002 when he joined Fortress Investment Group. His move to Fortress was one which has since benefited both parties.

Fortress is an assets management company that boasts of managing an estimated $65 billion worth of assets for its numerous clients. His excellent performance makes him fit for the hedge fund firm.He has held some positions at Fortress. Some of the notable locations include the following. He was elected back in 2009 to sit in the firm’s board as the co-chairman. This only serves to highlight the confidence that people put in him and his leadership capabilities.Currently, he is in charge of the company’s real estate and credit fund business. Fortress has received excellent reviews from its employees. Other than the conducive working environment, employees have spoken about the hedgefund firm’s benefits to its employees and the learning opportunities they often get.

Responsible for creating this is none other than Peter Briger Jr. and his colleagues. Some of those employees that have spoken highly about the place come from his Credit Business wing which directly attests to his leadership since he is in charge of this function at Fortress.His hardworking and entrepreneurial skills have seen him rise the ranks to rank at position 962 in the Forbes list of billionaires with a worth of $1.3 billion.In addition to his excellent work at Fortress, he is entirely philanthropic.At a personal level, he gives back to the society in some ways. He sits on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council which focuses on providing support to needy children. Additionally, he is member of the Council of Foreign Relations.This is an entity that concentrates on creating awareness and helping politicians and regular citizens comprehend the foreign policies.

How Richard Dwayne Blair Can Assist in Reviewing All Options

One challenge that a lot of people make while they are trying to support is finding other options to increase their income. Many people are not aware of all of the money making opportunities. Those that think to seek the help of a financial adviser are going to have a new world opened up to them. This is because financial advisers are knowledgeable about many of the different financial opportunities that their clients can use. One adviser who is especially knowledgeable is Richard Dwayne Blair. He has a lot of experience in making investments and trading in various markets. He uses his experience to help his clients make the right decisions in their investments.

One of the largest factors to the effectiveness of Richard Dwayne Blair is that he helps the client on an individual level. He listens to the client and then identifies an area that need the most improvement. Then he comes up with a plan if needed that can help the individual take care of the factors that is hindering him. For instance, if Richard is dealing with someone who gets overwhelmed with his work, he can help him look at different ways that he can organize himself so that his work could seem a little more manageable.

Richard Dwayne Blair looks at all of the options for financial improvement with his clients and recommends the path for his client to take. However, he also leaves room for the client to make his own decisions on the directions he wants to go in. One of the most important things that Richard gives his client is education. Sometimes, all a client needs is to know his options and how they work. When one finds something that works for him, he improves his likelihood for not only breaking free of debt, but living luxuriously.