Premium Dog Food News From Beneful

Please take a moment to consider the effects of your dog’s diet upon your dog’s overall well being and happiness. Dogs are like people and every other creature in that they need specific nutrients and dietary needs fulfilled in order to lead normal and productive lives. Believe it or not, the food you put into your dog’s bowl has a serious impact on the amount of time and the quality of the time you will spend together, so be sure to choose premium brands of food for your dog because they are worth every cent you pay for them. I found an article about premium dog foods, and I would like to take the opportunity to share with you all the information that it presented to me. It was a real eye opener. I had never considered what a great job these premium brands of dog foods do to manufacture a high quality product. They really consider all the sides of the manufacturing process, and they use high quality ingredients in their foods which increases their costs of production significantly. My dog is happier when I feed him premium dog foods, and I think yours will be happier too. My dog eats Beneful. It is a premium brand of dog food that is made by Purina, and I stand by it 100 percent because I trust the manufacturers. I see the ingredients they put into their foods, and I have to admit that I feel proud to offer such a high quality dog food to my animal. Feeding Beneful to my dog is like feeding a good cut of meet to my child. I want to provide the best that my money can buy. I always leave the pet store with a few bags of Beneful Dry Dog Food Original and a few cases of Chopped Blends. Chopped Blends is another food Beneful makes that is like a wet food. It has real pieces of meats, vegetables and rice in it. Beneful Chopped Blends looks delicious and smells great. Here is the link to that article from the Daily Herald.

Multitalented Man Shoots Amazing Videos and Photos

Jon Urbana is truly a jack of all trades. He engages in hosts of activities, business, and charity work. He is a fascinating person with a colorful history. Jon attended Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics in 2005. He was also a champion Lacrosse player in college. He has an Airmen Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (

Jon Urbana as mentioned before was an accomplished lacrosse player who went on to play professionally. He is currently retired from the sport but now co-owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Another interesting point about Jon Urbana is that he is a popular and skilled music composer. He creates and remixes electronic tracks like Paper Navy Swan Song that have a huge following on sites like Soundcloud (

Jon has also had an impressive photography career that can be viewed on display at Vimeo. He has done some truly impressive work and has quite a following with this endeavor as well ( His photography lends an ethereal quality to the photograph. His keen eye captures the beauty of what he is trying to shoot and present to his Instagram viewers. Though he is a man of many talents, Jon Urbana really stands out because of his extensive charity work. Jon is currently attempting to raise money for environmental causes. He has a Gofundme campaign set up to directly benefit Earthforce. Earthforce actively recruits youth to help with environmental cleanup and education. Jon also uses the Crowdrise platform to try to raise money to benefit Earthforce in addition to the Gofundme fundraiser.

Urbana’s Twitter handle is @jonurbana1 and you can enjoy dozens of tweets per day like the ones below.

How CCMP Capital Managed To Take The Lead In Matters Related To Private Equity Investments

CCMP Capital has been in the business of offering buyout and growth equity solutions to companies since 1984. So far, the company has invested not less than $16 billion according to, and it operates on the confidence that it has the much required experience as well as strong operating resources. With time, the company has easily managed to become a world-class investment partner who can be relied upon by companies when they feel the need to expand. CCMP Capital operates in four different industry sectors namely consumer and retail, energy, healthcare and industrial

The firm mainly operates in the North American and European regions. It has since 2006 managed to be an independent firm even though its professionals continue to manage the J.P Morgan Partners private equity portfolio. The firm has a strong focus on companies ranging from $250 million in size to $2 billion. Typically, it invests between $100 million to $500 million of equity in every transaction. The company provides estate diversification solutions that are optimized to suit founder-owned businesses. It is also well- respected as a reliable specialist when matters related to taking public companies private are concerned.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also helps a great deal when matters related to equitizing leveraged structures are concerned. Companies that are public find it a very good companion when matters related to going private are concerned. During the funding process, the company CCMP’s operating and investment professionals work very closely with the companies management teams at every phase of the investment process.

The company believes that when the top management team of where they are investing in is rightly involved, the whole process will be very easy and successful. Both teams work together to provide a shared vision for the business that can be worked upon. When an agreement is reached, both teams work towards achieving that. As a result, a sense of partnership and belonging is created which is very crucial to the success of the investment.

CCMP Capital suffered a big blow when it lost its President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Murray in 2015. He was a well-known philanthropist and private equity investor who was a Boston College graduate of Economics in 1984. He made his career start in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover before joining CCMP Capital when it was still named JP Morgan Partners.

Murray also served in many company boards until his sad demise. When matters philanthropy are concerned, he supported many organizations that dealt with community empowerment and development. He left a legacy that many will continue to honor and respect. His determination, hard work, and dedication no doubt made his career fruitful. His success can attest to the fact that with hard work, passion and determination, one can achieve goals much easily and leave an impact in society.