Don Ressler And JustFab Expand Into Men’s Workout Clothing

Men and women have different clothing needs. Men often want clothing that is for different purposes than women need. This is what retailers today recognize. A smart retailer is one who can help both men and women get access to fashions that are just right for their needs. One retailer that has chosen to expand into the men’s retail clothing market is online retailer JustFab. JustFab, headed by both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, is an online retailer that is aiming for growth. This is also one retailer that is headed by those who fully understand the need for fashion for both women and for men.

The Men’s Clothing Market

The men’s clothing market is one in which those at JustFab hope to have an impact. They have already had an impact on the woman’s fashion market. JustFab and Don Ressler are noted for providing clothing choices for women that are ideal for their needs and are made from the finest possible fabric. This is why so many female customers have turned to them to help them find clothing they like. Ressler hopes to do the same for the needs of the male clothing market. His market research indicates this is quite possible.

A Line For Men

With the new plans for a line of fashion for men, Ressler knows that men will log on to his site. Ressler and his team of designers aim to help provide assistance for men who are looking for fashion that is ideal for their needs and wants. With his help, he knows that men will locate fashion that can help them feel stylish as they work out just as his female customers have done in the years since the company was founded. His line of clothing for men will be similar to the lines offered to women.

Yuchin Mao

It is with this aim in mind that he has sought after designers who can help him and his staffers realize the vision they have in mind for men’s clothing. They have chosen to hire Yuchin Mao, someone who has repeatedly shown an understanding of the ways that it is possible to take standard male clothing ideas and translate them into something more contemporary and exciting. Don Ressler has hired Mao because he hopes that his work in this field will be a fruitful partnership for all concerned and allow men to find great fashions.



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