Securus Quiets Haters by Getting an A+ Grading from BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a big league player in the technological industry providing solutions to correctional facilities. Like any other big business, Securus receive their fair share of false accusations, mostly as a result of jealousy from other companies in the industry. However, in a recent turn of events, Securus decided to shame these attackers by receiving an A+ grade from BBB accreditation. If this is not the best proof of excellence at customer service, I don’t know what is.

By getting themselves to be approved by the BBB Accreditation body, Securus portrayed a high level of trustworthiness. The company has built itself a great reputation in the industry, as can be seen by the track record, maintained both in their official website and on various search engines. This also is proof of responsiveness when it comes to addressing customer complaints.

According to De Hoyos, Securus have proved themselves worth the trust of their wide client base by getting a BBB Accreditation. He also suggested that with the new accreditation, no one could counter that Securus Technologies is indeed the leader in their industry.

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The Chief Executive Offer of Securus Technologies, Richard. A. Smith, also commented on the issue. He commended Securus achievements. He also talked of what this would for Securus. With the A+ grading, they had backing for their claim of being the industry’s best. He urged other industry players to get themselves a BBB Accreditation also before claiming to be the major players, industry wise.

A Brief on Securus Technologies

Securus is a leading technological company serving correctional facilities throughout North America. They pride themselves in providing excellent customer services throughout the region. Basically, they provision correctional facilities with technology solutions to enhance security and also better connections between inmates and their families.