A Look Inside Doe Deere’s Colorful World

Deere’s Colorful Revolution

Cosmetics is a very tricky business. In order for an entrepreneur to succeed you need to stand out from a crowded field and offer consumers something unique. Viewed in that light the success of Doe Deere is best understood. As one of the earliest Youtube celebrities she already had numerous makeup tutorials and a loyal fan base in the palms of her hand. It was only natural that Lime Crime, her line of makeup, would take off. In the past 8 years Doe Deere’s makeup has taken on a life of its own. It is everywhere from her makeup tutorials to online magazines and so much more.



The Facebook Effect

If there is one thing central to the success of Deere’s cosmetic line it is her use of social media to reach out to her fans. When Deere wants to release a new lipstick or mascara she doesn’t need to create a million dollar commercial to reach customers. Instead she can simply rely on her blog posts and Youtube videos to do this work for her. Although this approach isn’t unfamiliar in our current day it was ground breaking back in 2008.



Fighting For A Greater Cause

A shining example of the talent of Doe Deere is the ethical standards of Lime Crime. This makeup brand is distinctively vegan like its creator. Doe Deere makes sure there are no ingredients derived from animals used in her makeup as a reflection of her personal beliefs regards cruelty towards animals. The revenue she receives from Lime Crime is often used to donate to charities helping animals as well. She understands the power her position offers her and uses it to benefit those in need. That’s a commendable trait no matter what anyone thinks of her brand.



Moving Into The Future

The success of Doe Deere isn’t stopping with her efforts in cosmetics. She has an energetic fan base and she wants to translate that into many new ventures. She maintains a strong presence on social media with her Instagram account receiving the strongest viewership. Women with her level of entrepreneural success are an exception but Deere wants to break down barriers. She regularly lectures rising female entrepreneurs and prepares them for the business world. In decades to come her impact on the new wave of cosmetic startups will stand as a testimony to the power of the early pioneers of the web.

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