Jeffry Schneider Has Realized the Growth and Expansion of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder and Principal Executive of Ascendant Capital, LLC. He is currently based in Austin, Texas. Jeffry has helped investors to generate approximately $1 billion dollars. High service quality and efficiency have resulted in growth and expansion of Ascendant Capital. In so far, the company has hired over 30 personnel. Five years back, Ascendant Capital had only two employees. Jeffry possesses a wide and in-depth experience in the alternative investment business niche. He gathered experience while working for Axiom Capital Management, Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors, and Smith Barney. He acquired his degree from the University of Massachusetts, located in Amherst. He has realized the growth and expansion of the company through careful understanding of the industry.

Ascending Capital helps all alternative asset fund sponsors to raise funds through diverse strategies of marketing, education, operational services, sales, novel strategies for financial restructuring. Jeffry works with an established network of Family Offices, Private Banks, broker-dealers and the Registered Investment Advisors. The Company’s capital has been used for the acquisition of technology companies, auto dealerships, real estate and much more. Jeffry and his team are determined and dedicated to achieving more in the future. In 2016, Ascendant Capital had planned to raise more than $50 million in every month.

Jeffry has built an enabling and favorable environment to facilitate the growth and expansion of the Ascendant Capital Company. He has developed a culture that is characterized by effective communication, open dialogue, and strong spirit of trust among the workforce. Jeffry Schneider is proud of the culture of transparency in his Company. The Company has succeeded in aligning its interests effectively compared with those of expressed by investors.

Jeffry and his team share a common believe that modern businesses are moving towards alternative investments since it remains a profitable venture. It is through alternative investments that companies can reduce volatility and enhance the diversification of their holdings. The tremendous Ascendant Capital growth’s over the recent years is primarily attributed to the alternative investment industry. Principally, the allocation of capital to alternative investment surpasses the money pools that can be achieved by the majority of Registered Investment Advisors. Therefore, in practice client portfolios are most often allocated to alternative investments.

Jeffry is a philanthropist who focuses on supporting the disadvantaged in the society. He collaborates with several charitable organizations to serve the needy. He has donated to not-for-profit organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Home for Children. Apart from philanthropy work, Jeffery loves to practice and encourage his staff to adopt healthy lifestyles. It includes eating healthy food, exercising and taking vacations. He toured various places in the world including South America, Europe, Asia, and others.

Global leader, OSI Group, Maintains Strong Influence Around the World

OSI Group is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. They supply custom order food products to some of the worlds largest retail brands and food service providers. Located in over 17 countries, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people. OSI Group handles all aspects of food chain supply management, including global sourcing, processing, distribution and delivery.

Forbes 2016 list of largest privately held companies ranked OSI Group #58, with over six billion dollars in revenue. The company was founded in 1909 in Chicago as Otto & Sons. It started out as a meat market and butcher shop and remained relatively unchanged until 1955 McDonald’s chose the company to be their first supplier of fresh ground beef.

International expansion began in earnest in 1978 when they expanded into Germany. Over the next 20 years OSI aggressively expanded their reach across the globe, establishing plants in Spain, Brazil, Asia-Pacific, Austria, Philippines, Mexico, Poland and China. 2016 was a major year for OSI Group as they acquired major food supplier Flagship Europe UK. Flagship Europe is a highly respected food supplier distributing a wide range of product categories. With facilities throughout Europe, Flagship Europe was a perfect fit for OSI group as both companies have the same commitment to quality and innovation. Also acquired in 2016 was a controlling stake in Baho Food, a privately held Dutch company with facilities throughout Germany and the Netherlands.

OSI Group is proud not only of their consistent growth but of their commitment to sustainability. Their focus goes beyond just sustainable food supply but also to provide culturally sustainable business practices. Operating in so many diverse cultures across the globe presents cultural challenges but OSI Group is committed to remaining a positive influence to whomever they touch and in whichever community they operate.

They are particularly proud of some of the awards they have received over the years from the different nations in which they operate. In 2014 VP Dan Milovanovic received Meat & Poultry Magazines’s “Operations Executive of the Year”. 2015 saw one of their processing plants in Germany receive the “Prize of Honor for Food Products,” an award given for high product quality, environmental responsibility and dedication to the education of young people. And in 2016, CEO Sheldon Lavin received India’s Vision World Academy, “Global Visionary Award”. The award goes to individuals who, through persistence and perseverance, achieve their dreams and goals.

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Did Bruce Levenson get a raw deal for Atlanta Hawks?

Bruce Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and inner circle sports to sell the Atlanta hawks for a reason. Goldman Sachs is a leading multinational finance organization with close to 150 years in portfolio management and wealth creation. Inner Circle Sports is an investment bank that has its focus on the global sports industry. They provide advisory services for entities interested in buying or selling sports teams. For example, they played a key role in the sale of the English Football club Sunderland AFC to Ellis Short for £20million.

Many experts had valued the sale of the basketball team together with the operating rights at its home base, Philips arena in Atlanta, Georgia at well over $800 million. Three experts had told CNBC that the team would sell between $ 900 million and $1 billion earlier in January. Forbes had valued the NBA team at $825 million. It was the sports economist Andrew Zimbalist of Smith College who had the most modest valuation of between $700 million and $ 750 million.

Goldman Sachs convinced Levenson that it could help him get at least $1 billion dollars for his team plus their rights at Philips. And so everything was set in motion.

After months of meetings and preliminary bids, it is the billionaire Tony Ressler’s group that won the auction with a much lesser figure than Sachs had suggested a bid of $730 million. Off course Levenson makes a huge profit out of this deal but Sachs and Inner circle sports were off by about 27%.

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman and a philanthropist born to a Jewish family in 1949. He grew up in Maryland and attended college at Washington University in St Louis. He is also a graduate of the American University law school.

In 1977, he co-founded United Communications Group and was a founding board member of Tech Target, a media company in the IT industry.






Seattle Genetic, Clay Siegall, & The Future of Cancer Research

The fight against cancer has been an ongoing struggle throughout the years. There has been substantial amounts of medications introduced on the market, but none of them have made a huge difference when it comes to eradicating this deadly disease. Fortunately times have changed as well as innovation and the fight against cancer has never looked brighter. Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of this change by offering some of the most advanced breakthrough therapies. One of the biggest reasons for this drastic change comes from President and CEO Clay Siegall.

Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the founders of this Biotech giant known as Seattle Genetics. he has laid the foundation of success which stems from his progressive way of thinking. The company goes by rigorous research, drug development, and scientific innovation for cancer research. Dr. Siegall is well versed and experienced as he’s been in the business for multiple decades. Throughout the years he has worked for prominent organizations such as Bristol Myers Squibb, The National Institute of Health, and The National Cancer Institute. Having this much experience has acclimated him to the top of the field with an impressive resume. Check out these accomplishment below:

Ph.D in Genetics
Currently Holds 15 Patents
(BS) in Zoology
Author of more than 70 publications
And more

The company’s success comes from it’s high quality breakthrough therapies and the drug (ADCETRIS) is the crown jewel. ADCETRIS has racked up $226 Million in 2015 alone in the U.S. and Canada. Expectations are though to be greater within a year from now and could be anywhere between $250-$275 Million is sales. Forbes Magazine ranked the company in it’s top 100 for the fastest growing companies in the nation. With so many more advanced medications in the works, Seattle Genetics and Dr. Clay Siegall will continue to revolutionize cancer research while changing the status quo.

Fabletics- Taking On Amazon One Yoga Pant At A Time

When you are working out, you know how uncomfortable your clothes can be. When participating in yoga, you have to have clothing that is going to allow you to move freely and without much constriction. With the Fabletics active wear, you will receive clothing that is going to make it easy for you to work out and work out at a lower cost than many pay else where.


When it comes to the leggings, Kate Hudson knew she needed to make leggings that people loved. Fabletics worked to make sure that the leggings would comfort your body without cutting off circulation to areas of the body that need the blood flow during a yoga session. Of course, you want something that is going to look good while leaving you free to move around. The leggings will do this for you. You will sign up for a monthly subscription of active wear. Once you begin, you will receive your first order for only $25 dollars. This includes free shipping as well as free exchanges. The VIP membership is the best membership for you to have.


If you are thinking about getting something for someone you love for a holiday gift, a birthday gift or something that will simply get them motivated, Fabletics is something that you should look into. You will want to have a membership for yourself as well.


Some people are too shy to walk into a store and purchase something like leggings as they feel they might not look good in the active wear and therefore will purchase things like this online. This is one reason why Amazon is reigning the world in active wear. Kate Hudson has decided to give them a run for their money. She wants to make sure that you get something that you will be proud of and something that is going to be as comfortable for you to work out in. Amazon does have a large fan base for people who are shopping but many times, the person is not as satisfied and will have to deal with a number of people before the problem is resolved. With Fabletics, you never have to worry about this. You will receive great customer service from the beginning of your call rather than being transferred over and over again. This is why so many people are pleased with their Fabletics active wear each and every time they receive their new shipment.