Facts about Wessex Journals


The journals are published by the WIT press. Its current CEO is David S Anderson.It has its headquarters at Ashourst Lodge in the United Kingdom. Other office includes Billerica in the USA. Opening of more offices ensures that there is large area for the sale of the journals. They are available both in the hard copy as well as soft copy.


Their main focus is on the various fields of education. It’s aimed at helping the learners achieve more in their researches. Currently they have 5 types of journals that focus on major issues affecting the nations. They include the sustainable development and planning, safety and security engineering, design and nature and Eco dynamics, energy production and management. Computation methods and experimental measurements

With over 30 years’ experience in the field of science and technology.


They offer the services of seeing that your journal too gets published. They do this through editing the journals, increasing the quality of the articles, formatting and the printing. Discover more here.


They also offer services of marketing and distribution .It ensures that your publication gains popularity in a faster manner .They do this through the global distribution, in databases, and via amazon. They also offer the services of ensuring that your paper is freely and available online through the open access option.

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Maggie Gill Exceptional Services at Memorial Health

Maggie Gill is a wonderful and prosperous woman in the health care industry. She takes more of his time to take care of patients and treating them in the hospital. In the year 2004 and 2005 she served as the chief operating officer, she also was the vice president of finance at the Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). And now she is the president and also the CEO of Memorial Health.

She got her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University as well as MBA at Saint Leo University. She then continued to study Strategic thinking and management at Wharton School. She worked at Tenet South Florida Health System as a chief financial officer for more than 5 years. She advanced to work for MUMC. Throughout when she was working Tenet she was very organized and worked hard therefore making her be awarded as Tenet Outstanding CFO.

Palmetto General Hospital, North Shore Medical Center in Miami and Coral Gables Hospital are companies which she worked for and she made sure she improved the companies to attain their goals. Her role in MUMC is to give organization tasks to senior vice presidents, physicians and the president. Maggie Gill manages the internal assessment, management relation, Memorial Health University Physician (MHUP), economic contribution and lastly orthopedic services. Memorial Health was awarded various awards at the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards which took place at Georgia Medical Society.

The awards were rewarded to specific people who work hard and took their time to makes sure that they help the community in terms of health-wise. The people who were selected and awarded in the Memorial Health are Dwaine and Cynthia Willet was given The Community Outreach Award.

They helped in taking care of the children who were admitted to the hospital in Savannah at MUMC. Jimmy Gordon he was part of the event who also was rewarded the same award; he is the guard officer and also emergency director at MUMC. Other people who were also awarded are Linda Sacks and Carl Boyd who are medical directors. They were given the Physician Lifetime Achievement Award.

Getting over one’s insecurities for business success; Josh Verne

There are many people who believe that success in business is something that can be done. However, only about 5 percent of the population has made it to own over 95 percent of the world’s assets. The truth of the matter is that even those who have succeeded have done so because they understood the value of getting out of the comfort zone, doing away with the limitations of their own mind and just going for their entrepreneurial dreams. Below are some wisdom nuggets that Josh Verne, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and the CEO of Workpays.me.

When asked about the quality that helps create a great working environment, he started that as the person in charge, one should aim to be a leader as opposed to being the boss. He stated that leaders show by example and their subordinates follow. For instance, it is not sensible to expect employees to lower their travel expenses if you as a leader have a culture of booking first class hotels every trip you take.

Then, he states that when negotiating, the leader should ensure that everyone who comes to the negotiating table takes something home. Make sure that everyone gets something out of the deals that you make and you will never go wrong with your deals.

About Josh Verne

Josh is the owner at FlockU.com an interactive forum for students in the college. Through the social network, students are able to interact, share knowledge and everything about college life. He has been an entrepreneur since college and has made, grown and sold a number of companies at a great profit.

He has in the past served as co-president and Home line furniture and Workpays.me. When he is not working, Josh spends time with his family or takes part in various charitable activities.


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Getting to know Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is known by many titles, but most importantly, she is known as a plastic surgeon, academician, media commentator and a consultant for the cosmetic industry. In business, she is known as the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery. She is from Austin, Texas. Her greatest mentor is Sherrell Aston. Recently, she was recognized by the Harper’s Bazaar as one of the best beauty surgeons of modern times. Jennifer Walden has lived for some time in New York City as she began her practice in Manhattan at an institution called the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.


In matters of media commentary, Jennifer Walden has appeared on several platforms such as the ABC News and Fox News. She has participated in the production and authoring of a book called Aesthetic Plastic surgery. Currently, she serves on the board of directors of an American Society called the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Her destiny was decided long before she was born as her dad was a dentist while her mother was a surgical nurse. For her high school education, Jennifer Walden attended the Anderson High School and proceeded to the University of Texas for undergraduate. She was determined to become a surgical doctor as she graduated as the salutatorian of her class. After some years in New York City, Jennifer Walden returned to her hometown to give her twins the best life. At Austin, she opened up a private practice at a place called Westlake Hills. To revive her career, she required the help of her mom and nannies to take care of her two children.


Some of the recognitions that she has received over the years include the Best Plastic Surgeon in America, a recognition by the America Way. As a cosmetic consultant, she has worked with several companies such as the Venus Concept, Ideal Implant, ThermiAesthetics and Sciton Inc. She is an author of many articles that have featured in various medical journals. Jennifer Walden considers herself as a doer and wants the best life for her children. She wants them to be healthy and happy, just like any other parent. It’s her wish to inspire other young people to be like her.

VTA Publications’ Investment Techniques

VTA Publications Limited was established in 2012 and provides information product services. It specifically publishes non-fiction distance learning courses while also organizing events for special genres. The company delivers it customers with information either digitally or physically mostly about finance and economics. VTA publications source its information from the very best in the respective fields to ensure the customers receive high-quality information in a simple to use formats.

Jim Hunt happens to be the CEO of VTA Publications a financial advisor. He is able to make great decisions in several markets having gained experience in the stock market. He also shares information concerning his investments via a tube account he created. The show is quite popular as he is able to dumb down trades for the average investor making it easier to make investment choices on Crunchbase. In an interview with Ideamensch, Jim Hunt states that his productivity arises as a result of setting goals which he strives hard to achieve. He is highly ambitious as he aimed to make a mother a tax-free millionaire in just ten simple steps. All this was meant to serve as a demonstration of how simple his stock trading system is.

The CEO explained that the process was not a hard as most people might have imagined it to be. He stated that he intended to make the project go through stocks that the company had been accumulating and stick with them as they steadily rose at http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/latest-articles/. He explained that he would pick the best stocks that will help meet his goal insisting that the exercise was all about certainty rather than time.

Jim Hunt also launched another program by the name ‘wealth wave.’ The project aimed at taking advantage of the fact that anyone can make money from a collapsing stock market on duedil. He stated that this strategy worked based on time and that the collapse of a stock market didn’t mean loss money but rather transfer the money elsewhere. He makes it his business to help the little people make that extra buck by taking advantage of the various ups and downs of the stock market.


‘Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty , and an expression of self-love.’ These words by Ademola Mandella ring true on every ladies’ head. Every woman knows what a struggle it is maintaining your hair especially those with frizzy and kinky hair. But as we all know, life is too short for dull hair, and your hair is among your best appurtenance. There are a million different hair products worldwide and it makes it a pain staking undertaking when choosing the right products for your hair. There are also natural homemade hair products like masks, that help protects our hair, but this product WEN by Chaz Dean beats them all.

We all know growing up lathered up hair was considered super clean. It was clean but left the hair feeling dry and sometimes itchy, depending on the shampoo and conditioner used. The revolutionary WEN Cleansing Conditioner has a 5-in-1 concoction that incorporates shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It has the whole combination of all hair care products in one bottle!! That’s not all. This miracle in a bottle contains the ultimate blend of components that include almond and mint and it is lather free. The mastermind behind this great creation, celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, toiled for five years trying samples on his hair until he got the perfect product that he could back 100%.

This great product cleanses your hair without lathering or harsh sulfates found in other shampoos and conditioners, and is made not to remove natural oils from your hair and scalp, leaving it secure, manageable, moisturized and ameliorates color retention. It leaves your hair so light and silky. An absolute must have for any woman who loves looking stylish and ravishing. WEN by Chaz Dean products also include Anti-Frizz styling crème that takes out the frizz and moisturizes, lessens breakage and gives body and shine, the Nourishing Mousse that gives hair shine and soft and a whole volume. Wen products are available online on Amazon.com and at the exclusive Wen.com website. So grab the WEN by Chaz Dean products and watch your hair and your life take a beautiful and sassy turn. After all, hair doesn’t make a woman, but Sterling hair helps.


Fabletics Review | Great Quality at Affordable Prices

There was a time when you would go to shop for active wear and all you would get was some gloomy stuff. If you were looking in the high-end sportswear line, you would get fine quality alright. But then, they would be the same old fashion that has existed for years. So Fabletics came and saw your struggle and it is then that they decided to start a sports apparel company manufacturing attires that would encompass quality, affordability and style. Having heard all about Fabletics, I decided to check it and see why people wouldn’t stop ranting about it.


The very first time, I shopped on the go. I wanted to see for myself what they had to offer. So I bought leggings and a tank top. I would say that what I saw was beyond my expectation. The leggings fitted perfectly, the fit could not have been better. Then there is the way these leggings just shapes your butt. People will appreciate that body that you have worked hard for. And the quality of the tank top was magnificent. So I decided to join their VIP membership program. Besides, there was nothing to lose. Since then I have been purchasing my fitness attire as a VIP member.


How It Works

Every month, I basically have to pay $49.95. This amount is deducted directly from my credit card. For these amount, I get a 2 or 3 piece attire. Considering the quality, you will not get a better deal anywhere. If in a certain month am not planning on buying anything, I simply skip the month. If I do so, that month nothing will be billed on my account.


Being a VIP member I always get customized stuff. The fit is perfect and the attire are in line with my style preferences. I also get loyalty points for each time I shop. Fabletics allows its VIP members to redeem these loyalty points for free stuff but as of now I am yet to redeem my points.


Whenever I shop, Fabletics offer me free shipping.


Bottom Line

Any day I would advocate anyone to shop from Fabletics. The quality of their attires compete with the likes of Lululemon and Nike. And if you try them and are not satisfied, you can always cancel your membership, no penalties. Become a VIP member today and get 2 leggings, worth $99, for only $24.

Omar Boraie Donates To A Game-Changing Cancer Research Position At Rutgers

Modern medicine has made many advancements that have improved the quality of human life. It has made diseases that were once very common like polio virtually extinct in many areas of the world and it has made diseases that many people suffer from like sickle cell anemia and HIV/AIDS much more easier to live with than they otherwise would be. But a comprehensive and highly effective cure for cancer continues to outwit much of the medical community. In 2014 the disease took the lives of more than half a million people according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 20 million adults have also been diagnosed with some form of the disease in the United States. One thing that is clear in the battle to beat back the impact of the disease is that doctors need new tools to fight it. Innovation in the world of oncology is necessary if the medical community is to achieve its goal of preventing the disease from taking the lives of more people in this country and around the world.

In 2015 the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey partnered with a local family to put serious muscle behind laying the groundwork for the development of new and more effective cancer treatments. That year Rutgers University implemented a call to fund endowments for 18 research chairs. The university was seeking $3 million for each of its new chairs.

When it came to funding a chair that would focus on cancer research in the burgeoning field known as precision medicine and genomic science one man stepped up the challenge and pledged half of the amount. Omar Boraie and his relative Sam Boraie decided to pledge $1.5M to launch the Omar Boraie Chair In Genomic Science at the Rutgers Cancer Institute. Dr. Shridar Ganesan who holds both a degree in medicine and a doctorate was named to the Omar Boraie Chair In Genomic Science in 2015. Ganesan’s background in oncology is an extensive and thorough one. According to Newswise Boraie is an oncologist and once worked at a cancer center that was part of Harvard University’s Medical School. Dr. Ganesan’s work in cancer research has earned him acclaim in the international medical community. Bloomberg reveals that because of Boraie’s philanthropic efforts Ganesan will be able to build upon Rutgers Cancer Institute’s groundbreaking work in the precision medicine and genomic science field. The application of genomic science to cancer treatment has the ability to enable oncologists to examine the genetics behind a patient’s cancer and thus better understand it. As Boraie suggested the work that scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey are doing with genomic science could have potentially far-reaching benefits for cancer patients whose diagnoses are particularly difficult.