Troy McQuagge’s Awards Just Keep Trickling in

Nothing is as encouraging and career enhancing as winning one of the most prestigious awards in the world. USHEALTH Group CEO, Mr. Troy McQuagge is the latest gold winner of the highly prized CEO of the Year award issued by One Planet Awards. The award recognizes professional achievements from different businesses and individuals from across the world.

The award is open to anyone from public and private sector regardless of whether it is a profit, for-profit or non-profit business. The awards also consider all businesses, from the smallest to even the smallest. This adds competition making Troy McQuagge’s win quite a commendable venture and what Troy knows.

Speaking after the award, Troy admitted that the One Planet Awards is an encouraging industrial and peer recognition that means a lot to him an USHEALTH Group. Mr McQuagge believes that he couldn’t have won the award without the company wholesome philosophy and dedication to delivering nothing but the best health care services to its clients. Such excellence will only come if you have the right people working with you.

The One Planet Awards acknowledges the efforts of companies, their leaders and employees in accomplishing professional excellence. Currently, One Planet Awards is divided into sections like Marketing, PR, leadership, new product or service innovations, executives and teams. To be part of the awarding process, you have to get a nomination to the prestigious award pool before surviving the undeniably stiff competition and read full article.

About Mr McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a true insurance sales guru who has spend over three decades perfecting the trade. He has worked for multiple agencies, gathering first hand experience that has come in handy in executing the innovative changes and product plans that have not only steered USHEALTH Group to greater success but also helped him earn the gold CEO award from One Planet Awards.

Apart from this, he has also attained the Stevie Awards that acknowledges his interperson skills and a Hiring and Recruiting Program of the Year award that he won in Feb 2017. The steady stream of awards is just proof of his exemplary leadership and innovative strategies in the insurance market and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

Fabletics: Growing its Brand using Reverse Showrooming

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics launched in 2013 seeking to attract a market niche of women who want attractive, fashion-forward athlesure for a reasonable monthly subscription price. “Reverse Showrooming” is the foundation for this model. Rather than establishing expensive brick and mortar show rooms to advertise her line, Kate skipped the showroom and appealed to her audience directly through the the web…and it has been working for her. Sales of Fabletics have been growing since the company’s founding and in 2016 recorded a 43% increase.


Ms. Hudson, a co-founder of the enterprise, is very pleased with the success of the company and attributes her triumph to her five tips, beginning by recognizing opportunity. She saw a niche in the market for reasonably-priced, fashionable athletic wear and put her passion into filling that void.


Hudson’s second tip is to stay “hands on” so that she knows what is selling and what is not. Even if she was sure a certain design would be very popular, if it is not a hit with the audience, it has to go.


Her third tip is to make use of big data. It’s all out there. The information on which groups purchase which products for what price range. Use that information to build a brand with a wide base of appeal.


She bases many of her sales ideas on her own inspirations – her forth success tip. Hudson worked for years with her mother, Goldie Hawn, at the Hawn Foundation. There she learned that personal drive and inspiration can succeed when the experts scoff.


Ms. Hudson’s final tip is that you should be unafraid of taking risks when you believe in what you are doing. We only walk on this planet for a short while, so it’s worth taking a few risks.


These five tips, amply supported by hard work and expert assistance, has helped Fabletics grow from a negligible, niche athletic wear company to a true competitor to companies with names such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas.


Fabletics took the back door into the athletic marketing field, bypassing expensive show rooms and fancy malls to see if the public would support them. With a successful subscription model preforming well and many dedicated customers, Fabletics stores are opening, still using the subscription system and still inspired by Hudson’s modest advice to ensure continued success. So, if you’re looking for the coolest workout gear on the market, Fabletics is ready to serve!

Under Tony Petrello’s Brilliant Leadership, Nabors Industries Flourishes

Tony Petrello was a sort of wunderkind in high school. After graduating with a 4.0, he was quickly accepted to Yale on a full-ride mathematics scholarship. There he excelled as a math student, studying under famed mathematics professor Serge Lange. However, he disappointed many of his mathematics professors when he decided to go into law rather than focusing on a career and academics. Like so many students of high intellectual ability, he was turned off by the prospects of grinding it out as a untenured adjunct for years, with no guarantee of economic stability or self-sufficiency.

Tony Petrello was quickly accepted to Harvard Law School, where he likewise excelled at his studies. Within just three years, he had received a Juris Doctor of law from Harvard, one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. He was noticed by many employers and received hundreds of offers to go work for some of the most prestigious law firms in the country and throughout the world and what Tony knows.

He eventually settled on working for Baker McKenzie, one of the world’s most famous law firms, specializing in corporate law, tax issues and mergers and acquisitions. Whilel with Baker McKenzie, Petrello gained a great deal of experience with tax law and corporate restructuring. This would later serve him well, as he took Nabors Industries to the Bahamas, restructuring its corporate charter and sharply reducing taxes owed.

In 1991, he was hired by an ailing Nabors Industries, which add just exited from chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring.

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Arthur Becker Discusses About His Interest In The Real Estate And Biotech Industries

Arthur Becker is a managing partner of Madison Partners, an investment firm that specializes in real estate and biotech companies. In his early endeavors, Becker engaged in both the technology and real estate industries. He ventured into the real estate business after selling his technology company in 2011. He started by developing condominiums in New York and Miami. Arthur Becker is challenged and inspired by experts whom he works with at various stages of real estate business. He believes that successful entrepreneurship is enhanced through a blend of unrelenting drive, clarity of vision, desire to engage with colleagues and knowledge on how to adjust the vision. The entrepreneur believes that one should have adequate skills on coordinating the functions of the management team. For one to be successful in entrepreneurship, he or she should stay informed about the market. See more:

About Arthur Becker

According to The Real Deal, before joining Madison Partners, Arthur Becker worked as the chairman and CEO of ZINIO, the largest digital newsstand globally. Previously, he served as the founding CEO of Navisite, an internet technology company that offered hosting and collocation services to different corporations across the UK, US and India for close to eight years. In 2011, he sold Navisite to Time Warner. In addition, Arthur worked as a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years. He studied business at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth and Bennington College.

In an article on NY Daily News, Arthur Becker is slowly getting into the field of real estate development. As an investor, has been behind the success of big developers such as Kevin Maloney, Robert Gladstone, and Michael Stern. Recently, reports filed at the New York State Attorney General’s office indicated that the investor-turned-developer is going it alone in the sale of his condominium project, 465 Washington. He intends to make a sellout of $52.5 million. Research Capital Analytics indicates that his projects in New York City are worth $550 million. Other notable developments include three townhouses in Sullivan St. New York, which he acquired in exchange of his adjacent condominium development and the condo super tower at 111 West 57th Street. Becker has also been focusing on Bio Tech companies given that he has developed great interest in cancer therapy.