Why Securus Technologies is Vital in Prison

Working as a corrections officer inside perhaps the most dangerous prison in the country means me and my fellow officers has to be paying close attention to the actions of every inmate around the clock. The inmates are inside the prison every minute of the day just looking for any weakness to be able to exploit. When they find an area of vulnerability, that puts every inmate, officer, and visitor in danger.


To compound the problem, we have inmates who are getting their hands on things like weapons and drugs, and forcing my officers to have to work even harder to keep everyone safe. When we stand in the visitor center, we have to pay close attention to the visitors, the inmates, and the contact between the two. On occasion we will go to the inmate’s cells and do surprise inspections to try and locate anything that may have gotten by the tight security in the visitor center.


Securus Technologies placed the inmate telephone monitoring system throughout our facility. The CEO of the company is highly respected and has already placed this system inside over 2,500 jails in the country. We share the same objective of the company, making the world safer for everyone.


Once I was able to get my head around the LBS software, I came to the realization that we had one of the more powerful resources in our hands today. Now we could be a strong presence in the other areas of the jail why the software was scanning inmate calls for certain verbiage. This is how we discovered who was bringing inmates drugs, how the inmates took those drugs and hid them, and whether they were selling them or using them in their cells. Securus Technologies is certainly having a positive impact on our safety issues inside our prison system.