Dr. Mark McKenna Launches OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is known globally as a highly successful doctor and entrepreneur. During his early years of practicing medicine he also opened his own business. The business was called Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title and it was a combination of multiple businesses that offered everything from home design to real estate closings. The company was so successful that it grew to employ more than fifty people.

As Dr. Mark McKenna continued to thrive in the business sector he practiced medicine as well, although less frequently. He sold his first clinic to a publicly traded company and the practice went on to do extremely well under the reigns of the publicly traded company. He is still licensed to practice medicine in both Georgia and Florida.

Dr. Mark McKenna was born and raised in New Orleans. He is known in the New Orleans community as an incredibly generous man who puts the community first. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans in 2005 most of Dr. McKenna’s business investments were hit very hard. However, instead of focusing on immediately rebuilding his own business interests, he decided to focus all of his considerable efforts on aiding the community in rebuilding. He rallied support for the rebuild of New Orleans and spent a considerable amount of his own time rebuilding homes.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta to watch his aesthetic medical practice, ShapeMed. ShapeMed became an Atlanta institution and was soon bought by Life Time Fitness, also traded publicly. Currently, he is working on his latest business venture, OVME. He founded OVME in 2017 and it will serve as a holistic medical company focusing on aesthetics and elective health options. Dr. Mark McKenna stated in a recent interview that he founded OVME after noticing a great number of areas for disruption in the current medical industry. He has always prided himself on his ability to disrupt the status quo and OVME will be the next way he makes an impact on the medical landscape. The combination of his medical knowledge and business success should prove to help OVME see rapid growth within the next few years.

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