How TMS Health Solutions Is Treating Clinical Depression

Depression is one of the most common and most confounding illnesses in the world today. However, an innovative mental health clinic network is bringing new hope to people who suffer from clinical depression. That clinic network, TMS Health Solutions, is changing the way clinical depression is treated across Northern California.

With 14% to 17% of people, in the United States, suffering some sort of depressive episode in their lifetime, TMS Health Solutions provides an innovative, proven approach. The difference is TMS Health Solutions’ unique treatment path that can include a combination of four types of therapies.

First, there is traditional psychotherapy. This is also known as “talk therapy.” With this treatment, a specialized psychotherapist will engage with the patient and utilize either interpersonal therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychotherapy can be optimal for patients who seek a non-invasive solution. Or for patients who may not require medication.

The second type of treatment offered is medicine. Using a battery of assessments, the specialists at TMS Health Solutions can find the perfect medical treatment for the patient. Treatment can include antidepressants that can regulate mood with limited side effects. The staff’s medical doctors can easily adjust dosages to align with the response of the patient.

The third type of treatment available is TMS Therapy. This unique type of depression treatment is a non-invasive procedure which delivers electromagnetic pulses to the prefrontal cortex. This type of treatment is designed to stimulate the neurons which can help reduce depression in patients who do not respond to medication.

The fourth form of depression therapy is Electroconvulsive Therapy. This treatment passes electric currents through the brain. While this treatment does require general anesthesia, the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. However, in some cases, a hospital stay may be required.

TMS Health Solutions currently offers patients seven locations across the Northern California area, including TMS Therapy Union Square SF. In addition to the TMS Therapy Union Square SF location, there is another San Francisco area clinic near UCSF. Other TMS Health Solutions locations include clinics in Roseville, Sacramento, Oakland, El Dorado Hills, and Burlingame.

TMS Health Solutions is more than just a clinic. It is a team of dedicated medical professionals and staff specialized in helping people deal with this complex mental health issue. Clinical depression can seem like an overwhelming condition. However, TMS Health Solutions’ broad range of therapies is bringing new hope to thousands of patients every year.

Shafik Sachedina And The Ismaili World

Shafik Sachedina is a professional who works for an independent business that’s called Sussex Health Care. The United Kingdom company for the most part operates in Sussex. Sachedina is its Joint Chairman at the moment. His schedule is extremely busy with all of his Sussex Health Care duties and tasks. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t set aside valuable time to devote to other purposes, though.

Sachedina now is an Institute of Ismaili Studies board member. The Ismaili world in the United Kingdom is something that’s near and dear to this dedicated and efficient professional. Sachedina naturally has a strong understanding of the healthcare field in the United Kingdom and around the globe. Sussex Health Care manages care homes that aid elderly persons. These homes accommodate people who have learning obstacles, too. Sachedina has great familiarity with individuals who have memory loss that’s connected to Alzheimer’s disease. He knows how to aid people who have dementia and cognitive concerns. He knows how to aid individuals who deal with the trials and tribulations of learning setbacks, too. Sussex Health Care works with many elderly persons. It also sets aside substantial amounts of time for younger adults who have issues with the normal learning process.

Sachedina has been fortunate enough to accomplish many things throughout his career so far. His King’s College education prepared him extremely well. King’s College is where he got his dentistry degree. Sachedina has significant proficiency that involves the complex dental world. He knows how to assist people who don’t want to get tooth decay and cavities. He knows how to help patients with root canals, oral disease and beyond, too. Dental surgery is among Sachedina’s diverse and abundant talents. He’s completed many oral surgeries throughout the years.

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Dr. Sachedina isn’t hesitant to talk about the beginning of Sussex Health Care. He’s a founder of the business, after all. His aim in establishing this firm simply was to assist the aging population in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom currently is home to countless individuals who are on the older side. This business executive lives in the United Kingdom’s capital city. His familiarity with London is strong.

This dental doctor takes on all sorts of projects for Sussex Health Care. He takes on all sorts of projects for France’s Aga Khan as well. Aga Khan is in scenic Aiglemont, an Ardennes commune. Ismaili matters make Sachedina feel enthusiasm and excitement.

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Boraie Development is the Top Real Estate Company in America

The American market is currently filled with real estate companies that have been founded with the primary aim of making the lives of Americans better. Some of these companies are funded by prominent and wealthy figures in the country. All of these companies are doing their best to make an impact in a market that is highly competitive. Very few companies, however, have the real estate standards that have been established by Boraie Development. The real estate company is based in New Jersey, and it is setting the pace for other companies in the market. Unlike most of the companies in the department, Boraie Development has some of the most experienced and educated professionals who understand what the modern consumers looks for.


Boraie Development was started by a top profession in real estate. After travelling in the world for several decades, Sam Boraie watched many nations grow their structures, and he thought of a way of bringing the new designs to his home town. Several decades later, the businessman is impressed by the changes he has managed to bring in New Jersey. When the businessman started his company many years ago, he had to think about his town. The businessman realized that the buildings in the region were old and ugly, and people would not be seen walking past seven in the evening. The first step taken by the businessman was to renovate the buildings and make a fresh start. Check out to know more.



When people realized the kind of plans Sam Boraie had for the city, they mocked him. Most of them thought that the businessman was just planning to fail in a market that is dominated by real estate giants. Sam Boraie decided to look for funding from private sources, and this led to the emergence of a successful company. Boraie Development is one of the top companies at the moment, and it is impressing consumers with the top rated building it has been constructing. You can visit



Performing well and impressing a customer in the modern times can be a challenging task. Most people who are looking for housing will only go for the apartments that have been designed by top professionals. These apartments must have all the modern features and good parking so that the consumer can feel good when visiting the home. Boraie Development understands all the complicated needs that have been raised by customers, and this explains its success in the market in the recent times. The company professionals design only the best projects.



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Talkspace: The Future of Therapy

The web-based therapy app Talkspace recently went into business with Magellan Health. In the near future customers of Magellan Health’s insurance plans will be able to access Talkspace for mental health care.

When Talkspace was founded in 2012 by Oren Frank it was meant to connect people with therapists in a new way. By 2017 Talkspace had amassed a user base of nearly 500,000 people and had over 1000 mental health professionals under its employ.

Frank, who now works as the CEO of Talkspace references a study of nearly 100,000 American veterans when asked about the efficacy of online psychiatric help. The study, which gave the participants access to long-distance therapy, found that there was a 25 percent decline in the number of mental health caused hospitalizations.

Talkspace users communicate with their therapists mostly through text messages and emails. Some plans, however, offer the additional option of monthly sessions with therapists conducted through video chats.

Talkspace is designed to fit into the customers’ lives, so therapy sessions can be instant. The customers can choose how frequently they want to engage in therapy. Oren Frank hopes that this platform will be able to provide everyone with access to quality mental health care at an affordable price.

Subsidiaries Of Equities First Holdings That Help People

Subsidiaries of Equities First Holdings that help people are very useful because they can be very simple for someone to work on. They can make sure that they can get them the right kinds of loans, or they can just give them customer service in the UK or in Australia. The company wants to be sure that they can find something that would work for them. The only way for that to work is to be sure that the people who are going to come in know what they can get. The company does help with asset management, and they also allow their customers to take out small loans. They help businesses borrow money, and they help private clients to do the same thing when they want.

Betsy DeVos Is Ready To Get To Work As The Secretary Of Education Of The United States

Betsy DeVos is the secretary of education for the United States, and she recently joined President Trump when he made an announcement that he had overturned a federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the school bathroom of their choice. While there were indications that she may not have agreed with Trump, she expressed that she felt the Obama administration had overreached its authority with the law. This move made some question DeVos’s strength, but those who know her well, including the people of Michigan, have stated, clearly, that DeVos is not someone who lacks a political spine. While Betsy DeVos doesn’t have much experience with Washington politics, or a history with President Trump, people that know her expect her to learn quickly. People who have underestimated her in the past have found out that she is not one to disregard.


Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, Michigan and worked with her dad at his auto parts company, and while her critics have been quick to point out her absence of being connected to public colleges or public schools, people who know her are certain that she cares about anyone who is seeking an education. She definitely cares about giving poor families a choice as to which school they want their kid to go to and believes that charter schools force public schools to better themselves. It has been her work that has led to Detroit leading the nation in the amount of charter schools it has, and she, firmly, believes that the city’s failing public schools should be shut down in favor of charter schools. While this is true, she commented during her confirmation hearings that most Americans will continue to go to public schools; even though she did make some people nervous when she spoke at a Washington public school about the way the teachers were waiting for guidance rather than taking initiative.


Betsy DeVos had a rough entrance into Washington, and this was evident by the fact that she was confirmed by the Senate with a 51-50 vote; with the tie breaking vote being cast by Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States. While friends commented that she was irritated at the fact that she was made out to look ignorant, they also said that it didn’t bother her that much. She also made some jokes at her own expense during a media session shortly after her confirmation and has, since, moved on to work on her job as secretary of education.


While Betsy Devos has donated plenty of money to Republican causes, which she is completely open about, she has also donated large sums of money to charitable organizations and other causes she believes in. A lot of her giving has been focused on the educational system where she feels plenty of changes need to be made. She has commented that she feels the educational system is not serving every American as best as it could and that she wants to be a part of reforming it for the better. She has been described by the people of Grand Rapids, where she calls home, as a down to earth, genuine, caring person who really wants to make the world a better place for everyone. Learn more: