Gareth Henry is Working to Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Members of the LGBQT Community

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican badminton player and gay rights activist who has been appalled by what is happening in his home country of Jamaica and all around the world. Close to a half decade ago, he received international attention when he was brutally beaten by Jamaican policemen while hundreds of people watched. In 2008, he left Jamaica and went to Canada where he could support equal rights for everyone in the world. Today, he is supporting a legal challenge against Jamaica with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Gareth Henry has revealed that he has seen more than 10 of his own friends killed simply for not being heterosexual. He, himself, has been beaten more than once by police officers in his home country as well as by citizens. When he tried to appeal to politicians in Jamaica for help, he was ignored, and the harassment only got worse. He was hoping that showing the world what was happening to the LBGQT community in Jamaica would make a difference, but, instead, he was forced to go into hiding. After being openly threatened with death by a police officer who pulled him over, Gareth Henry realized he could either stay in Jamaica and die or get out.

Gareth Henry is saddened by the fact that other people in Jamaica are continuing to be abused, and he wants the government of the country to do something about it. He has stated that there is no safe place for gays in Jamaica and that the police are sometimes worse than the people who they are supposed to be protecting gays from there. He finds it ridiculous when some people claim that being a homosexual is a choice rather than something an individual is born with. He has asked why someone would choose to be a homosexual when their is so much violence and hatred directed towards the community. He now calls Toronto, Canada his home where he is an activist who hopes to see more equal treatment in the future. His work has gone a long way towards helping the LGBQT community, and he hopes to do more in the future.