Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank

SoftBank bought Fortress Investment Group for 3 billion and 300 million US Dollars. The three principals of the fortress were withheld even after the acquisition. These principals include Randal Nardone, Pete Briger and Wes Edens. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group was meant to expand and increase the potential of SoftBank against 100 billion US Dollar vision plot which is not yet launched as per Masayoshi Son who is the founder of SoftBank. Randal Nardone has great confidence that fortress will grow and develop under the governance of Son and that he will jeep upgrading the prospects of this company all through its operations.

SoftBank is responsible in settlement of all subsidiaries in conjunction with the remaining fortress shares after the closure of the deal. The closing of the agreement was made after fortress shareholders accredited all transactions. This accreditation occurred on 12th July 2017, and the approval of all the regulatory receipts also took place on this particular date. The entire Fortress Investment Group class A shares were converted into a right to obtain 8.08 US Dollars for every share after the acquisition. This was set to happen with all the proceedings from merger being distributed as per the payment procedures for the payments set in the Definitive Proxy of the fortress group in 7th June 2017, and the acquisition agreement was also incorporated.

SoftBank did not manage to retain its hands-off for no good reason. The company was forced to agree on the allowance of Fortress Investment Group in the management of approximately 40 billion US Dollars assets to overcome the regulatory challenges. The fact is that SoftBank encountered tremendous evaluation from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States of America. This committee is set to oversee the international deals and transactions like the ones being thrived by Softbank in the interest of the national security. This acquisition was further held up due to many other operations that SoftBank engaged itself in that particular time inclusive of the acquisition of Boston Dynamics which was under the ownership of Alphabet, the Google’s parent company and the transformer of 25 percent in the Army holding of the United Kingdom into its investment fund known as the Vision Fund.

Fortress Investment is a great firm that has great chances of growing and expanding even further. SoftBank made the best decision by purchasing such a stable and potential organization.

Zeco Auriemo Working Hard for the Growth of the JHSF for Over Two Decades

Jose Auriemo Neto, also popularly known as Zeco Auriemo, is amongst the most accomplished businessmen from Brazil, currently based in New York. Over the years, Zeco Auriemo has helped JHSF to become a prominent name in the real estate industry in Brazil as well as across the globe. With operations in many different countries other than Brazil, JHSF has been able to become a common name in the real estate landscape globally. At the moment, Zeco Auriemo is focusing on expanding its international operations, and it is why JHSF is engaged in developing a luxury apartment in New York.

Zeco Auriemo has studied business administration from Sao Paulo University and completed his engineering from Fundacao Armando University. He then joined JHSF and has taken the company to new heights. He believes that a leader should be willing to work as hard as the people around him so that he can become an inspiration for others. Even after being in a leadership position, he works closely with his associates, and on every project, it was in 2009 that Zeco Auriemo oversaw the success of the group’s first venture into retail. He helped bring large brands to Brazil’s soil, and others followed suit. In 1998, Zeco Auriemo helped build the large shopping center Santa Cruz that has become a major entertainment destination not just for the locals but the tourists as well.

Zeco Auriemo has been working for JHSF since 1993, and in the last two and a half decades, he has brought major changes to the company that has allowed it to test the challenge of time. Zeco Auriemo is also a dedicated philanthropist but does not want to popularize the fact. He is one of the biggest contributors to many different non-profit organizations where he not only contributes financially but also with his time.



Southridge Capital Helps Innovative Companies Make An Impact

Southridge Capital is an asset management company that specializes in providing direct investment opportunities to small and mid-size companies looking to make an innovative change in their industry. Since its founding in 1996, Southridge Capital has made direct investments into growing companies globally. A few years ago the asset management company entered into an equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services, a technology company based out of Dallas.


According to citybizlist, Elite Data Services implements software applications to market and advertise assets which are owned and controlled by them. Utilizing advanced technology, they focus on marketing solutions that are financially effective and profitable. Elite Data serves many different clients in various industries, including, hospitality/customer service, gaming/casino, and automotive. The primary reason Southridge made a purchase agreement with Elite Data Services centers around new advanced proprietary technology which they use for advertising their assets.


So what makes Southridge Capital so interested in new innovative technologies, the current CEO Stephen Hicks is partly to blame. Mr. Hicks served as the president of PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. since 2014. Prior to this, he founded Southridge LLC in 1996. Operating as the CEO of Southridge for over two decades has taught him that experience is the number one thing that brings ideas to life. Having been in operation for as long as they have, Southridge is well known on Wall St, with many businesses coming to them in need of financing. Two of the top industries Mr. Hicks seems to be the most interested in financing are cryptocurrency and Marijuana. It’s no secret the Marijuana industry is booming and this trend is likely to continue as more states legalize the plant. Cryptocurrency, while turbulent at times, has been on an upward annual trend for the last three years boasting a market cap in the billions. To see more you can checkout





Wes Edens Demonstrates The Role of Diversification In Risk Avoidance and Minimization

Investing is a risky affair that investors usually undertake every time they want to commit their resources to a particular project. Diversification is one of the highly recommended methods of minimizing risks. Wes Edens stands as one of the most respected investors in the financial industry. Edens has mastered the art of diversifying with the motive of reducing the losses that one of his investments is likely to face. Here are some of the properties where Wes Edens, representing Fortress Group, has invested his finances. Edens has invested in the energy sector where he is currently establishing a green energy plant in Jamaica to supplement the energy from the national grid. A similar plant has already been established in Miami to assist with the supply of clean energy without damaging the environment. Energy is an essential component in the world today that is helping various organizations to run while at the same time powering homes.

The other investment undertaken by Wes Edens under the blanket of Fortress Investment Group is investing in real estate properties. Edens owns properties in various parts of the country. Some of the properties are located in the prime areas which makes them much valuable and hence profitable to the progress of the company. Edens, on behalf of Fortress Group, controls other real estate organizations that trade in the New York Stock Exchange. All the shares owned by these companies are controlled and managed by Wes Edens, who represents Fortress Group. One thing that distinguishes Wesley Edens from the leaders from other organization is his vision for the future leadership.

To ensure that there is a proper succession strategy in the leadership of Fortress Investment Group, Wes trains the upcoming leaders in his company to ensure that they acquire the right leadership skills to propel the company to a higher level after the retirement of the three co-principals. One of the strategies that he has used to impart these skills to the youths is by facilitating the establishment of an academy at Fortress Investment Group’s premises that makes available all the necessary training and learning programs for the interested employees. Lastly, Wes Edens has also played a key role in investing in other areas such as infrastructure projects by building a private rail network that connects Miami with other cities among other vital projects. Fortress Group has also invested in other areas such as medicine, entertainment, and buying alternative assets. This illustrates how the company has diversified its investments to avoid or minimize losses.

The McDonald’s Vision on the Future of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions has consistently grown under David McDonald’s governance. Among the significant achievements that OSI Group has been able to attain is the purchase of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods that took place in 2016. In addition to these facilities, OSI Group also achieved ownership of a facility in Chicago that was previously under the ownership of Tyson Foods. After they purchase this facility, they repurposed the already existing facility as well as the workforce into OSI Group Assets. In 2018, there was a consolidation of OSI International Foods with Turi Foods and formed Turosi Proprietary Company Limited. Turi Foods is an Australian Company that specializes in poultry processing. These activities are clear indicators of OSI capability, innovativeness as well as its dedication towards consistent growth and development.

David McDonald, the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and CEO of OSI stated that their foundation values are constant. However, he affirmed that what normally changes is their solutions, challenges, products, as well as their success. David McDonald also noted that he takes great pride towards their staff potential to deliver. He also pointed out that it’s highly rewarding to have a passionate and highly committed team in OSI Food Solutions. This is what has led to the incredible success and growth of OSI Food Solutions. The fact is that David McDonald has been through a long journey considering that he was brought up in Iowa as a farm boy but ended up as an international conglomerate among the most successful business enterprise. David McDonald has outstanding qualities that have enabled him to make a remarkable achievement in his endeavors. His way of corporate governance is grounded on his steadiness and humbleness. These qualities were hardly noticed while he was a farm boy.

When David McDonald was explaining the OSI Food Solutions modest media footprint, he clarified that their group does not brag of their success, but they are rather fond of offering support to their clients’ achievements. They also like to maintain a relatively low profile. Their high modest might have contributed towards their low recognition. Fortunately, they get good reviews and testimonies from their clients which offers them an awareness of the reality of the matter. They always appreciate the confidence that their clients have over their products and their services.

McDonald input towards the development of OSI Group will never be forgotten. He has incredible leadership skills that has seen this company into great success.

Betsy DeVos Supports School Choice for All

Betsy DeVos has long been known as someone who is interested in educational reform. Both Mrs. DeVos and her husband have given millions of dollars to programs aimed at giving students, teachers and parents more choice when pursing their education. She talked more about her thoughts about education reform with Philanthropy magazine.


DeVos Cites the Popularity of School Choice Initiatives


According to the interview that took place in spring 2013, DeVos mentioned that there were 250,000 students in private choice educational programs across 17 states. She also claimed that Latinos in particular were bullish on the prospect of increased choice in education. She believes that vouchers, educational savings accounts and other alternatives to public school work because the public school system is failing.


She Didn’t Immediately Jump Into the School Reform Debate


DeVos says that there wasn’t one event that caused her to take an interest in education reform. Instead, it was a series of events over time that piqued her curiosity. She said that it wasn’t fair that families such as hers could choose schools for their children while those who had fewer financial resources couldn’t do the same. Both Betsy and her husband Dick are involved with the Potter’s House Christian School in an effort to help low-income parents provide a quality education for their children.


More Information About Betsy DeVos


While she has been characterized as aloof or tone deaf in public appearances as a member of the Trump administration, she is liked by those who know her privately. Even those who don’t necessarily agree with her views say that she is generous and pragmatic. Her views on school choice are influenced by those that were developed in the Netherlands during the 19th century.


In both America and in the Netherlands, debates have raged as to whether religious schools should be treated the same as secular schools. Betsy DeVos is a supporter of school choice and believes that students should be able to use vouchers to pay for religious schooling. DeVos does believe that giving secular and religious schools equal funding does not necessarily violate the separation on church and state.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Ara Chackerian Is A Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Also Passionate About Philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is a successful entrepreneur who is also passionate about philanthropy. He is currently a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Capital Holdings is an investment firm that specializes in healthcare companies. Chackerian is also the founder of TMS Health Solutions. He founded the organization to pay specificate attention to patients suffering from resistant depression.


Ara Chackerian has had a successful career in business. He is an astute investor who is very well studied on the healthcare industry. During Ara’s time in the industry he noticeable alarming trends within healthcare. It motivated him to found TMS Solutions in order to resolve these problems. Chackerian has observed the tough relationship that doctors and clinics have with their patient’s insurance companies. He studied the limited insurance covers policies in order to get a better grasp on the issue. TMS TMS Health Solutions is a place to ensure that patients get the type of service they expect at the clinic.  For more details you can checkout



TMS Health Solutions has been at the forefront of helping thousands of people with resistant depression. Ara Chackerian has pushed to build specialized outpatient clinics in order to create a new experience for patients. His company has built several facilities that are located around the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. They were constructed with treatment rooms and consult areas. Chackerian brought in a special designer by the name of Josh Heitler in order to create a relaxing feel in the facility. Ara wanted to make sure that his patients felt very comfortable since they were suffering from psychiatric issues. Chackerian hopes that this style of clinic will catch on as a brand and is thought of as more than just a healthcare facility.


Ara Chackerian is a very proactive person who lets his day form as he goes along. He does not saddle himself with to-do list. He takes pride in each activity one at a time. Chackerian is very careful about the type of people he does business with. He learned the hard way that business should not be mixed with friendship.Visit to see more.



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