Randal Nardone is One of the World’s Leading Investment Advisers

The world of finance and economics is one that requires a great many special skills. Such is the case with Randal Nardone. Randal Nardone has been hugely successful in providing leading business advice to many individuals and companies around the globe. As a result of his efforts, Randal Nardone is 557th on the influential Forbes list of billionaires. His estimated net worth is about one point eight million dollars, making him clearly an investment guru. Randal Nardone begin career with a bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Connecticut. He then earned a doctor of Jurisprudence at Boston University. He brings his understanding of law and his grasp of finance to the world of investing. Nardone decided to enter this field over two decades ago. After working at varied firms, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Since that time, he and his fellow founders have enjoyed a great deal of success and watched as they have been able to manage capital effectively. This is why so many people have turned to him for advice.

At present, Nardone serves in the important capacity of Chief Investment Officer. Under this post, he does varied things including overseeing the company’s vast holdings as well as serving as the company’s legal counsel. He owns fifty-three million shares of Fortress Investment Group. His shares are worth about one and a half billion dollars. Nardone has been the organization’s Chief Executive Officer as of August 2013, making him responsible for the company’s major financial decisions and allowing him a role that lets him demonstrate his determination to provide superior service for this clients. He’s also been a principal investor in the company since 1998. In addition to these roles, Nardone also acts as the Principal of the highly respected Fortress Credit Corporation where he is involved in many of their activities and helps provide the kind of legal guidance that people and companies need to be able to find financial success in the world today. Nardone hopes to continue to provide fiscal help for his clients and continue to spot new and exciting investments.