The Difference Between “Trump Bonus Checks” And “Freedom Checks” Explained

Lately, people have been hearing the terms “Freedom Checks” and “Trump Bonus Checks” and most are pretty confused. Are they the same thing or are they different? Are they real or are they another scam? You can now learn about these and how they can fit into financial portfolio.

“Trump Bonus Checks” is something that Mike Burnick let people in on. He states in an ad that veterans of the United States Armed Forces are entitled to these. This is because they supported their nation and are patriots. He has a newsletter that costs $99 a year in which he informs veterans how they can get their checks. The veterans invest in firms that Mike Burnick reveals and they earn dividends from doing so.

Financial analyst Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing came up with the term “Freedom Checks”. He first let people in on “Freedom Checks” in a YouTube video that went viral. He boiled these down as a way for average people to make big money in a short period of time. As a geologist, he’s an expert in the oil and gas industry. He says that companies in this industry can legally become a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). Once they are an MLP they must send their investors all of their profits on a regular basis. He says that the returns from “Freedom Checks” is unbeatable by any other form of investment. People can see returns up to 8,000% in pretty short order.

People wanting to know if “Freedom Checks” are real just need to read up on them. In 1987 Congress passed Statute 26-F. The goal was to encourage companies to look for oil and gas in the United States so that the nation wouldn’t be so dependent on oil from foreign countries. As long as an American company gets 90% of their profits from resources located in the United States and pay their investors the profits they can set up as an MLP. Matt Badiali has a program in which he teaches people how to invest in these companies and massively profit from doing so.

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