How Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade made The CAOA dream a reality

In 2002, Boris Feldman, a renowned journalist specializing in automobile news and host of the syndicated Car Talk radio show, had an interview with Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade. During the interview, Dr. Carlos expressed his desire to one day make an entirely Brazilian car, in what he referred to as the Dr. Caoa dream.

An impossible feat

Recalling the interview with Dr. Carlos, Boris Feldman says that to him it all seemed impossible. Dr. Carlos planned to achieve that dream by getting different companies to design the model for him. For instance, he had already started negotiations with Fiat to create a national engine for the car, while his design agency based in Italy had already begun building a modern body for the model. To Boris Feldman that seemed like the Korean way of doing things as they also started the same way before making their models.

Change of mind

During his recent Car talk show, Boris Feldman revisited the matter and had a different opinion as half a decade later, Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade has proven him wrong. Dr. Carlos did not do things the Korean way; instead, he took over the operations of a failing auto company in Brazil known as Cherry and turned its fortune around, kept his partners and at the same time ensured the continuation of his models in Jacarei and Annapolis. Today, Boris Feldman perceives Dr. Carlos as an experienced guru in the realm of automobiles, and an entrepreneur who has completely transformed the industry by successfully representing big brands such as French Renault.

About the CAOA

The CAOA is one of the leading automotive firms in Brazil. It was established in 1979 by Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade, and now has a branch in almost every region in Brazil. Since its inception, the CAOA has been recording high successes due to the involvement of Dr. Carlos in nearly every stage of its operations, from assembly to distribution.

Today, the firm owns and controls all Hyundai, Ford and Subaru dealerships. Also since the 1990s, The CAOA has been the sole importer of Subaru and Hyundai models.

Initially, Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade was in the health industry, but shifted gears after a dealership he had purchased a car from went bankrupt. He holds a medical degree which is why he is known as Dr. Carlos.

OSI Group marking a century of Dominance in the Meat Processing Industry

Otto Kolschowsky is the visionary and man behind the meat processing empire known as OSI group (Previously known as Otto & Sons). OSI supplies a variety of products to its clients across the globe. Meat patties, pizza, bacon, and poultry are some of the products OSI deals with. In 1909, Otto, a German immigrant, started a family meat market in Oak Park Chicago United States of America. Within a short period, the meat business was booming, and he ended up opening other branches in other parts.As Otto & Sons continued expanding its operations, one notable fast-food chain started operating in Illinois, and it was known as McDonald’s.

In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant in Des Plaines, an area in Illinois. At that time he was only a franchise agent for the actual owners. Before opening this particular restaurant, Ray had entered into a partnership with Otto & Sons that enabled Otto to be the food supplier of ground beef to McDonald’s. This would be the foundation of a spectacular relationship, in which these two firms would grow and dominate the food industry.Within the next two decades, there was a great transition of Otto &Sonsto a global food leader known as OSI Group. In the 1960s, a need in McDonald’s arose that its solution strengthened the relationship between OSI and McDonalds.

There was a need for the development of a system that would allow for the production of consistent and affordable products that could be transported over long distances to the other franchises under the McDonalds brand. OSI rose up to the occasion and came up with a freezing mechanism using liquid nitrogen that met all the standards McDonald’s wanted.As McDonald’s continued to grow and expand so did OSI Group in response to the growing demand. OSI opened facilities in Western Jordan, Utah and even in some North American areas. That is not all, OSI went ahead to establish its presence in other parts of the business world. For instance, in 2016, OSI acquired a controlling stake in Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch private firm specializing in the food service industry. David McDonalds, OSI’s President, was pleased with the move and stated that adding Baho to the OSI brand was critical in helping OSI Group broaden its presence in Europe.


OSI Food Solutions Expansion and Recognition

When you talk about custom value-added food products, you8 have to mention OSI Food Solutions, a subsidiary of OSI Group, which is one of the leading food service and retail food brands around the world. The company has the financial resource and infrastructure offering its customers extensive source capability, development, production, and distribution of custom food solution in any place around the globe. OSI Foods is passionate about entrepreneurship and agility that makes customers curious as well as make a can-do ethic to customer partnerships. The company continues to explore innovative solutions to the food service and does what best for the Group at large.

Awards and recognitions

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was the recipient of the prestigious Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council. The award recognizes exemplary management of environmental risks that are displayed by the company. To get this award, the company had to achieve a maximum five stars, which is a mandatory requirement by the environmental management audit scheme of the British Safety Council.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Foods, which manufactures deli meat. The acquisition of this Dutch company is part of the expansion endeavors being carried out by the OSI Group, which has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries with processing plants that are based in Germany and Netherlands, and this acquisition is to broaden OSI Group’s presence in Europe.

Acquisition of Tyson Foods

OSI Food Solutions also acquired Tyson Foods, a food processing plant and storage warehouse, which is located in Chicago. The facility will enhance the capabilities of OSI Food Solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers that are rising rapidly

Doubling the chicken production capacity

OSI Foods has added to the existing operations, a high capacity production line located in Toledo, Spain. This investment is worth 17 million Euros and has increased the production capacity of quality and processed chicken by a double. In other words, it will not produce 24000 tons annually as opposed to 12000 tons per year. It will add 20 more jobs to the already 140 existing personnel, which includes the new position of the product development manager.

Talos Energy – Breaking Ground and Creating Partnerships with a new Mexican government

In the wake of a large oil deposit in conjunction with Telos Energy (an oil and gas explorer)program Zama has discovered an area that could contain as much as 2 billion barrels, Talos Energy is seeking to form a partnership with Pemex (Mexico’s state-run oil company) due to an adjacent block that Pemex is seeking to drill as well, a block which Talos Energy believes holds the same or a greater amount of oil that was discovered recently in the Talos Energy block. According to Talos CEO Tim Duncan, one of the main goals is to study their data in order to move as quickly as possible to form a partnership and construct a final investment. Any joint ventures with the Mexican state-run oil company are unprecedented as for many years Mexico did not want to do joint efforts with any local or outside corporations.

Duncan would meet with Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who campaigned on the promise to Strengthen Pemex and bring their 14-year long production slump to an end. President-elect Obrador stated that no persuasion is needed, Pemex is ready and eager to get to work. The urgency from both groups was not just talk, this year in Septemeber alone we would see Talos Energy invest as much as $325 Million dollars to drill two new wells. The Zama-2 was reviewed and approved by the National Hydrocarbons Commission or CNH to begin work on their studies. The Zama-2 wellbore is estimated to be drilled by roughly 1,640 feet which the Telos Energy is confident will hold over 60 million barrels of oil.

Drilling will commence in late November of 2018 and go onto 2019 with the addition of other studies in the area. By 2023 we could see up to 150,000 barrels being produced per day.

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The Inspiring Story of Hussain Sajwani

Everyone loves an inspiring story. It gives us hope and the motivation to put effort to accomplish our goals. For those whose dream is to accumulate wealth through the real estate, Hussain Sajwani is the right investor to look up to for encouragement. He went against all the odds to create his empire. He did not let his background or anything else that came along his way hold him back.

Hussain Sajwani was born in an average family. His father and mother conducted business locally to sustain their needs. Sajwani’s father was ready to handle over the family business to him when he was of age, but Sajwani turned the offer down because he had bigger dreams to pursue.

Today Hussain Sajwani is the owner of the most successful real estate firm in Dubai, the Middle East, and Africa. The firm is famous for its quality services and products. The DAMAC Owner has been in the field for years which has significantly contributed to his success with DAMAC Properties. Over the years he has created partnerships that have positively contributed to the growth of the DAMAC Premises. For instance, he is the majority shareholder at Al Amana Building Material. The firm brings all the building materials from the best manufacturers in the world in one location.

Hussain Sajwani is also a partner of Donald Trump. They worked together to make Trump’s International Golf a success. Their relations have graduated from cold business partners to friendship. Their families spend time together and share meals. Since Donald Trump was announced as the president-elect, there have been controversies on their relations. Sajwani cleared the air by saying that Trump’s post won’t be affecting their business partnership because Trump’s children understand the business.

Hussain Sajwani is also active in the philanthropic activities besides his greatness as a business person. He has a soft spot for children. In a current fundraising event held to help cloth two million children, Hussain Sajwani helped cloth 50000 children by contributing AED two million. He encouraged other people to help the children acquire a safe environment to nurture their dreams. He argued that taking care of the children is securing the future.

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OSI Group Partnership With McDonald Helped Grow Its Operations

Recently, OSI Group McDonalds saw remarkable growth when one of its operations massively increased its production. The OSI Group Spain operation doubled up its output from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken products per year. Like many of OSI oversees operations, OSI Group enjoys excellent success with the help of its president and chief operating officer, David McDonald and other key individuals.

OSI Group McDonalds was not always the successful enterprise it is today. The company began as a small butcher shop in Chicago under the name Otto and sons. The company has grown significantly due to various alliances it has formed over the years. One significant partnership was that with the famous McDonald restaurants. The two agreed with a handshake back in the 50s that allowed OSI Group to supply the restaurant with meet beef.

As the years passed by, demand for their products increased causing the companies to expand their operations. In the 70s, OSI Group McDonalds had to develop a facility solely dedicated to producing products just from the McDonald restaurants.

OSI has grown and increased its line of products. It no longer produces just beef products for McDonald but has created many new products lines like bacon, poultry, burgers, pizzas and so many more. The company has made many partnerships including the recent collaboration with Turi to form the Turosi Pty Ltd. The company has also purchased many facilities including Baho Foods, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe.

The company has also expanded to new markets including setting up operations in China, Japan, and opening two new facilities in India, one in Bangalore and one in Punjab. McDonald Corporation has also grown with many more new branches opening up in different countries.

OSI Group McDonalds is one of the biggest food services providers today. The company has over 65 facilities distributed in 17 countries across the globe. The company has had great success over a couple of decants expanding its operation one facility at a time. OSI Group owes its success to many key players like David McDonald who have committed their lives and skills to make it the world’s best food providers in the industry.

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Music Industry Success with Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a remarkable business owner in the music industry. He is considered a rare find in the industry because of his consideration for his artists, his perfection, and his live music experience. He is a true workaholic that is passionate about his craft. Clayton studied theatre design in college and worked for several live entertainment companies. Being a sound engineer and project manager gave him the ability to advance his skills and build from that platform of information. Clayton decided to become an entrepreneur and start his own entertainment company.

Clayton’s passion drew him to working with Billy Graham for a few years and during the time he was welcomed into the altar of rock-n-roll. He focused his energy on producing, managing, designing, and managing live tours. Clayton Hutson’s musical career has also led him to work with Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns’n’Roses.

Clayton’s idea for his company came from the experience that gained from live entertainment and tours. He has perfected his craft to successfully take on all the challenges in the live entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the company that he was working with prior took a devastating hit from the recession and from there he decided to take a chance on starting his own company.

Clayton has credited his success as an entrepreneur to one habit that has kept him grounded, planning ahead. He stated that he is always a few steps ahead with things such as outlining events and tasks. He does this so that he can be prepared and delegate accordingly when the crew arrives. Planning ahead also goes with how he has been able to grow his business. Planning ahead allowed him to work hard.

His reputation grew with his business because of this hard work, promoting himself and word of mouth. But the hard work did not come with some failures. One that Clayton mentioned was sub-contracting with a production company. A client asked him to collaborate with them. This client was a former client of the company he was working with at the time and that relationship between those two had been ruined. The collaboration resulted in Clayton being sued for $150,000. He had to defend himself, and it caused a great deal of stress on his personal and business life. From that, he learned that protecting his business needed to be a top priority.

Through it all, Clayton Hutson regularly recites his favorite inspirational quotes to get him through all times and not just the bad times. He wrote the quotes down a few years back and keeps it near. The first one generally speaks about the difference between a successful person and others is purely the lack of will the others possess. The original quote was written by Vince Lombardi.

The second one speaks about having the right mental attitude. Once you do, there is nothing that can stop a man from achieving his goals. This quote was originally written by Thomas Jefferson. The final quote, originally written by W.C Fields spoke about not giving up until you have failed beyond a significant number of times. Don’t be a fool and continue trying to succeed in something that is not meant for you.

Robert Deignan creates company to troubleshoot tech gadgets

Technology is fast evolving, and it is bringing us unimaginable things. What looked like an impossibility in the past few years has now become a reality that is doable and with great ease. One person who understands the language of technology easily is the CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan. This company helps customers to troubleshoot tech gadgets. Almost every tech-related problem can be resolved by the team he has brought together to work for the company. The company is employing the power of remote accessibility to resolve digital solutions to people from all parts of the globe.

Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for almost 20 years. In this period, he has learned so much about technology that he is now helping the people to learn and understand what is happening in the industry. In the past few years, there has been a lot of changes in the tech industry. The internet of things is becoming a reality, and the challenges posed by technology keeps on getting bigger. Robert Deignan has observed that the internet of things technology will make the situation even harder for those who are trying to get themselves solutions that can work. In many cases, people who are looking for solutions that can work rarely get that opportunity. But through the efforts that Robert Deignan is applying, there will be a solution for anyone who would like to be served by a great company. There is no more excuse that your service provider is giving you poor deals, Deignan has already created a company that everyone can associate with.

Robert Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University. He holds a degree in business management. From a young age, his dream was to become a successful entrepreneur. Over the years, he kept pushing, finding relevant organizations that could give him an opportunity to learn how a technology company is managed. He finally got an opportunity with iS3 Inc, one of the companies that made him learn a lot about personalized tech support. He used all the knowledge he had gathered and created a company that addressed all the gaps that were in the industry.

Team Liquid Wins 79th Silver Sailfish Derby Results

Louis Chenevert Tremendous Investment in UTC and Its Employees

Louis Chenevert Intermarriage United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney. These companies are currently responsible for the manufacturing growth in the United States. He was such a visionary leader to the extent that he did not recognize that these innovation investments were to be good for business, but they would also be good for the development of the supplier’s businesses as well. He would not have seen these tremendously good results this soon if he happened to focus on at advancing his company. He noted that the company suppliers play a crucial role in assisting the growth of the customer base in conjunction with the profit for everyone to make an achievement.

By taking a look at Pratt & Whitney today, there is approximately 80 Percent of the GTF’s manufactured parts. These parts are outsourced to several suppliers where many of them are based right in the United States. Due to this visionary union of the two companies, United Technologies Corporation has managed to spend an excess of 40 billion USD with the United States suppliers. He was aware that investing in technology would boom the company since it does not innovate but the people within the company do.

The moment at which Louis Chenevert took over the reign of the United Technologies Corporation, he was well convinced that there would be no achievement unless the company opted to invest in the individuals who serve in the company. Before Louis Chenevert era as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC, It was still encouraging its employee to pursue lifelong learning via the Employee Scholar Program. This program has been applied to assist these employees in attaining a degree in any field of their interest. The most significant part of UTC is that it pays all the academic charges. For the past 20 years, the employees of UTC have to manage to attain more than 39,000 degrees through the use of these scholarships programs. This stands to be a total expenditure of 1 billion USD that Louis Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Hayes are at an agreement that this was a well-utilized investment.

The EDM/pop Duo Chain Smokers and their Success

EDM/pop duos known as The Chainsmokers have been able to hit the music charts and hold on to the frames for the longest time over the past year. They have successful tracks such as “Closer” which features the popular pop singer Halsey. Chain Smokers have owned the better of 2016 with their successful tracks didn’t fall off the charts till 2017 which helped it knock on the doors of history where it had the most weeks at the top 10 on the Hot 100 of all time. It lived at the uppermost region for more than 32 weeks bringing it to a tier with LeAnn Rimes “How Do I Live” who had taken the position many years before. Besides taking the Us top 10 hits by storm “Closer “ also had many weeks inside the arena where it set a record by having the most weeks inside the top five.

Though Chainsmokers have been in the Industry where they have a good run, it was the year 2016 that saw them kick off the Chart run with a thud. They seemed to have the year 2016 under their feet running well into the year 2017 where they made history, This was due to the unbelievably awesome hits such as “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer” “Paris” and the recent debut featuring Coldplay known as “Something Just Like This” They have laid claim at having the second-longest stay at the highest tie. For 61 weeks continuously their name came at least one position between numbers 1 and 10 which is almost unbelievable. Currently, they hold the second position behind Taylor Swift who had 69 weeks at the top 10.

Their success was so great that at one point they had three songs feature at the same time at the top 10 list which is an infrequent occurrence in the industry. Only 15 artists have ever managed to have so much control on a chart, and The Chainsmokers are at the third position of group acts. The year 2016 may have been the bigger year for the duo group but its 2017 that saw them mark their existence at the charts. Chain Smokers have proven that they are much more capable and powerful than anybody ever imagined.