Shoe Carnival and Slyce Team Up

Marketwired recently reported the announcement of a new partnership between Shoe Carnival and Slyce, Inc. Shoe Carnival, a major U.S. shoe and accessories retailer, is excited to launch a brand new form of shopping technology for its mobile customers, which was developed by Slyce. The new visual search technology will allow shoppers on to take a picture of any shoes they see on the street or in a magazine and upload it to the page. Then, the site will produce options of footwear already available from Shoe Carnival, which shoppers can purchase right on the spot. This 3D visual search technology will bring a whole new level of convenience and creativity to the personalized shopping experience of Shoe Carnival customers. Along with Slyce, Shoe Carnival is leading the way in bringing the highest quality and most innovative features to their customers’ shopping experiences.

Slyce has been a leader in the field of visual search technology and is on the frontier of innovating online shopping. Cameron Chell, co-founder of Slyce, utilizes his almost three decades of experience in technology, entrepreneurship and writing to bring the most dynamic and revolutionary solutions to Slyce’s customers. What makes Slyce stand out from other tech development companies is that rather than simply fixing existing problems for its clients, Slyce finds ways for its customers to break out ahead of the rest of the pack in bringing the most customized online shopping experience as possible to their retail customers.

Slyce was first launched in January 2012 and has since lit the technology world on fire. The company has attracted an influx of investment and now has multiple offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Among the products developed by Slyce to enhance the online shopping experience, Slyce created the Snap-to-Buy product recognition platform, which allows users to snap a picture of any product and then find the exact product for purchase through an online retailer. In addition to its recent partnership with Shoe Carnival, Slyce has also been highly sought after by major retail giants, including Neiman Marcus. Slyce continues to attract new partnerships throughout the U.S. and is poised to maintain its position as a leader in the visual search technology field for years to come.