Lori Senecal: An Inspiring Legacy in the Advertising World

Every woman who succeeds in the corporate world is an inspiration and celebrated by others. At a young age, Lori Senecal managed to beat the odds and achieve what would seem impossible as at that time. Lori is a powerful woman in the advertising world, but she was mostly unrecognized. Lori is an introverted individual who does not seek unnecessary attention. Although she may be quiet, her work and success speak loudly about her.

Lori Senecal is excellent in overseeing organizations requiring globalization but little supervision. Her first successful executive position was at KBS she brought growth and expansion in the organization until it was time to resign. She later joined CP+B and became president of the organization. This position also brought out the best in her and led it to high heights.

Lori is brilliant in managing change and making smooth transitions. All these organizations she has worked were in need of executing change, mainly at a global level. Lori strategized and implemented models that eventually achieved efficiency and a bright future. Throughout her career, Lori has managed to create new productive divisions and foster partnerships with global organizations. Among these multi-national corporations include Nestle, Coca-Cola, and BMW and others. You can visit huffingtonpost.com for more.


Before Lori joined CP+B, she was working for MDC Partners as the CEO. Despite moving to CP+B, she still maintained her position at MDC. Lori was able to serve two organizations and achieve the targeted objectives for both of them. Her diligence and dedication to work have rewarded Lori with recognition and awards. In 2017, Lori retired from CP+ B because it was time to move on and do something else.

As a successful young woman, Lori Senecal mentors young women aspiring to succeed. She speaks to entrepreneurs, business, and professionals in their career journey. Lori is glad to offer this service, considering how far she has come in self-confidence. Several years back Lori struggled with shyness despite her fierce presence in the corporate world. She is now able to cope better and improve with every chance she gets. Lori left a strong culture and standard wherever she worked.



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Jose Borghi’s Journey in the Advertising Industry

Born in PresidentePrudente, Jose Borghi never dreamt of a career in advertising. However, all that changed when he was invited by her sister to help her choose the right path in Cannes. On the way, the two siblings came across beautiful commercial displays. The sparkling scenery sparked a new desire in the future advertising icon. Jose Borghi’s career path had been changed.

Jose wanted to understand the advertising industry and know the various tricks that have helped agencies and companies to succeed. He decided to join PUC-Campinas, an advertising college. Education equipped him with the necessary advertising skills. However, he could not implement his ideas due to financial constraints. To this end, he sought to first work for other advertising agencies so that he could raise the capital that he needed as continued to gain more experience in the field. He first rendered his services for Standard Ogilvy as an editor. The advertising icon also worked for other to advertising agencies. With the passage of time, the desire to establish his own firm became more pronounced. This opportunity did not take long to knock on his door. Later, Jose met Erh Ray who helped him found BordhiErh. The two met when Jose was working for Talent $ Leo Burnett, an ad agency.

Despite numerous challenges, especially inadequate capital, the two focused on pushing the company forward while looking for investors. In 2006, Mullen Lowe collaborated with the duo to found a new business named Borghi Lowe. The company has since changed its name to Mullen Lowe Brasil following a new partnership deal. The corporate restructuring took place in 2015. The new partnership saw Jose Borghi become one of the company’s two chief executive officers. The other CEO is Andre Gomes. Various institutions in the advertising industry have recognized Jose’s efforts through awards and accreditation. Borghi has also spearheaded memorable campaigns such as the Mammals of Parmalat and more information click here.