Talkspace: The Future of Therapy

The web-based therapy app Talkspace recently went into business with Magellan Health. In the near future customers of Magellan Health’s insurance plans will be able to access Talkspace for mental health care.

When Talkspace was founded in 2012 by Oren Frank it was meant to connect people with therapists in a new way. By 2017 Talkspace had amassed a user base of nearly 500,000 people and had over 1000 mental health professionals under its employ.

Frank, who now works as the CEO of Talkspace references a study of nearly 100,000 American veterans when asked about the efficacy of online psychiatric help. The study, which gave the participants access to long-distance therapy, found that there was a 25 percent decline in the number of mental health caused hospitalizations.

Talkspace users communicate with their therapists mostly through text messages and emails. Some plans, however, offer the additional option of monthly sessions with therapists conducted through video chats.

Talkspace is designed to fit into the customers’ lives, so therapy sessions can be instant. The customers can choose how frequently they want to engage in therapy. Oren Frank hopes that this platform will be able to provide everyone with access to quality mental health care at an affordable price.