Deirdre Baggot Makes An Impact In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is evolving to include a range of different payment options following the introduction of the Affordable Care Act of President Obama. One of the leading experts in the development of bundled payments for the healthcare industry is Deirdre Baggot who has been working to reduce the complexity of the U.S. healthcare payment system. The level of experience and interest in the healthcare payment system of Ms. Baggot has allowed her to become one of the leading experts in the nation with numerous public and private groups looking to her for assistance. Read full interview of Deirdre Baggot at Inspirery

The career of Deirdre Baggot began with leadership roles in the acute care units of hospitals in different parts of the country before she settled in Colorado. Initially, Loyola University Graduate School of Business alum began her career at the University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Beginning her career as a nursing professional who received her Bachelor’s degree in this area of study has given the payments specialist insight into the problems and success which can be found in the everyday practice of acute care procedures.

During her career, the role of Senior Administrator at the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of SCL Health gave Deirdre Baggot her major break as a bundled payments expert. Since then, she has gone on to take her skills in this area to GE Healthcare and to the boards of many of the leading medical associations in the U.S. The work of the financial expert has been estimated to have produced more $5 million in revenue for two healthcare companies and changed the way the industry bundles its payments. As a senior advisor for Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, the work of Ms. Baggot has become increasingly important. She has also offered advice and various policy points to a range of groups including the American Heart Association, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and SAS.



Wes Edens partners with Virgin Group for branding purposes

In most business sectors, branding and marketing is a crucial part of any successful business model. This is definitely the case when it comes to the travel and leisure sector. Wes Edens, the chairman of Brightline, recognized this when he decided to pursue a business partnership with Virgin Group. Brightline is a large railroad company which is known for creating the first privately-owned intercity passenger railway system in the United States in more than a century. Brightline and Wes Edens are excited to partner with Virgin in order to capitalize on Virgin’s well-established consumer brand. See more information about Wes Edens at

In order take full advantage of the new partnership’s branding power Brightline will be rebranding to Virgin Trains USA beginning in 2019. Wes Edens was attracted to exploring the possibility of this partnership due to Virgin being a brand that consumers trust and respect when it comes to hospitality and travel. Also, the two companies share many values, such as a focus on providing customers with the best experience possible. Additionally, both companies place a heavy emphasis on innovation and disrupting the travel and hospitality industry.

However, this is not Virgin’s first time in the railway market. Virgin has been operating Virgin Trains in the British railway sector for more than two decades now. Virgin Trains is a U.K.-based intercity passenger railway which has been in business for the last 21 years. Therefore, moving into the American railway market via partnership with Wes Edens and Brightline was a logical move for Virgin Group.

Cementing the strategic partnership, Virgin will purchase a minority stake in Brightline. Virgin is known for its innovations in the air travel sector through the Virgin America brand. The company sees the partnership with Brightline as ideal since it had already been looking for an opportunity to reach railway markets in America. Tens of millions of people use railways to travel everyday in the United States. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, said that Brigthline was attractive to him due to the company being at the cutting edge of the railway industry in America.

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OSI Group marking a century of Dominance in the Meat Processing Industry

Otto Kolschowsky is the visionary and man behind the meat processing empire known as OSI group (Previously known as Otto & Sons). OSI supplies a variety of products to its clients across the globe. Meat patties, pizza, bacon, and poultry are some of the products OSI deals with. In 1909, Otto, a German immigrant, started a family meat market in Oak Park Chicago United States of America. Within a short period, the meat business was booming, and he ended up opening other branches in other parts.As Otto & Sons continued expanding its operations, one notable fast-food chain started operating in Illinois, and it was known as McDonald’s.

In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant in Des Plaines, an area in Illinois. At that time he was only a franchise agent for the actual owners. Before opening this particular restaurant, Ray had entered into a partnership with Otto & Sons that enabled Otto to be the food supplier of ground beef to McDonald’s. This would be the foundation of a spectacular relationship, in which these two firms would grow and dominate the food industry.Within the next two decades, there was a great transition of Otto &Sonsto a global food leader known as OSI Group. In the 1960s, a need in McDonald’s arose that its solution strengthened the relationship between OSI and McDonalds.

There was a need for the development of a system that would allow for the production of consistent and affordable products that could be transported over long distances to the other franchises under the McDonalds brand. OSI rose up to the occasion and came up with a freezing mechanism using liquid nitrogen that met all the standards McDonald’s wanted.As McDonald’s continued to grow and expand so did OSI Group in response to the growing demand. OSI opened facilities in Western Jordan, Utah and even in some North American areas. That is not all, OSI went ahead to establish its presence in other parts of the business world. For instance, in 2016, OSI acquired a controlling stake in Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch private firm specializing in the food service industry. David McDonalds, OSI’s President, was pleased with the move and stated that adding Baho to the OSI brand was critical in helping OSI Group broaden its presence in Europe.


The good news: Chinese retailer plans to expand its network vastly—soon enough!

As you know, is the largest online retailer and also the biggest internet company due to its revenue. By maintaining quality, on time delivery, genuineness in the goods delivered, a vastly spread speedy network of, has become a trustworthy and irreplaceable network for its customers. It would not be wrong to say that is revolutionizing the online shopping world.But what’s the good news we are talking about? Well, the good news is that claims to broaden its spectrum by introducing its a logistics network that will help consumers and businesses to receive and deliver parcels faster than ever. The places that the network will initially cover are Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

The company’s app or social messaging app WeChat will be used to pick up requests and drop the packages on desired places. has invested 122.3 billion Yuan that makes $17.7 billion in second quarter net revenue.Jingdong already offers logistic services to its corporate customers like Unilever PLC but now the company is thinking even further. Jingdong claims that its network can be reachable to almost 99% of the population, and most of the orders (up to 90%) will be easily delivered within a day. The chief executive of Jingdong, Zhenhui Wang is gladly looking forward to the plan to be implemented soon enough. is not the only an online company that is expanding so rapidly, Alibaba is its major competitor too.

The combat for the market shares continues between both companies in the world’s second largest economy. The new change will also increase competition between China’s companies like ZTO Express Inc., SF Express, as well as United Parcel Service Inc., and FedEx Corp.Do you want to know what homegrown distribution network includes? It now consists of 15 logistics parks, 500+ ware houses, almost 7000 delivery and pickup stations, and nearly a quarter million transportation and delivery vehicles. Having such an organized and well equipped network, the new opening of logistics will surely add bloom in the business’s revenue.


Why Freedom Checks Are Legit Versus Nonsense Like Trump Freedom Checks

There is some confusion between Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks which is an unfortunate state of affairs. Freedom Checks are a longstanding way to make incredible returns, something that has been around since the 1980s. Trump Bonus Checks, though, are a recent invention that has no basis in reality and is just a way for some guy to sell his financial newsletter to gullible folk looking to make money expending zero in the way of effort.Most people see “programs” that enable people to make money in retirement where their social security check and retirement savings aren’t enough. Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to these scams. This is the case with Trump Bonus Checks.

They’re the invention of a guy named Mike Burnick who wants to convince people that served in the military that the government and Donald Trump are so incredibly thankful for their service that special investment opportunities have been set up for them. It’s sheer nonsense as neither Trump nor Congress has passed any such legislation.What Mike Burnick does want to do is sell subscriptions to his newsletter “Infinite Income”. People have to pay $99 a year for this thing that spends most of its words telling its reader that yeah, because they’re patriots the nation is going to give them larger profits amount .

Freedom Checks have only been called by that term for a year. It was Banyon Hill Publishing’s Matt Badiali came up with this term for something that has been around for four decades. These are a financial investments that pay their investors big returns because the U.S. Congress wanted to wean America off the foreign supply of oil and gas.Companies that can issue Freedom Checks, which they have been able to do since 1987, have to derive the vast majority of their income from the American gas & oil industry. As long as they meet this requirement the can set up as an organization that reaps tax benefits. They issue basically all of their profits to their owners which results in massive checks for anyone wise enough to but their shares.


Equities First Holdings-The Major Alternative To Traditional Business Loans Globally

Equities First Holdings has been in the stock-based loan business for over 14 years. Started as an American lender in stock-based loans, EFH is now a global operation, with globally all across the world.The hub of EFH’s European operations has its location in London. Like Equities First Holdings stock-based loans that enjoyed years of success here in the states. Equities First Holdings has underwritten shareholder loans in the billions since opening its London operation in 2013.

Even in the economic crisis during 2013 to 2015, Equities First Holdings growth has been tremendous.Equities First Holdings has committed $100 million to further the growth of its European operation. EFH loan structure is ideally suited to the business investor who does not want to use his property or transaction as collateral on a significant business loan. If your business has an interest in this type of business loan, contact EFH today!

Eric Lefkofsky Helping Cancer Patients Get Better and More Effective Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is a distinguished businessman from Chicago, United States, and is known for his start-up venture Group Inc, which went on to become a billion-dollar enterprise. Along with Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has started many other start-ups and companies that have become an enormous success. However, Eric Lefkofsky is not only known for his business prowess, but also for his philanthropy. In the last few years, the charity foundation co-founded by Eric along with his wife Liz Lefkofsky has been able to do a tremendous amount of work in the area of human rights, civic causes, education, and much more. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has funded many schools and colleges to provide scholarships to the pupils from the low-income families.

Also, many meritorious students are not able to study further due to the lack of funding. It is these students that the foundation of Eric Lefkofsky aims to help. Recently, Eric Lefkofsky started a technology company named Tempus, which is aimed at helping the cancer patients get more precise and personalized treatment. For so many years, the cancer patients have been getting the same treatment regardless of their age. It is for this reason, the procedure sometimes works, and in many cases, it worsens the situation of the patient. Eric Lefkofsky has had the misfortune of seeing one of the loved ones being diagnosed with cancer.

It made him realize that the doctors don’t have the treatment-related data that they can use to create a patient-specific detailed treatment plan. If the doctors have the records of how a particular treatment worked on a cancer patient of a sixty-year-old man, they would be able to define the treatment course that is effective and refined in the future for another patient with similar characteristics of sixty years old. Such a co-relation in treatment can make a huge difference in the outcome of the treatment.

Peter Briger – the experienced and skilled asset manager.

Philanthropic, experienced and an industry icon, you will never really run out of words to describe Peter Briger Jr. as the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is an experienced and skilled asset manager.The Princeton University graduate and holder of an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is a business leader with an experience of about 20 years in the assets management industry. Before Peter Briger Jr. making a move to Fortress in 2002, he worked at Goldman Sach. At Goldman Sach, he was a partner, and he worked in several positions overseeing the company’s operations. Goldman Sach gave him a wealth of experience which he brought with him in 2002 when he joined Fortress Investment Group. His move to Fortress was one which has since benefited both parties.

Fortress is an assets management company that boasts of managing an estimated $65 billion worth of assets for its numerous clients. His excellent performance makes him fit for the hedge fund firm.He has held some positions at Fortress. Some of the notable locations include the following. He was elected back in 2009 to sit in the firm’s board as the co-chairman. This only serves to highlight the confidence that people put in him and his leadership capabilities.Currently, he is in charge of the company’s real estate and credit fund business. Fortress has received excellent reviews from its employees. Other than the conducive working environment, employees have spoken about the hedgefund firm’s benefits to its employees and the learning opportunities they often get.

Responsible for creating this is none other than Peter Briger Jr. and his colleagues. Some of those employees that have spoken highly about the place come from his Credit Business wing which directly attests to his leadership since he is in charge of this function at Fortress.His hardworking and entrepreneurial skills have seen him rise the ranks to rank at position 962 in the Forbes list of billionaires with a worth of $1.3 billion.In addition to his excellent work at Fortress, he is entirely philanthropic.At a personal level, he gives back to the society in some ways. He sits on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council which focuses on providing support to needy children. Additionally, he is member of the Council of Foreign Relations.This is an entity that concentrates on creating awareness and helping politicians and regular citizens comprehend the foreign policies.

Susan McGalla and the American dream

If you want to think about someone who is a model of perfection for the American dream, it is Susan McGalla. Being a woman, she has had a lot of setbacks in her professional career and she fought against all the gender biases and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in corporate America. She says that while growing up with two of her brothers, she had to work hard to get what she wanted and it wasn’t very easy for her. This made her stronger than before and under her leadership, firms have gone from being a million dollar company to a billion dollar company. That’s one of the reasons she is consulted by other firms to improve their business operations.

Over the years, she has been a keen supporter of women empowerment. She has led initiatives and provided realistic solutions to improve the diversity in the workplace. She feels that there is absolutely no shortage of talented women in corporate America and they only need support from executive sponsors to get up the ladder in their careers. According to her, this would not only give men to work with some creative women but also would allow women to take up challenging roles. She also mentions how firms with more diversity are able to perform better than firms that aren’t. She is a firm believer of having a perfect balance between life and work and hence she always takes time out to spend with her loved ones whenever she is not working.

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