George Soros Opposes Brexit

The fight going on in Britain about whether to stay within the European Union (EU) or to leave is nearing an end. The polls for Brexit are about evenly split, but David Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson, and George Soros favor remaining and the undecided voters will make the difference. Soros claims that if Britain leaves the EU, the British Sterling Pound will lose significant value, not unlike 1992 when Soros wisely made more than $1 billion by betting the pound would devalue. Soros has been right before about the pound, and his economic wisdom is listened to by the cognizant of the financial world. The foreign exchange market (Forex) is getting ready for a possible flash crash depending on the outcome of the vote. If the United Kingdom leaves the EU, most Forex investors will flood the market taking positions on currencies traded against the pound. The Euro, the Yen, and the American dollar all trade against the pound and the day in the Forex marketplace will be wild and adventurous.

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There is a 5-hour difference between the time in London and the time on the east coast of the states. The next few days will be exciting for all things British and especially for the Forex market in trading against the pound.

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‘The EU Is on the Verge of Collapse’—An Interview

The only way to be prepared to face the events which are unraveling before our eyes in the real world is to have read and remembered the history of the world. Past events are often repeated in the future and those who do not know history are forced to repeat it. George Soros has seen both the evil and the good during his lifetime. He knows of fascism, communism, free enterprise, and the rule of kings and queens. He survived the Second World War while being an actual participant during that horrendous time in Europe. After Soros had made his $ billions he turned to philanthropy and started a foundation, the Open Society Foundations. It was intended to help overcome adverse despotic regimes. He has been a proponent of progressive political policy, which has separated him from the many barons of industry supporting the political right wing in America. He has earned the ire of many on the right wing who have criticized and condemned his valiant efforts for world freedom. Soros has let his action speak as loudly as his words; he has donated $ millions to the election of Hillary Clinton and has offered his help in any economic matter facing the future president.

Soros, Beckham, Clarkson and many others on the side on remaining within the European Union should sway the thinking of those residents in the British Isles for this pivotal vote.

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The Rise of a Great Investor, Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was a businessman, private investor and philanthropist. He was also the Chief Executive Officer and the president of CCMP Capital, a private equity investment whose operations encompasses growth and buyout equity transactions.


Stephen Murray had earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Boston College graduating in the year 1984. He advanced with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School. Stephen Murray was brought up in a New York City district in Westchester County, NY.


His career began earlier in the 80s when Murray became part of the credit training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. 5 Years after joining the training, Murray joined MH Equity Corporation, a company that had consolidated Manufacturers Hanover private equity group with its leveraged finance unit. Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by Chemical bank which later amalgamated with Chemical Ventures Partners.

Chemical bank then amalgamated with Chase Corporation in the year 1996, rebranding into Chase Capital Partners. Murray was appointed the CEO of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. It was finally in 2006 when Murray co-established CCMP Capital, being a spinout of JP Morgan Chase and in 2007, he was named the CEO of the company.

Stephen Murray served as an executive in a series of other companies including The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark, Cabela’s, Legacy Hospital partners, AMC Entertainment and Pinnacle Foods.


Stephen Murray has donated hundreds of millions to another of organizations including Boston College, Columbia Business School, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Stamford Museum, The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and a number of educational initiatives. He has served as the chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College as well as a chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Stephen Murray passed away at an age of 52. He resigned and left CCMP last month due to what was reported as a health concern. After being with the company since 1989, Murray spearheaded the company to becoming a global leader in an industry flooded with private equity firms with a capability of investing between $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction.

The company is now focusing on companies in the industrial, consumer, energy and health care sector. It has invested in Quiznos Corporation, Cabela’s Inc., and Warner Chilcott Plc.

According to the current CCMP CEO, everyone in the company was saddened to know their former long serving president had passed away.

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Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away
Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees


Talk Fusion CEO Discusses Free Trial Period

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of the video marketing company Talk Fusion. Reina founded the company back in 2007 with the goal of creating a resource that marketers could utilize in order to get their product in front of the eyes of as many potential clients as possible. Video marketing isn’t an entirely new medium on the internet but it is one that has the longest shelf life in terms of effectiveness. Bob Reina took some time to talk about his company as well as announce a free trial period for new customers worldwide.

Advertisers are always fighting for position on the internet because customers are a prized commodity and there are so many people trying to get their purchases. Video marketing, as created by Talk Fusion, could be one of the best ways to directly engage clients inside of their email inbox. Reina talked confidently about his platform saying, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring.” It is this very confidence that preceded the global free trial period that has recently been launched.

Talk Fusion will be available for free to customers in over 140 different countries as well as translated into nine different languages. Customers can walk through all of Talk Fusion’s special video marketing techniques from the comfort of their own home without any worry regarding a financial charge. New users can register without using a credit card and they can go through all of the documentation immediately. There are numerous how-to materials, tutorials, sign up forms, live meetings, and newsletters to comb through. We have a feeling that it will take users the full thirty days to get to the bottom of the content.

Talk Fusion has become a global leader in video marketing as well as video production. Since their inception in 2007 they company has increasingly blown up the ranks of video production, standing alongside companies like CBS and AOL. This revamped, first time trial period should only help get more customers on board with what should be a more popular product than ever after the trial period ends.

How CCMP Capital Managed To Take The Lead In Matters Related To Private Equity Investments

CCMP Capital has been in the business of offering buyout and growth equity solutions to companies since 1984. So far, the company has invested not less than $16 billion according to, and it operates on the confidence that it has the much required experience as well as strong operating resources. With time, the company has easily managed to become a world-class investment partner who can be relied upon by companies when they feel the need to expand. CCMP Capital operates in four different industry sectors namely consumer and retail, energy, healthcare and industrial

The firm mainly operates in the North American and European regions. It has since 2006 managed to be an independent firm even though its professionals continue to manage the J.P Morgan Partners private equity portfolio. The firm has a strong focus on companies ranging from $250 million in size to $2 billion. Typically, it invests between $100 million to $500 million of equity in every transaction. The company provides estate diversification solutions that are optimized to suit founder-owned businesses. It is also well- respected as a reliable specialist when matters related to taking public companies private are concerned.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also helps a great deal when matters related to equitizing leveraged structures are concerned. Companies that are public find it a very good companion when matters related to going private are concerned. During the funding process, the company CCMP’s operating and investment professionals work very closely with the companies management teams at every phase of the investment process.

The company believes that when the top management team of where they are investing in is rightly involved, the whole process will be very easy and successful. Both teams work together to provide a shared vision for the business that can be worked upon. When an agreement is reached, both teams work towards achieving that. As a result, a sense of partnership and belonging is created which is very crucial to the success of the investment.

CCMP Capital suffered a big blow when it lost its President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Murray in 2015. He was a well-known philanthropist and private equity investor who was a Boston College graduate of Economics in 1984. He made his career start in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover before joining CCMP Capital when it was still named JP Morgan Partners.

Murray also served in many company boards until his sad demise. When matters philanthropy are concerned, he supported many organizations that dealt with community empowerment and development. He left a legacy that many will continue to honor and respect. His determination, hard work, and dedication no doubt made his career fruitful. His success can attest to the fact that with hard work, passion and determination, one can achieve goals much easily and leave an impact in society.