OSI Food Solutions Expansion and Recognition

When you talk about custom value-added food products, you8 have to mention OSI Food Solutions, a subsidiary of OSI Group, which is one of the leading food service and retail food brands around the world. The company has the financial resource and infrastructure offering its customers extensive source capability, development, production, and distribution of custom food solution in any place around the globe. OSI Foods is passionate about entrepreneurship and agility that makes customers curious as well as make a can-do ethic to customer partnerships. The company continues to explore innovative solutions to the food service and does what best for the Group at large.

Awards and recognitions

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was the recipient of the prestigious Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council. The award recognizes exemplary management of environmental risks that are displayed by the company. To get this award, the company had to achieve a maximum five stars, which is a mandatory requirement by the environmental management audit scheme of the British Safety Council.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Foods, which manufactures deli meat. The acquisition of this Dutch company is part of the expansion endeavors being carried out by the OSI Group, which has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries with processing plants that are based in Germany and Netherlands, and this acquisition is to broaden OSI Group’s presence in Europe.

Acquisition of Tyson Foods

OSI Food Solutions also acquired Tyson Foods, a food processing plant and storage warehouse, which is located in Chicago. The facility will enhance the capabilities of OSI Food Solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers that are rising rapidly

Doubling the chicken production capacity

OSI Foods has added to the existing operations, a high capacity production line located in Toledo, Spain. This investment is worth 17 million Euros and has increased the production capacity of quality and processed chicken by a double. In other words, it will not produce 24000 tons annually as opposed to 12000 tons per year. It will add 20 more jobs to the already 140 existing personnel, which includes the new position of the product development manager.


Talos Energy – Breaking Ground and Creating Partnerships with a new Mexican government

In the wake of a large oil deposit in conjunction with Telos Energy (an oil and gas explorer)program Zama has discovered an area that could contain as much as 2 billion barrels, Talos Energy is seeking to form a partnership with Pemex (Mexico’s state-run oil company) due to an adjacent block that Pemex is seeking to drill as well, a block which Talos Energy believes holds the same or a greater amount of oil that was discovered recently in the Talos Energy block. According to Talos CEO Tim Duncan, one of the main goals is to study their data in order to move as quickly as possible to form a partnership and construct a final investment. Any joint ventures with the Mexican state-run oil company are unprecedented as for many years Mexico did not want to do joint efforts with any local or outside corporations.

Duncan would meet with Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who campaigned on the promise to Strengthen Pemex and bring their 14-year long production slump to an end. President-elect Obrador stated that no persuasion is needed, Pemex is ready and eager to get to work. The urgency from both groups was not just talk, this year in Septemeber alone we would see Talos Energy invest as much as $325 Million dollars to drill two new wells. The Zama-2 was reviewed and approved by the National Hydrocarbons Commission or CNH to begin work on their studies. The Zama-2 wellbore is estimated to be drilled by roughly 1,640 feet which the Telos Energy is confident will hold over 60 million barrels of oil.

Drilling will commence in late November of 2018 and go onto 2019 with the addition of other studies in the area. By 2023 we could see up to 150,000 barrels being produced per day.

Original source : https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Talos-Energy

Robert Deignan creates company to troubleshoot tech gadgets

Technology is fast evolving, and it is bringing us unimaginable things. What looked like an impossibility in the past few years has now become a reality that is doable and with great ease. One person who understands the language of technology easily is the CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan. This company helps customers to troubleshoot tech gadgets. Almost every tech-related problem can be resolved by the team he has brought together to work for the company. The company is employing the power of remote accessibility to resolve digital solutions to people from all parts of the globe.

Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for almost 20 years. In this period, he has learned so much about technology that he is now helping the people to learn and understand what is happening in the industry. In the past few years, there has been a lot of changes in the tech industry. The internet of things is becoming a reality, and the challenges posed by technology keeps on getting bigger. Robert Deignan has observed that the internet of things technology will make the situation even harder for those who are trying to get themselves solutions that can work. In many cases, people who are looking for solutions that can work rarely get that opportunity. But through the efforts that Robert Deignan is applying, there will be a solution for anyone who would like to be served by a great company. There is no more excuse that your service provider is giving you poor deals, Deignan has already created a company that everyone can associate with.

Robert Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University. He holds a degree in business management. From a young age, his dream was to become a successful entrepreneur. Over the years, he kept pushing, finding relevant organizations that could give him an opportunity to learn how a technology company is managed. He finally got an opportunity with iS3 Inc, one of the companies that made him learn a lot about personalized tech support. He used all the knowledge he had gathered and created a company that addressed all the gaps that were in the industry.

Team Liquid Wins 79th Silver Sailfish Derby Results

Louis Chenevert Tremendous Investment in UTC and Its Employees

Louis Chenevert Intermarriage United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney. These companies are currently responsible for the manufacturing growth in the United States. He was such a visionary leader to the extent that he did not recognize that these innovation investments were to be good for business, but they would also be good for the development of the supplier’s businesses as well. He would not have seen these tremendously good results this soon if he happened to focus on at advancing his company. He noted that the company suppliers play a crucial role in assisting the growth of the customer base in conjunction with the profit for everyone to make an achievement.

By taking a look at Pratt & Whitney today, there is approximately 80 Percent of the GTF’s manufactured parts. These parts are outsourced to several suppliers where many of them are based right in the United States. Due to this visionary union of the two companies, United Technologies Corporation has managed to spend an excess of 40 billion USD with the United States suppliers. He was aware that investing in technology would boom the company since it does not innovate but the people within the company do.

The moment at which Louis Chenevert took over the reign of the United Technologies Corporation, he was well convinced that there would be no achievement unless the company opted to invest in the individuals who serve in the company. Before Louis Chenevert era as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC, It was still encouraging its employee to pursue lifelong learning via the Employee Scholar Program. This program has been applied to assist these employees in attaining a degree in any field of their interest. The most significant part of UTC is that it pays all the academic charges. For the past 20 years, the employees of UTC have to manage to attain more than 39,000 degrees through the use of these scholarships programs. This stands to be a total expenditure of 1 billion USD that Louis Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Hayes are at an agreement that this was a well-utilized investment.


The good news: Chinese retailer JD.com plans to expand its network vastly—soon enough!

As you know, JD.com is the largest online retailer and also the biggest internet company due to its revenue. By maintaining quality, on time delivery, genuineness in the goods delivered, a vastly spread speedy network of JD.com, has become a trustworthy and irreplaceable network for its customers. It would not be wrong to say that JD.com is revolutionizing the online shopping world.But what’s the good news we are talking about? Well, the good news is that JD.com claims to broaden its spectrum by introducing its a logistics network that will help consumers and businesses to receive and deliver parcels faster than ever. The places that the network will initially cover are Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

The company’s app or social messaging app WeChat will be used to pick up requests and drop the packages on desired places. JD.com has invested 122.3 billion Yuan that makes $17.7 billion in second quarter net revenue.Jingdong already offers logistic services to its corporate customers like Unilever PLC but now the company is thinking even further. Jingdong claims that its network can be reachable to almost 99% of the population, and most of the orders (up to 90%) will be easily delivered within a day. The chief executive of Jingdong, Zhenhui Wang is gladly looking forward to the plan to be implemented soon enough. JD.com is not the only an online company that is expanding so rapidly, Alibaba is its major competitor too.

The combat for the market shares continues between both companies in the world’s second largest economy. The new change will also increase competition between China’s companies like ZTO Express Inc., SF Express, as well as United Parcel Service Inc., and FedEx Corp.Do you want to know what JD.com homegrown distribution network includes? It now consists of 15 logistics parks, 500+ ware houses, almost 7000 delivery and pickup stations, and nearly a quarter million transportation and delivery vehicles. Having such an organized and well equipped network, the new opening of logistics will surely add bloom in the business’s revenue.


Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank

SoftBank bought Fortress Investment Group for 3 billion and 300 million US Dollars. The three principals of the fortress were withheld even after the acquisition. These principals include Randal Nardone, Pete Briger and Wes Edens. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group was meant to expand and increase the potential of SoftBank against 100 billion US Dollar vision plot which is not yet launched as per Masayoshi Son who is the founder of SoftBank. Randal Nardone has great confidence that fortress will grow and develop under the governance of Son and that he will jeep upgrading the prospects of this company all through its operations.

SoftBank is responsible in settlement of all subsidiaries in conjunction with the remaining fortress shares after the closure of the deal. The closing of the agreement was made after fortress shareholders accredited all transactions. This accreditation occurred on 12th July 2017, and the approval of all the regulatory receipts also took place on this particular date. The entire Fortress Investment Group class A shares were converted into a right to obtain 8.08 US Dollars for every share after the acquisition. This was set to happen with all the proceedings from merger being distributed as per the payment procedures for the payments set in the Definitive Proxy of the fortress group in 7th June 2017, and the acquisition agreement was also incorporated.

SoftBank did not manage to retain its hands-off for no good reason. The company was forced to agree on the allowance of Fortress Investment Group in the management of approximately 40 billion US Dollars assets to overcome the regulatory challenges. The fact is that SoftBank encountered tremendous evaluation from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States of America. This committee is set to oversee the international deals and transactions like the ones being thrived by Softbank in the interest of the national security. This acquisition was further held up due to many other operations that SoftBank engaged itself in that particular time inclusive of the acquisition of Boston Dynamics which was under the ownership of Alphabet, the Google’s parent company and the transformer of 25 percent in the Army holding of the United Kingdom into its investment fund known as the Vision Fund.

Fortress Investment is a great firm that has great chances of growing and expanding even further. SoftBank made the best decision by purchasing such a stable and potential organization.


The McDonald’s Vision on the Future of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions has consistently grown under David McDonald’s governance. Among the significant achievements that OSI Group has been able to attain is the purchase of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods that took place in 2016. In addition to these facilities, OSI Group also achieved ownership of a facility in Chicago that was previously under the ownership of Tyson Foods. After they purchase this facility, they repurposed the already existing facility as well as the workforce into OSI Group Assets. In 2018, there was a consolidation of OSI International Foods with Turi Foods and formed Turosi Proprietary Company Limited. Turi Foods is an Australian Company that specializes in poultry processing. These activities are clear indicators of OSI capability, innovativeness as well as its dedication towards consistent growth and development.

David McDonald, the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and CEO of OSI stated that their foundation values are constant. However, he affirmed that what normally changes is their solutions, challenges, products, as well as their success. David McDonald also noted that he takes great pride towards their staff potential to deliver. He also pointed out that it’s highly rewarding to have a passionate and highly committed team in OSI Food Solutions. This is what has led to the incredible success and growth of OSI Food Solutions. The fact is that David McDonald has been through a long journey considering that he was brought up in Iowa as a farm boy but ended up as an international conglomerate among the most successful business enterprise. David McDonald has outstanding qualities that have enabled him to make a remarkable achievement in his endeavors. His way of corporate governance is grounded on his steadiness and humbleness. These qualities were hardly noticed while he was a farm boy.

When David McDonald was explaining the OSI Food Solutions modest media footprint, he clarified that their group does not brag of their success, but they are rather fond of offering support to their clients’ achievements. They also like to maintain a relatively low profile. Their high modest might have contributed towards their low recognition. Fortunately, they get good reviews and testimonies from their clients which offers them an awareness of the reality of the matter. They always appreciate the confidence that their clients have over their products and their services.

McDonald input towards the development of OSI Group will never be forgotten. He has incredible leadership skills that has seen this company into great success.


Equities First Holdings – Alternative Financing Methods

Many yearning business people have an idea for their enterprise yet do not have the funding to really begin it. New businesses are regularly turned down for bank loans, and regardless of the possibility that your business is set up, finances can at present be hard to secure. On the other hand, loans financed by other bodies such as the Small Business Administration are normally more open, yet they are turning out to be progressively competitive. So what alternatives are left for somebody seeking to be an entrepreneur? Equities First Holdings has a special product for startups. The alternative financing products offer a great option to finance your company. The stock-based loans will keep you away from the hustle of the conventional lending systems.

At this moment, yearning business visionaries in many corners of the world are organizing their paths to business proprietorship. It’s a voyage that requires a considerable measure of diligent work, and many individuals end as failures. But if your organization survives, the prizes of business enterprise are definitely justified even despite the impediments you face on your way to achievement.Financial discovering can be a challenge ,regarding whether you are looking for funds to expand an enterprise through the hard times. Yet, given our present situation, securing assets is as intense as ever. Seeking alternative lending solutions from Equities First Holdings can be of great help. It’s a company with 15 years experience in the sector and operating in several other continents.

In the realization of decline of conventional small enterprise financing, equity financing and new sources of debts have increased including peer to peer lending. But unless small businesses have security and can demonstrate income, banks are reluctant to loan cash. Usually new businesses and organizations working that have been in business for less than a year may not have documents they can secure funding from the bank. Alternative lending products thus becomes optional. Equities First Holdings as all it takes to make your startup business develop to self-sustainable level without coming back to the ground.

Peter Briger; the Revered Business Leader and Finance Executive

When three business professionals came together to form a company, they did not expect it to flourish like it has today. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has been a major trend setter in the private equity sector. According to the 2007 initial public offering, Fortress became one of the first large-scale equity firms to take a public stand in the New York Stock Exchange. As of now, Fortress Investment Group is known as a diversified global investment management handling more than $40 billion assets. Among these dockets are clients in private equity, hedge funds, in addition to hedge funds. One strategy that the management uses until now is low-risk investment for investors. With its central office in New York, the company has more than 800 employees.

Who is Peter Briger?

Peter Briger is a finance executive in business. He joins the long list of leading professionals in the Forbes Magazine. As such, he has always learned to offer excellent financial services coupled with revolutionary business ideas. Today, he is defined as a trend setter in leadership and management. Not only did he join the company as a co-founder but also a team leader. In his tenure, he has established a strong rapport with clients and employees. Other roles he plays within the company include streamlining operations to fit into the needs of clients.

Roles and Responsibilities

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs & Co. In 1996, he was promoted to serve as a partner. While serving at in that company, he was responsible for Whole Loan Sales in addition to trading business. He also oversaw Fixed Income Principal Investments and assisted in managing Asian Real Estate Private Equity. Moreover, Peter Briger served as an advisor for International Finance Corporation where he oversaw distressed debt.


Additionally, Briger served at the Linktone Ltd Advisory Board. He is an alumnus of the Princeton University where he majored in business administration. He also attended the Wharton School of Business for an MBA. As Fortress Investment Group moves under the umbrella of Softbank Group, Briger is expected to maintain his executive position.

Shervin Pishevar Paints A Gloomy Economic Forecast In His Recent Tweetstorm

Some people might remember Shervin Pishevar when he was Obama’s keynote speaker at his 2008 Summit on Entrepreneurship in Algeria. That same year, Pishevar help create the Obama Technology and Innovation Plan. Other people might know Shervin from his ballsy investments in Uber, Warby Parker, Machine Zone, and Tumbir. Pishevar was an Uber advisor, and he was also a board advisor. In 2013, Pishevar left Menlo Ventures and decided to start Sherpa Capital his own venture capital company. Shervin Pishevar and Sherpa Capital parted ways at the end of 2017, and Pishevar went underground.

The reason Pishevar went off the investment grid is still an unanswered question, but some investors believe he needed time to sort out his investment life. Other investors thought Shervin was burnt toast in the startup world of Silicon Valley. But Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour tweetstorm proved he wasn’t underground after all. He was studying the global economy and his tweetstorm shows the depth of that study.

Silicon Valley is the startup capital of the world, but according to one Shervin Pishevar tweet, Silicon Valley is losing its position at the top of the startup world. That tweet seems unrealistic, but when other countries like India and states like New York and California are part of the conversation, there is some truth in Pishevar’s tweet.

The Silicon Valley tweet is just one of more than 50 tweets that express Pishevar’s feelings about the state of the world’s economy. Shervin thinks investors should be ready for a stock market adjustment in 2018. And he also thinks the bond market isn’t going to be the safe investment haven it’s been in the past. Investors should buy gold and silver, according to Pishevar. And they should develop an alternative asset investment strategy that will protect them when the bottom falls out of the market.

Not everyone thinks Pishevar is right, in his assessment of the economy. But some investors know Shervin Pishevar is right more than he’s wrong when it comes to predicting ways to make a lot of money in the investment industry.