BENEFUL® Dry Dog Food Will Provide Nutrition For Your Furry Friend (FF)

Dry Dog Food by NESTLE® Purinastore‘s BENEFUL® is exactly what you’re looking for when you don’t want to worry if your dog is getting enough nutrition. They provide 100% of what your dog needs. With Playful Life dog food, you’ll say it’s perfect for your playful pooch. Blended with farm raised beef, egg and whole grains then accented with vegetables for that home-made taste. Loaded with protein for their active muscles they need to play all day.
Have you ever seen an overweight dog. You know the one that looks like it swallowed a soccer ball, and they don’t walk, they waddle. It’s time for BENEFUL® Healthy Weight dog food that taste great. It’s mixed with real chicken and whole grains with the blend of apples, carrots & green beans. You’ll love that they are consuming less calories and they won’t even know it.

Puppies are a favorite and BENEFUL® Healthy Puppy that is made with yummy farm raised chicken that is blended with whole grains and tastes of with peas & carrots. Yes, even in puppies have to eat their peas and carrots. A growing puppy loves the taste and it is 100% nutrition for puppies including DHA that keeps that cute little puppy brain healthy.

Who loves salmon? Dogs do love the taste of salmon. BENEFUL® Original makes this dry dog food with real salmon, whole grains and then add the taste of sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots for amazing home-made taste. Dogs are our Furry Friends and will be excited to see us even when we’re only gone 10 minutes. Right? Offering 100% nutrition for your FF.

Let’s face it folks, we’re not the only ones who love the taste of beef. BENEFUL® Original dry dog food on Amazon offers the taste of real farm raised beef. Blended with whole grains and with tastes of spinach, peas & carrots for that yummy home-made taste. Your dog loves that beef taste and you’ll love that it will provide 100% nutrition your adult dog needs.

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