Rocketship Education Heightens Learning Activities in California

Rocketship Education has for long been California’s most benefiting non-profitable organization. The foundation aims at offering educational programs for over 10 years now. The needy communities within California have had most of their youths educated through the charitable program. They began by establishing their learning institutions in San Jose. The scholars are offered a variety of lessons within the preferred curriculum.

Since its establishment in 2007, Rocketship Education has managed to expand its branches to form more than 16 branches. The schools have gained certification from the sector of education. It was co-founded by Preston Smith and John Danner. Some of the cities in which students can now access Rocketship Education include Washington D.C and even in the prestigious Redwood City. The firm has offered job opportunities to people within those communities. The types range from working throughout the day or on partly basis.

Some of the procedures used include involving parents to follow up in the progress of their children. The teaching staffs visit homes to engage into interactive studies with the kids. The approach has built greater relationships between teacher, students and parents as well.

Excellence in leadership and management of Rocketship Education is the major factor that has led to the provision of holistic education to the scholars. The constant increase in the levels of standard in which the services are offered has made Rocketship Education to remain top notch.

Most of all, the organization has also integrated a variety of schools so that their systems are at per. Students can now access affordable and quality educational services at the comfort of their homes. They get issued with assignments which their parents help them through.

Interestingly, the performances of the students have improved through quality evaluations. The teachers are qualified professionals from top notch higher learning institutions. They underwent incomparable trainings to make them excel in delivering their services. They have lowered their guards down to fit within the living standards of the vulnerable communities. For California, youths have been mentored all through since the beginning of the program. It is because of the active involvement of Rocketship Education that California now has an improved education system.