Prototyping New Businesses with Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed has always said that “Prototyping is a key tool in the entrepreneur’s toolkit, as it enables you to fail fast and iterate faster.” Her father was an architect and growing up that’s what she wanted to be too. She loved all the time they sat together at the drafting table in the garage sketching and building things together, which is called prototyping. During her coursework at Duke and studying abroad in Copenhagen she realized that she prefers planning out businesses than actual buildings.

After graduating from college Ashley Lightspeed kickstarted a consulting job at Bain. After a few years at Bain, she decided to move onto more operational work in Silicon Valley. She soon became a Category Manager at Thumbtack. She was responsible for client growth and experience in the Events and Weddings section. She ran simulations with clients for Bain and then wire-framed products for clients at Thumbtack. So Ashley had always used the prototyping she learned from her father as a key tool in her career. One time while fundraising at Thumbtack Ashley was introduced to venture capital. Instantly her interest was piqued and she soon left Thumbtack.


Ashley Lightspeed began researching ways to start her own business while studying at Stanford GSB. On the side, she continued to do consulting jobs and startups to support herself. While doing these projects during school she realizes that she would much rather deep-dive into multiple projects and industries at once. Her being revitalized by partnering with fellow entrepreneurs and turning their dreams into reality pushed her to join Lightspeed.

Ashley is on Lightspeed’s consumer investing team and as a member of the team, she works closely with early-stage businesses to help them with their growth strategy. Through the years she has kept her eye for craftsmanship.

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We Need Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy program created in 2012, to provide help to individuals for mental health issues that they might not seek treatment. Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, became the spokesperson for this program, after dealing with his own battle with depression. He realized that he needed to talk to someone to get through his depression so he sought treatment with a therapist. Talkspace allows individuals, who seek help improving their mental state and ways to lead a better life.

This form of online therapy increases access to therapy for people who otherwise can’t obtain therapy for a variety of reasons. Online therapy is not only convenient but is affordable and confidential. By using this form of therapy, it allows people to open up more about their issues and helps them communicate better. This platform allows people the opportunity to open up more about their mental issues online than if they were seeing a therapist in an office setting. The convenience alone will allow more people to seek the help they need and otherwise might now be able to get. Check out this article at Talkspace to know more.

Talkspace offers over 1500 licensed therapists and professionals to treat mental health issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression and many more. All Talkspace therapists are licensed in the state they are practicing. All therapy is HIPAA compliant and personal information is encrypted. Online therapy allows individuals access to therapy wherever they are, and whenever they need help. Participants can send unlimited text, audio, pictures, and videos from a web browser or through the Talkspace mobile application to their therapists. Participants will feel more at ease with the confidentiality of their therapy. The cost-benefit for this type of therapy is very reasonable so that more people can get the help they need when they need it.

Talkspace can be used by all age groups. You are matched with a therapist who specializes in your topics and you work with this therapist each time. You can access your therapist whenever is convenient.



Talkspace Goes to the Next Level by Partnering with Michael Phelps

There is nothing that is comforting than finding someone who has been through what you are going through to comfort you. There are times that we feel like no one gets what we are going through regardless of what they say. Individuals with depression agree with this statement, those who are suicidal even say no one can get them out of the dark whole they find themselves. This is why the partnership of Michael Phelps with Talkspace Reviews is very valuable.

Talkspace is an organization that offers online therapy sessions through chatting and video calls. The app currently has 1 million subscribers. Oren Frank has been making multiple additions in the firm to make the services effective. He employed a chief medical officer from UnitedHealth. This will enable physicians to prescribe tablets when necessary. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

The partnership with Michael Phelps will be in the form of a TV Campaign. Many people suffer silently because they hate themselves for what they feel. The campaign will help kill the mental illness stigma and encourage people to talk about how they feel openly.

Michael Phelps says that he suffered from depression all through his career. He says that it wasn’t easy to get the help he needed. In his mind, Phelps considered talking about what he felt weak; he thought it made him vulnerable until he did. Contrary to his expectations, he realized that he felt in control and strong whenever he shared. It was, therefore, an empowering moment when he discovered he could talk about what he felt through chat and video calls.

Mr. Michael Phelps will help the patients who are in the recovering process through his personal experiences. Additionally, he will become a member of the board of directors of Talkspace. Having someone who understands what their clients are going through and what they need, will be very helpful.

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Talkspace Online Therapy for Those Who Cannot Afford Traditional Therapy

There are many people who suffer for mental health issues and even after noticing its symptoms, simply ignore it. The primary reason behind it is that the treatment can be expensive. Talkspace has emerged as the savior for such people who are suffering from mental health issues but can’t afford mental health treatment. It is a mobile app that anyone can easily download on their phone and register at. The people suffering from any kind of mental health issues can take the help of mental health therapist at Talkspace. The fact that one has to pay just a fraction of traditional therapy at Talkspace is what has caused its popularity to grow tremendously.

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Talkspace has also recently introduced counseling for teens, which is a helpful concept for teenagers. Teenagers these days go through many challenging issues and times, which wasn’t the case earlier. It is due to this reason they need someone to talk to and open about those issues as many of the teenagers are not comfortable talking about these issues with their parents and sometimes, even friends. Talkspace has become the go-to online therapy app for adults as well as teenagers as it gives easy access to professional therapists at a very affordable price. People do not have to waste their time or their money on visiting a traditional therapist.

Talkspace has been trying to help more people seek help for any mental illness. Also, for those having problems in their relationships can also talk to a therapist and a solution to a problem. Michael Phelps has undergone mental problems, and he knows how difficult it can be to get help for many people. He himself was reluctant in getting help, but online therapy allowed him to get clean. Now that he knows that online therapy is quite effective, he wants other people to come forward and get help too. Learn more:


InnovaCare Health: It Succeeds Because of Executives Like Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer and president at InnovaCare Health. Mr. Shinto attended the University of California at Irvine, which is where he obtained his bachelor’s of science degree. At the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Mr. Shinto received his medical degree and got his M.B.A. from the University of Redlands.

Rick Shinto began his career more than 20 years ago when he was a specialist of internal medicine and pulmonologist in Southern California. He was the vice president at MedPartners. He was responsible for medical management at MedPartners. He worked at Cal Optimal Health Plan in Orange County, California, and he also worked at Pathways Management Company as the operations manager and CMO. At North American Medical Management of California, he was the senior officer who was in charge of medical management. He worked with Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. At Aveta Inc., he started with the company as a member of the management team. He was later appointed to president of Aveta Inc. and remained at this position until the company was sold in 2012.

Mr. Shinto was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, and he was also named a Top Minority Executive in 2018. He was given the Access to Caring Award for his dedication to making healthcare more affordable to individuals in need. He currently serves on the board of directors at America’s Physician Groups and America’s Health Insurance Plans. Mr. Shinto previously served on the Financial Solvency Standards Board for the California Department of Managed Care.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. She was previously with the company as the chief operating officer. Ms. Kokkinides is an expert at developing and managing healthcare programs, and she has worked with government programs that include Medicare and Medicaid. Penelope Kokkinides was the chief management officer at Centerlight HealthCare and the head of operations at Touchstone Health. She also worked at AmeriChoice as the corporate vice president. At AmeriChoice, she was responsible for the care management and disease management division.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a corporation that offers sustainable and affordable healthcare plans throughout North America. The company has more than 200,000 registered members and 7,500 network providers. The company offers services through MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare Health’s Medicare Advantage healthcare plan was given the highest accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Wes Edens partners with Virgin Group for branding purposes

In most business sectors, branding and marketing is a crucial part of any successful business model. This is definitely the case when it comes to the travel and leisure sector. Wes Edens, the chairman of Brightline, recognized this when he decided to pursue a business partnership with Virgin Group. Brightline is a large railroad company which is known for creating the first privately-owned intercity passenger railway system in the United States in more than a century. Brightline and Wes Edens are excited to partner with Virgin in order to capitalize on Virgin’s well-established consumer brand. See more information about Wes Edens at

In order take full advantage of the new partnership’s branding power Brightline will be rebranding to Virgin Trains USA beginning in 2019. Wes Edens was attracted to exploring the possibility of this partnership due to Virgin being a brand that consumers trust and respect when it comes to hospitality and travel. Also, the two companies share many values, such as a focus on providing customers with the best experience possible. Additionally, both companies place a heavy emphasis on innovation and disrupting the travel and hospitality industry.

However, this is not Virgin’s first time in the railway market. Virgin has been operating Virgin Trains in the British railway sector for more than two decades now. Virgin Trains is a U.K.-based intercity passenger railway which has been in business for the last 21 years. Therefore, moving into the American railway market via partnership with Wes Edens and Brightline was a logical move for Virgin Group.

Cementing the strategic partnership, Virgin will purchase a minority stake in Brightline. Virgin is known for its innovations in the air travel sector through the Virgin America brand. The company sees the partnership with Brightline as ideal since it had already been looking for an opportunity to reach railway markets in America. Tens of millions of people use railways to travel everyday in the United States. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, said that Brigthline was attractive to him due to the company being at the cutting edge of the railway industry in America.

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Talos Energy – Breaking Ground and Creating Partnerships with a new Mexican government

In the wake of a large oil deposit in conjunction with Telos Energy (an oil and gas explorer)program Zama has discovered an area that could contain as much as 2 billion barrels, Talos Energy is seeking to form a partnership with Pemex (Mexico’s state-run oil company) due to an adjacent block that Pemex is seeking to drill as well, a block which Talos Energy believes holds the same or a greater amount of oil that was discovered recently in the Talos Energy block. According to Talos CEO Tim Duncan, one of the main goals is to study their data in order to move as quickly as possible to form a partnership and construct a final investment. Any joint ventures with the Mexican state-run oil company are unprecedented as for many years Mexico did not want to do joint efforts with any local or outside corporations.

Duncan would meet with Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who campaigned on the promise to Strengthen Pemex and bring their 14-year long production slump to an end. President-elect Obrador stated that no persuasion is needed, Pemex is ready and eager to get to work. The urgency from both groups was not just talk, this year in Septemeber alone we would see Talos Energy invest as much as $325 Million dollars to drill two new wells. The Zama-2 was reviewed and approved by the National Hydrocarbons Commission or CNH to begin work on their studies. The Zama-2 wellbore is estimated to be drilled by roughly 1,640 feet which the Telos Energy is confident will hold over 60 million barrels of oil.

Drilling will commence in late November of 2018 and go onto 2019 with the addition of other studies in the area. By 2023 we could see up to 150,000 barrels being produced per day.

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Robert Deignan creates company to troubleshoot tech gadgets

Technology is fast evolving, and it is bringing us unimaginable things. What looked like an impossibility in the past few years has now become a reality that is doable and with great ease. One person who understands the language of technology easily is the CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan. This company helps customers to troubleshoot tech gadgets. Almost every tech-related problem can be resolved by the team he has brought together to work for the company. The company is employing the power of remote accessibility to resolve digital solutions to people from all parts of the globe.

Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for almost 20 years. In this period, he has learned so much about technology that he is now helping the people to learn and understand what is happening in the industry. In the past few years, there has been a lot of changes in the tech industry. The internet of things is becoming a reality, and the challenges posed by technology keeps on getting bigger. Robert Deignan has observed that the internet of things technology will make the situation even harder for those who are trying to get themselves solutions that can work. In many cases, people who are looking for solutions that can work rarely get that opportunity. But through the efforts that Robert Deignan is applying, there will be a solution for anyone who would like to be served by a great company. There is no more excuse that your service provider is giving you poor deals, Deignan has already created a company that everyone can associate with.

Robert Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University. He holds a degree in business management. From a young age, his dream was to become a successful entrepreneur. Over the years, he kept pushing, finding relevant organizations that could give him an opportunity to learn how a technology company is managed. He finally got an opportunity with iS3 Inc, one of the companies that made him learn a lot about personalized tech support. He used all the knowledge he had gathered and created a company that addressed all the gaps that were in the industry.

Team Liquid Wins 79th Silver Sailfish Derby Results

Louis Chenevert Tremendous Investment in UTC and Its Employees

Louis Chenevert Intermarriage United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney. These companies are currently responsible for the manufacturing growth in the United States. He was such a visionary leader to the extent that he did not recognize that these innovation investments were to be good for business, but they would also be good for the development of the supplier’s businesses as well. He would not have seen these tremendously good results this soon if he happened to focus on at advancing his company. He noted that the company suppliers play a crucial role in assisting the growth of the customer base in conjunction with the profit for everyone to make an achievement.

By taking a look at Pratt & Whitney today, there is approximately 80 Percent of the GTF’s manufactured parts. These parts are outsourced to several suppliers where many of them are based right in the United States. Due to this visionary union of the two companies, United Technologies Corporation has managed to spend an excess of 40 billion USD with the United States suppliers. He was aware that investing in technology would boom the company since it does not innovate but the people within the company do.

The moment at which Louis Chenevert took over the reign of the United Technologies Corporation, he was well convinced that there would be no achievement unless the company opted to invest in the individuals who serve in the company. Before Louis Chenevert era as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC, It was still encouraging its employee to pursue lifelong learning via the Employee Scholar Program. This program has been applied to assist these employees in attaining a degree in any field of their interest. The most significant part of UTC is that it pays all the academic charges. For the past 20 years, the employees of UTC have to manage to attain more than 39,000 degrees through the use of these scholarships programs. This stands to be a total expenditure of 1 billion USD that Louis Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Hayes are at an agreement that this was a well-utilized investment.

Talos Energy is in Pursuit for Passion

Passion in our Pursuit is Talos Energy’s Motto. Talos Energy is an oil & gas company focused on acquiring assets in and around the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Gulf Coast. Their strategy is to acquire and explore using their seismic database and reprocessing techniques. Over the last 70 years, Talos Energy has progressed in advanced drilling techniques allowing them to be successful around the region.

Talos Energy was created in 2012 with a $600-million equity raise from Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management, LLC. The three people who created Talos Energy are John Parker, Tim Duncan, and Steve Heitzman. They wanted to make a company that expanded outside the US and create a leading offshore independent energy and oil company. They certainly did that, as the company has grown from five employees to over 350.

Talos recently acquired Whistler Energy II, LLC, in August of 2018. About 1,900 barrels of oil per day is what Whistler was producing. The price was $52 million, but included 16,494 acres in three different blocks of land in the Central Gulf of Mexico. These three blocks are called Ewing Bank Block 988, Green Canyon Block 60, and Green Canyon Block 18. ExxonMobil Corp. originally created Green Canyon 18, but sold to Whistler in 2012.

The “Discovery of the Year 2017” award was given to Talos Energy at Wood Mackenzie’s annual exploration awards ceremony for the discovery of Zama. Zama is the first offshore exploration well in the private sector in Mexico. The oil is expected to be anywhere between 1.4 and 2 billion barrels of oil. Zama is described as “both a historic and significant discovery” by the CEO and president, Timothy Duncan in a press release in May. Zama is drilled into the water at a depth of 165 meters.

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