Fabletics: Growing its Brand using Reverse Showrooming

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics launched in 2013 seeking to attract a market niche of women who want attractive, fashion-forward athlesure for a reasonable monthly subscription price. “Reverse Showrooming” is the foundation for this model. Rather than establishing expensive brick and mortar show rooms to advertise her line, Kate skipped the showroom and appealed to her audience directly through the the web…and it has been working for her. Sales of Fabletics have been growing since the company’s founding and in 2016 recorded a 43% increase.


Ms. Hudson, a co-founder of the enterprise, is very pleased with the success of the company and attributes her triumph to her five tips, beginning by recognizing opportunity. She saw a niche in the market for reasonably-priced, fashionable athletic wear and put her passion into filling that void.


Hudson’s second tip is to stay “hands on” so that she knows what is selling and what is not. Even if she was sure a certain design would be very popular, if it is not a hit with the audience, it has to go.


Her third tip is to make use of big data. It’s all out there. The information on which groups purchase which products for what price range. Use that information to build a brand with a wide base of appeal.


She bases many of her sales ideas on her own inspirations – her forth success tip. Hudson worked for years with her mother, Goldie Hawn, at the Hawn Foundation. There she learned that personal drive and inspiration can succeed when the experts scoff.


Ms. Hudson’s final tip is that you should be unafraid of taking risks when you believe in what you are doing. We only walk on this planet for a short while, so it’s worth taking a few risks.


These five tips, amply supported by hard work and expert assistance, has helped Fabletics grow from a negligible, niche athletic wear company to a true competitor to companies with names such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas.


Fabletics took the back door into the athletic marketing field, bypassing expensive show rooms and fancy malls to see if the public would support them. With a successful subscription model preforming well and many dedicated customers, Fabletics stores are opening, still using the subscription system and still inspired by Hudson’s modest advice to ensure continued success. So, if you’re looking for the coolest workout gear on the market, Fabletics is ready to serve!

Shiny Bouncy Hair With Wen By Chaz

People that want beautiful hair need to know what it takes to keep the hair in good condition. For one thing, beautiful hair is grown, but it takes a lot of punishment from the chemicals that women put in their hair from shampoos and conditioners. This is especially true of the cheap shampoos that have been stuffed with fillers and other types of chemicals that are actually harmful to the hair over time. This often results in women dealing with hair that has a lot of breakages and other types of damages that could leave it looking less than satisfactory to them.

Fortunately, Wen by Chaz offers an alternative for women. This formula comes from natural sources. There are no chemicals that will damage the hair. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the benefits of not only full hair, but also shiny and overall healthy hair. People will not only love their own looks, but they will also be noticed by other people for how healthy and beautiful their hair looks. This will give them an even greater confidence boost than without the shampoo. However, there is always something people need to do before they try out any new product they see.

One of the best things that could be done before trying out a product is to look up information on the products. There is a lot of information on Wen by Chaz available from sources like Bustle. There are people that have tried out this product and reported their results on the websites. This allows people to look up the information themselves and determine whether or not they want to try the product for themselves. The good news is that people who have tried this product have experience improvement in the condition of their hair. Therefore, Wen is a legitimate product. Wen products are available online on Amazon, Wen.com website and other retail outlets.

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Fabletics Review | Great Quality at Affordable Prices

There was a time when you would go to shop for active wear and all you would get was some gloomy stuff. If you were looking in the high-end sportswear line, you would get fine quality alright. But then, they would be the same old fashion that has existed for years. So Fabletics came and saw your struggle and it is then that they decided to start a sports apparel company manufacturing attires that would encompass quality, affordability and style. Having heard all about Fabletics, I decided to check it and see why people wouldn’t stop ranting about it.


The very first time, I shopped on the go. I wanted to see for myself what they had to offer. So I bought leggings and a tank top. I would say that what I saw was beyond my expectation. The leggings fitted perfectly, the fit could not have been better. Then there is the way these leggings just shapes your butt. People will appreciate that body that you have worked hard for. And the quality of the tank top was magnificent. So I decided to join their VIP membership program. Besides, there was nothing to lose. Since then I have been purchasing my fitness attire as a VIP member.


How It Works

Every month, I basically have to pay $49.95. This amount is deducted directly from my credit card. For these amount, I get a 2 or 3 piece attire. Considering the quality, you will not get a better deal anywhere. If in a certain month am not planning on buying anything, I simply skip the month. If I do so, that month nothing will be billed on my account.


Being a VIP member I always get customized stuff. The fit is perfect and the attire are in line with my style preferences. I also get loyalty points for each time I shop. Fabletics allows its VIP members to redeem these loyalty points for free stuff but as of now I am yet to redeem my points.


Whenever I shop, Fabletics offer me free shipping.


Bottom Line

Any day I would advocate anyone to shop from Fabletics. The quality of their attires compete with the likes of Lululemon and Nike. And if you try them and are not satisfied, you can always cancel your membership, no penalties. Become a VIP member today and get 2 leggings, worth $99, for only $24.

Fabletics- Taking On Amazon One Yoga Pant At A Time

When you are working out, you know how uncomfortable your clothes can be. When participating in yoga, you have to have clothing that is going to allow you to move freely and without much constriction. With the Fabletics active wear, you will receive clothing that is going to make it easy for you to work out and work out at a lower cost than many pay else where.


When it comes to the leggings, Kate Hudson knew she needed to make leggings that people loved. Fabletics worked to make sure that the leggings would comfort your body without cutting off circulation to areas of the body that need the blood flow during a yoga session. Of course, you want something that is going to look good while leaving you free to move around. The leggings will do this for you. You will sign up for a monthly subscription of active wear. Once you begin, you will receive your first order for only $25 dollars. This includes free shipping as well as free exchanges. The VIP membership is the best membership for you to have.


If you are thinking about getting something for someone you love for a holiday gift, a birthday gift or something that will simply get them motivated, Fabletics is something that you should look into. You will want to have a membership for yourself as well.


Some people are too shy to walk into a store and purchase something like leggings as they feel they might not look good in the active wear and therefore will purchase things like this online. This is one reason why Amazon is reigning the world in active wear. Kate Hudson has decided to give them a run for their money. She wants to make sure that you get something that you will be proud of and something that is going to be as comfortable for you to work out in. Amazon does have a large fan base for people who are shopping but many times, the person is not as satisfied and will have to deal with a number of people before the problem is resolved. With Fabletics, you never have to worry about this. You will receive great customer service from the beginning of your call rather than being transferred over and over again. This is why so many people are pleased with their Fabletics active wear each and every time they receive their new shipment.


Get Healthy Hair With Wen By Chaz

How important is it for you to have healthy hair? Most women consider it a must have when it comes to their hair care products. A lot of women are claiming hair care products can be expensive and don’t work. Now is s great time to find a reliable solution for your hair for under $40. Imagine being able to get your hair care products online from Guthy Renker and sent straight to your door. Wen hair by Chaz revolutionizes the way you take care of your hair. Nourish your hair with an all natural solution that provides a rich aroma when you need it.
A female college student decided she wanted to try Wen by Chaz for the first time with her own money. She decided to document her testimonial for Bustle readers. She chose to use the strengthening conditioner for one week after every wash. She wanted to see how well it would work on her thin hair. She admits that other products she used didn’t lead to the results that she’d hope for. She was done with pricey salon visits that took all day. After one week of using Wen by Chaz she noticed far less breakage after washing her hair.

Wen by Chaz has every portion that is appropriate for your hair care type clearly listed on the bottle. You’ll never use to much or having to lose your money. They offer an easy deliver process that can have your products shipped to your door. Most forms of payment are accepted by Wen by Chaz. In fact, the young lady trying it for the Bustle readers now recommends it as an affordable hair care solution. You won’t miss out on finding a hair care product with a rich aroma and all natural ingredients that works for all hair care types including men and women. Updates? Follow Wen hair on Twitter.

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People Love My Hair

Years ago my little cousin was diagnosed with alopecia. Alopecia is a disease that causes one to lose hair at an alarming rate. Many people see alopecia victims and instantly assume they are dealing with a life threatening disease or worst alopecia. The look of a person with alopecia looks very similar to a chemo patient. As I watched my little cousin struggle with the disease I was heartbroken. She had beautiful hair and I knew there was no way I could watch her lose her beautiful hair and not want to take her pain away. I didn’t have the power to heal her heart but I did have the power for her to not feel alone so I cut my hair. Yes, I cut my beautiful hair.

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Now years later my cousin’s hair has grown back and so has mine but the beautiful texture I once had is now gone. So now I am struggling to find a product that will work for me. A blogger over at Bustle seems to think WEN hair By Chaz can do the trick. Wen hair By Chaz was first created by Chaz Dean a celebrity hair stylist. This QVC advertised product allegedly stands above the rest because of it’s ability to work on all types of hair. Wen hair products are available for order online via Amazon.com.

Questions? Visit http://www.wen.com/faq.html and get the answers.

Celebs Rock Light Colored Shoes for Spring

We have made it past Easter, and that means it is time for all your white (and light-colored) shoes to come out and play. Based on this article from Vogue’s best dressed list the week of April 4th, all your favorite style stars got the memo.

On March 30th, our girl Rihanna was spotted on the street in NYC rocking some fierce white Dior pumps with ankle straps. This is a great example of how accessories can transform an outfit: RiRi’s dark ensemble and middle part are anything but boring when accented with these unexpected pumps and Dior sunglasses.

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Adding accessories that matches your wardrobe can give you a glimpse of fashion. From casual to formal, from simple to elegant, accessories are needed.

The next day, Kirsten Dunst wore some ladylike nude heels with a lovely purple Gucci dress in London. The nice Max Mara blazer and Roger Vivier bag anchored an otherwise flowy look.

Not a heels girl? No problem. Imitate Jessica Alba. The mom of two stepped out in white oxfords in NYC on March 29th.

If you want a sportier look, make like Gigi Hadid on the 25th: the model and It girl wore People Footwear sneakers with a red suit and Komono sunglasses.

As you can see, there are infinite ways to wear white shoes this season and still be true to your personal style. When you sign up with JustFab, you take a style personality quiz so that every item selected fits you perfectly. Sign up today, and be on next week’s best dressed list.