Louis Chenevert Tremendous Investment in UTC and Its Employees

Louis Chenevert Intermarriage United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney. These companies are currently responsible for the manufacturing growth in the United States. He was such a visionary leader to the extent that he did not recognize that these innovation investments were to be good for business, but they would also be good for the development of the supplier’s businesses as well. He would not have seen these tremendously good results this soon if he happened to focus on at advancing his company. He noted that the company suppliers play a crucial role in assisting the growth of the customer base in conjunction with the profit for everyone to make an achievement.

By taking a look at Pratt & Whitney today, there is approximately 80 Percent of the GTF’s manufactured parts. These parts are outsourced to several suppliers where many of them are based right in the United States. Due to this visionary union of the two companies, United Technologies Corporation has managed to spend an excess of 40 billion USD with the United States suppliers. He was aware that investing in technology would boom the company since it does not innovate but the people within the company do.

The moment at which Louis Chenevert took over the reign of the United Technologies Corporation, he was well convinced that there would be no achievement unless the company opted to invest in the individuals who serve in the company. Before Louis Chenevert era as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC, It was still encouraging its employee to pursue lifelong learning via the Employee Scholar Program. This program has been applied to assist these employees in attaining a degree in any field of their interest. The most significant part of UTC is that it pays all the academic charges. For the past 20 years, the employees of UTC have to manage to attain more than 39,000 degrees through the use of these scholarships programs. This stands to be a total expenditure of 1 billion USD that Louis Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Hayes are at an agreement that this was a well-utilized investment.


Financial and Advisory Firm- Southridge Capital Management LLC

Organizations which need innovative financial resolutions can go for Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is a financial firm which was established with a primary purpose of delivering financial structure as well as financial advice for public companies. Southridge Capital has experienced team who have knowledge of the market as well as expertise in the financial sector and that is their pride. Since 1997 the financial group has invested about $1.8 billion into expanding firms all over the world. Ever since their establishment the company has financed over 250 public companies and they are very much aware of the challenges that organizations face and with the help of their experts they are able to advise their clients on different issues among them becoming a public company as well as balance sheet management among others.


According to PR Newswire, Southridge Capital has been delivering a broad range of financial advisory services including financial analysis which comprises highly detailed financial statements which go hand in hand with the operational premise. Balance sheet optimization is another of their services, which helps organizations to maintain a proper balance between debt and equity. Southridge services cannot be complete without them offering merger and acquisition, a service which the firm makes sure that goes hand in hand with their clients business models. Companies that are bankrupt benefit from bankruptcy advice from Southridge Capital. The financial organization has a well experienced legal team which help their clients to deal with litigation issues. Check out southridge.com



Southridge Capital Management LLC can well be described as a varied financial firm which offers advisory services as well as direct investment services to their customers who include small as well as middle business owners. Apart from offering financial services to their clients, Southridge is also involved in community service. Stephen Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Southridge and he sits on several humanitarian boards. Stephen Hicks owns Daystar Foundation which he has been helping the community achieve their goals. Through Southridge, Mr. Hicks has been organizing an essay contest to help children to learn about education as well as business at a young age. Southridge also helps their customers to keep track of their businesses by offering them internal audit services.



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Fortress Investment Group Multiplies its Access to Resources

Fortress Investment Group is a highly diversified alternative investment organization that has spread its wings beyond the US boundaries. The company uses its longstanding experience to assist investors in reducing business risks and to identify alternative assets that few other asset management and investment organizations notice. Fortress offers services ranging from financial advisory in a broad range of strategies for investment including liquid markets, private equity, and the conventional management of assets. Fortress has joined hands with SoftBank, the Japanese digital technology company with a bias for telecommunications, artificial intelligence, clean energy technologies, smart robotics, IoT among others.

SoftBank Purchases Fortress

Fortress Investment Group manages assets for over 1750 public and private clients. In recent time, Fortress attracted the attention of SoftBank, a giant Japanese company specializing in digital technology solutions across a range of client needs. Fortress was acquired by SoftBank in a deal that allowed Fortress to continue operating independently. The officials from the two companies confirm that the deal has successfully been sealed; with SoftBank meeting all the statutory requirements and conditions for the purchase. The SoftBank management says that the acquisition of Fortress adds to its investment expertise. SoftBank purchased Fortress at a cost of $3.3 billion. SoftBank now owns rights to all of Fortress shares. All conditions for closing the transaction were met including the approval by the shareholders of Fortress. Details of the deal reveal that all class “A” shares will be converted to a compensation of $8.08 each, in cash. The merger proceeds would be paid out based on the payment procedures outlined in the Fortress Definitive Proxy of June 7th, 2017.

Following the purchase, Fortress Investment Group shares have been withdrawn from the NYSE. While Fortress is allowed to continue operating independently, with Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randy Nardone still heading the organization, the financial results will be consolidated with those of SoftBank. According to Peter Briger, the deal allows Fortress to access a larger spectrum of resources and clients. They say that the Fortress management remains intact. In fact, they retain their culture, business model, and staff. So, there is no worry that anyone is going to lose. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties. SoftBank management on its part observes that there is no need to upset the order since the current Fortress formula is still working the desired magic. SoftBank seeks to take charge of the next technology revolution that is already knocking at the door. SoftBank astounded investors and the market by posting over $93 billion in capital investments during its initial close.

Rare Assets

Fortress Investment Group has been growing over the years and has consistently posted impressive growth reports. Fortress has attracted a wide range of clients with diverse interests and investment preferences. It has a history of helping startups and established organizations to deal with risk. Fortress has a knack for investing in rare assets. It identifies assets that have been declared unprofitable by established institutions and buys them. It refurbishes such properties and either resell or rents them out. Figures show that Fortress has made a fortune from investing in such ignored, neglected or even hated assets.

Wes Edens: the self-made American billionaire and philanthropist.

Wes Edens: the self-made American billionaire and philanthropist.Wesley Robert Edens is the chairman of Fortress Investment Group. It is among the most prominent alternative asset managers in the hedge fund industry. Wes Edens was born on October 30, 1961. The American National attended Oregon State University where he attained his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. After graduation, he joined the Lehman Brothers in 1987. This was a kick start to his long and prestigious career. At the firm, he served as Managing Director for six years. He then joined BlackRock’s Asset Investors where he headed the private equity division for almost half a decade.

Wes Edens then joined a couple of other investors who include Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman and Michael Edwards in 1998 to establish Fortress Investments. Edens has a unique investment style which is described as one based on creative financing and contrarian bets. Edens together with his partners took the company public in 2007 making it the first ever publicly traded buyout firm. The firm was then sold 15% of its stake to a Japanese holding company called Nomura Holdings for over $800 million. By the year 2009, the general public had a stake in the company for a whopping $600 million. During this period, Wes Edens was named the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress. He helped strategize the resurge of the company after the subprime mortgage crisis and has been at the mantle of the company’s tremendous success.

In 2017, Wes Edens led the company in establishing an eSports teams called FlyQuest. This is a professional video gaming team which competes in the Championship Series in North America. Apart from his role at Fortress, Wes was heralded the new king of subprime lending by The Wall Street Journal after officiating the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services. He is the chairperson of both Springleaf Financial and Nationstar Mortgage.Wes Edens is the current owner of NBA team Milwaukee Bucks which he purchased from Herb Kohl in 2014. He vowed to keep the team in Wisconsin and even pledged to upgrade its status by building a new home arena. Edens also participates in various philanthropic works. He has over the years donated over $2.7 million in assets and funding to various charity organizations and foundations. He has been awarded for his contribution to business and philanthropy. Wes Edens is a family man with for lovely children. He is a lover of sports and he loves mountain climbing.

Adam Milstein’s Listings in the Jerusalem Post and Richtopia

Finding yourself listed in the high ranks of the world’s philanthropists and influential leaders is no small thing, and it’s an honor that Jewish-American Adam Milstein has expressed his gratitude for with the recent lists he has made. In 2016 he made the list of the most influential Jews in the Jerusalem Post, taking his place alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, philanthropist Haim Saban and many others. In Richtopia, he was listed in the Top 200 Philanthropists in the world with big names such as Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, several current and former professional athletes, and former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. So what is it Milstein does that’s promoted him to these mentions? and more information click here.


Adam Milstein is first and foremost a highly successful real estate broker and investor who is one of three founders and managing partners for Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein has helped procure assets and raise funds for the company, and also has managed the properties and made many deals for both buying and selling clients. Hager Pacific Properties has grown under Milstein’s leadership to having property holdings in the states of California, Texas and Illinois and has currently made an investment in properties reaching into Wisconsin. Adam Milstein entered the real estate business with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Technion in Haifa, Israel and an MBA from USC and learn more about Adam.


Prior to entering real estate and completing his education, Adam Milstein grew up in Israel and then fought in the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. During this time, he met his wife Gila and upon his service period ending he married her. He raised two daughters while still living in Israel, but had a third after moving his family to the US. The Milstein Family Foundation is cornerstone for active philanthropy which Adam and Gila have gone beyond financial involvement to giving of their personal time. Adam Milstein is the founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, and he also partners with StandWithUs, Hillel Institutes, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, Students Supporting Israel and Hasbara Fellowships and Adam on Facebook.


The Midas Legacy: Retirement Done Right

The Midas Legacy talks about helping people protect their retirement and live healthier and when they talk about that, that is not just lip service. That is the truth. They stand behind that and their track record speaks for itself. They have proven results with clients. When it comes to protecting retirement, that is a big one. People have to remember that the person that is about to retire has spent his or her entire life waiting for this money. They have poured all of their blood, sweat, and tears into numerous jobs. Now, it is their turn to enjoy life and kick back and take it easy.

If someone gets mixed up with the wrong place, they could find themselves losing money and possibly having to go back to work, which is the last thing they want to do after having worked for so long. That is why The Midas Legacy is there to protect it. They will never put someone in a bad situation or a situation where they are going to lose money. If someone wants to invest their retirement money and get more out of it, they can help with that. The wonderful thing about The Midas Legacy is they always tell the truth and they tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

That is a big difference that oftentimes gets overlooked by a lot of people. Other companies are only interested in themselves and making money for themselves. They do not care about the client except for his or her money. The Midas Legacy is full of truth tellers. If something is not a good investment, they will tell the person. After all, they have a legacy of their own to protect and they have many clients. They do not want any bad word of mouth to spread about them. They know they are handling people’s futures and that is not something to sneeze at, for sure.

As far as living a more healthy life, people tend to be more relaxed and less stressed when they know their retirement is in safe hands and with a company like The Midas Legacy. They know they are dealing with truthful people that care about others and take their job seriously. They know what they have to do for their clients and they go out and they do it without any excuses at all.

Richard Blair: The Downside of Renting on Airbnb

There are a number of homeowners who believe that renting part of, or their entire houses on Airbnb is a good way of making quick cash. Hosting travelers for a little while may look like an easy way of making money to complete your mortgage repayments. However, it has its own disadvantages. According to Wealth Solutions founder Richard Blair, renting on Airbnb may have several unexpected outcomes, which may lead homeowners into financial ruin.

In recent times, there has been an increase in incidents whereby temporary lodgers damage property. Such damages may not be catered for by your insurers, something that can force you to incur unnecessary expenses. You may end up incurring unwarranted legal and financial charges, depending on the extent of damages caused. In this regard, Blair advises that you consider a number of factors before you rent out your property.

Factors to Consider

Homeowners should first consider the risk that they are putting themselves, and their property into before they rent out their homes. When renting your house online, you are directly responsible for any injuries, damages to property, theft and illegal activities. Owing to the fact that such deals are also informal, it is also difficult to recover your money if your tenants fail to make the agreed payments.

You also need to understand that short-term rentals aren’t covered by most insurance policies. This means that a homeowner is liable and has a personal responsibility towards any expenses that may be accrued by his or her guests. Only secondary coverage is offered by Airbnb and similar organizations. This is quite risky because normally, the coverage doesn’t kick in until homeowners have exhausted their resources.

Mr. Blair’s Résumé

Richard Blair is the founder and chief investment officer at Wealth Solutions. This is a professional investment advisory services firm, which offers its clients pragmatic wealth management solutions. The firm bases its advice on the expertise of its professionals, who carry out in-depth market research in a bid to deliver advanced services and products. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas.

Richard Blair is a highly proficient financial expert, with numerous professional certifications under his name. He is a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Income Specialist and a Certified Tax Specialist. These among other qualifications, give him the ability to offer real-time guidance about wealth management to his clients. Mr. Blair has been working in the financial world for over 20 years. He is an alumnus of the University of Houston.

Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-blair-bb6772108