OSI Industries Stamps its Presence in Europe

OSI Industries acquisition of the Dutch Company Baho Foods marked another era of stamping its market presence in the lucrative European market. Baho Foods is a privately owned firm in the business of meat processing and other foods items for both the retail and foodservice industries.

Baho Foods has plants in Germany and Netherlands and operates five subsidiaries including Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren and Vital Convenience. Each of these subsidiaries has been in operation for almost 60 years selling a range of convenience foods and snacks, deli meats, and serving customers in over eighteen European countries.

OSI Industries is banking on Baho Foods’s experience and presence in the European market in order to expand its operations in the region. Speaking about this acquisition, David McDonald, COO and President of OSI Industries had a lot to say. He said that the addition of Baho Foods to OSI Europe gives OSI Group a broader presence in the European market. He went on to say that Baho Food’s product portfolio and brad will compliment OSI Industries’ processing strengths and broaden its capabilities to serve the company’s evolving customer needs.

The acquisition did not, however, isolate the Baho Foods staff. It was agreed that Baho Foods will retain its management team led by John Balvers. The team will also work in tandem with the OSI Group senior management to implement a workable future long-term growth strategy.

Commending the transaction, John Balvers, said Baho Foods will leverage on OSI Industries’ outstanding customer and supplier relationships to grow even more. The combined effort of the two companies will enable them to serve their customers even better in order to realize their strategy as well as broaden their product portfolio.

The acquisition of the controlling stake in Baho Foods follows OSI Group purchase of a Tyson Plant in Chicago.

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David McDonald Leads OSI Group Growth

OSI Group is one of the biggest names in food that you probably have never heard of. They are one of the 4 main providers of burgers for the entire McDonald’s franchise. One of the people that have been there with the company since their impressive bath of growth started in the early 2000s is David McDonald. He may be the COO of one of the biggest private companies in the world, but he spent most of his early life on a farm.

While it may have been a while since David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science, he is still committed to the success of the school and their students. He spends a good amount of time working with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. In addition, he supports the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund financially and has provided internships for many students within OSI Group. His good works were not left unnoticed as in 2014 he was awarded the Emerging Philanthropist Award by the Iowa State University Foundation.

OSI Group has a strong presence internationally and David McDonald played an instrumental role in much of the expansion. Some of the big deals that he took the helm of included the acquisitions of Creative Food Europe and Baho Foods. When it comes to the concept and practice of food logistics, he is considered an expert. The wide array of government agencies, retailers, and suppliers on a local level may be a lot different than the people he interacted with on the farm, but his experience at that level was an important factor in his decision making in his career.

It’s important for OSI Group to develop partnerships with entities that know the market that they are in and have relationships in their communities. David Mcdonald believes that it is important to have a lot of knowledge about the customers of OSI Group and be operating closely with them. The company has become an icon of the Midwest and has come to be one of the most recognized symbols in the areas that the company operates out of.

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OSI Food Solutions Expansion and Recognition

When you talk about custom value-added food products, you8 have to mention OSI Food Solutions, a subsidiary of OSI Group, which is one of the leading food service and retail food brands around the world. The company has the financial resource and infrastructure offering its customers extensive source capability, development, production, and distribution of custom food solution in any place around the globe. OSI Foods is passionate about entrepreneurship and agility that makes customers curious as well as make a can-do ethic to customer partnerships. The company continues to explore innovative solutions to the food service and does what best for the Group at large.

Awards and recognitions

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was the recipient of the prestigious Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council. The award recognizes exemplary management of environmental risks that are displayed by the company. To get this award, the company had to achieve a maximum five stars, which is a mandatory requirement by the environmental management audit scheme of the British Safety Council.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Foods, which manufactures deli meat. The acquisition of this Dutch company is part of the expansion endeavors being carried out by the OSI Group, which has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries with processing plants that are based in Germany and Netherlands, and this acquisition is to broaden OSI Group’s presence in Europe.

Acquisition of Tyson Foods

OSI Food Solutions also acquired Tyson Foods, a food processing plant and storage warehouse, which is located in Chicago. The facility will enhance the capabilities of OSI Food Solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers that are rising rapidly

Doubling the chicken production capacity

OSI Foods has added to the existing operations, a high capacity production line located in Toledo, Spain. This investment is worth 17 million Euros and has increased the production capacity of quality and processed chicken by a double. In other words, it will not produce 24000 tons annually as opposed to 12000 tons per year. It will add 20 more jobs to the already 140 existing personnel, which includes the new position of the product development manager.


OSI Group Partnership With McDonald Helped Grow Its Operations

Recently, OSI Group McDonalds saw remarkable growth when one of its operations massively increased its production. The OSI Group Spain operation doubled up its output from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken products per year. Like many of OSI oversees operations, OSI Group enjoys excellent success with the help of its president and chief operating officer, David McDonald and other key individuals.

OSI Group McDonalds was not always the successful enterprise it is today. The company began as a small butcher shop in Chicago under the name Otto and sons. The company has grown significantly due to various alliances it has formed over the years. One significant partnership was that with the famous McDonald restaurants. The two agreed with a handshake back in the 50s that allowed OSI Group to supply the restaurant with meet beef.

As the years passed by, demand for their products increased causing the companies to expand their operations. In the 70s, OSI Group McDonalds had to develop a facility solely dedicated to producing products just from the McDonald restaurants.

OSI has grown and increased its line of products. It no longer produces just beef products for McDonald but has created many new products lines like bacon, poultry, burgers, pizzas and so many more. The company has made many partnerships including the recent collaboration with Turi to form the Turosi Pty Ltd. The company has also purchased many facilities including Baho Foods, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe.

The company has also expanded to new markets including setting up operations in China, Japan, and opening two new facilities in India, one in Bangalore and one in Punjab. McDonald Corporation has also grown with many more new branches opening up in different countries.

OSI Group McDonalds is one of the biggest food services providers today. The company has over 65 facilities distributed in 17 countries across the globe. The company has had great success over a couple of decants expanding its operation one facility at a time. OSI Group owes its success to many key players like David McDonald who have committed their lives and skills to make it the world’s best food providers in the industry.

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The McDonald’s Vision on the Future of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions has consistently grown under David McDonald’s governance. Among the significant achievements that OSI Group has been able to attain is the purchase of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods that took place in 2016. In addition to these facilities, OSI Group also achieved ownership of a facility in Chicago that was previously under the ownership of Tyson Foods. After they purchase this facility, they repurposed the already existing facility as well as the workforce into OSI Group Assets. In 2018, there was a consolidation of OSI International Foods with Turi Foods and formed Turosi Proprietary Company Limited. Turi Foods is an Australian Company that specializes in poultry processing. These activities are clear indicators of OSI capability, innovativeness as well as its dedication towards consistent growth and development.

David McDonald, the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and CEO of OSI stated that their foundation values are constant. However, he affirmed that what normally changes is their solutions, challenges, products, as well as their success. David McDonald also noted that he takes great pride towards their staff potential to deliver. He also pointed out that it’s highly rewarding to have a passionate and highly committed team in OSI Food Solutions. This is what has led to the incredible success and growth of OSI Food Solutions. The fact is that David McDonald has been through a long journey considering that he was brought up in Iowa as a farm boy but ended up as an international conglomerate among the most successful business enterprise. David McDonald has outstanding qualities that have enabled him to make a remarkable achievement in his endeavors. His way of corporate governance is grounded on his steadiness and humbleness. These qualities were hardly noticed while he was a farm boy.

When David McDonald was explaining the OSI Food Solutions modest media footprint, he clarified that their group does not brag of their success, but they are rather fond of offering support to their clients’ achievements. They also like to maintain a relatively low profile. Their high modest might have contributed towards their low recognition. Fortunately, they get good reviews and testimonies from their clients which offers them an awareness of the reality of the matter. They always appreciate the confidence that their clients have over their products and their services.

McDonald input towards the development of OSI Group will never be forgotten. He has incredible leadership skills that has seen this company into great success.