IAP Worldwide Services Makes an Important Acquisition

This year, IAP Worldwide Services made an all important acquisition for their business and for the good of this country as a whole. Two business units were acquired from DRS Technologies Inc., in an attempt to expand their services as well as the area in which they served. This portion of the aviation and logistics business on kayescholer.com will enable IAP to do their job well, but it also gives them the edge to do more than they are doing right now.

IAP Worldwide has long been known for their ability to help in a time of trouble, helping cities and other countries when natural disasters strike. Additionally, IAP has been known to be a big support system for military installations, even those that are the size of small cities. While this is their normal act of service, it’s also important to note that they are able to now be more instrumental in the area of aviation on CareerBuilder.com. Being in the air is essential during disasters as well as during a time of war. This is just one of the reasons why air traffic control is a high-stress job.

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Helping planes land and take off is an important part of everyday life, but air traffic control in foreign countries can be difficult for our military to oversee with no real airway system in place. These new units of IAP Worldwide Services will play an integral role in managing air traffic flow as well as maintaining proper air traffic control. The mapping and outlay of airways in countries like Afghanistan will also improve how our military can deploy planes as well as helicopters and more.

One of this year’s goals for IAP Worldwide Services was to increase the size of their addressable market. Aviation and engineering will more than double their addressable market as well as improve their relationships with the military and local governments that may need to call on them for assistance in a time of need. Integrating the aviation and engineering with their vast ability to communicate all around the world will help to increase and improve all security measures as we head into the future.