Dr.Sergio Cortes Tours Epicenter of Outbreak

The Zika virus has become a very serious health crisis for the entire world. What was first discovered in Africa in the 1940s and spread slowly through parts of Asia has now begun to “spread explosively”according to the head of the World Health Organization. Brazilian Dr. Sergio Cortes the State Secretary of Health finds himself at the epicenter of the outbreak. There is a very high concern of uncertainty and the threat level is also very high. The Zika virus is said to have infected over 4 million people based on their data comparing the Zika virus to the dengue which also spread its by the transmission through mosquito named the Aedes aegypti. Secretary of health Dr. Sergio Cortes in recent interview in Extra.Globo explains that controlling the mosquito is key in combating this health crisis. Dr. Cortes also explains that citizens need to take an active role by staying indoors more and also wearing longsleeved clothing. Dr. Sergio Cortes has also compiled teams that have been deployed to the Brazilian city of Xerém and the surrounding region. This area is also recently been inundated with violent storms that caused excessive flooding which is compounding the problem by creating a breeding ground rounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Atanews reports the Brazilian Ministry of Health has also sent troops and National Guard to the area to help in the construction of seven emergency shelters that will also be used for the collection of samples to try to begin the formulation of early treatments Dr. Cortes explains that by disinfecting the free standing waters in the area and trying to control the population of the mosquito is one of the best ways to combat the several viruses and illnesses that this mosquito can transport. Health Sec.Dr. Sergio Cortes has all people making donations to please remember to donate bottled water. Dr. Cortes is asking all residents to only drink bottled water and to use only bottled water while cleaning the kitchen, utensils and plates and for prepared foods as well. Dr. Cortes explains that by using well water for providing one can greatly reduce the risk of infection. 12 Dengue Hydration stations will also be included in each emergency shelter along with the ability to serve up to 300 people per day. Dr. Cortes is hopeful that through proper planning and actions that this situation can be contained. Dr. Sergio Cortes tells niteroi.com that the Zika virus is now linked to a very terrible autoimmune and neurological disease named Microcephaly which has been linked to almost 4000 children in Brazil being born with birth defects since October of last year.

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