See What David Samadi Has Done to Reduce Prostate Cancer Problems

Everyone agrees that doctor David Samadi happens to be a superstar urologist. He is board-certified and he has specialized in diagnosing urologic diseases and treating them. He is also good at diagnosing the cancer of the bladder, cancer of the kidney and cancer of the prostate gland. For prostate, David uses treatments that are minimally invasive. He is a specialist in advanced robotic and laparoscopic prostatectomy. The life of Dr. Samadi is quite interesting. He was born and also raised in Iran. He flew to Belgium from Iran when he was 15 years old after the 1979 Revolution. Many changes have influenced Samadi’s life after the Iranian Revolution got him separated from his family unit.

Samadi and also Dan, his brother, had to begin a fresh life without their small sister Heidi and parents. They were not only young but also lonely. However, they proved to both life and people that they still were ambitious and strong to follow their dreams. To accomplish greatest desire, Samadi had to continue with his studies, following his dreams of being a competent doctor someday. The life of Samadi and his brother became better and they became happier in Belgium. Samadi has first 6 productive years that saw him complete his honors degree in biochemistry at Stony Brook Medical School in 1990.

Before arriving in the United States, Samadi continued his education both in London and Belgium. He had attended his high school studies in the U.S at New York Roslyn high school. He later proceeded to Medical Center Montefiore where he trained as an undergraduate urologist. Samadi also got admitted to the Medicine College of Albert Einstein in 1996 for proctology training. He finished oncology fellowship in 2001 at Memorial Sloan Cancer Center. He then flew to France where he completed robotic fellowship associated with radical prostatectomy in 2002. Professor Claude Abbou offered the mentorship that Samadi needed to achieve this at Henri Mondor Hospital.

Samadi is a respected leader in Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy. He is a doctor who has managed to perform about seven thousand robotic prostate surgeries. He is remembered for the robust practice he established at Presbyterian Hospital in Columbia. He served in the urology department at Robotic Surgery as the Director. He is an experienced and passionate doctor in men’s health. He lectures on urology in different medical institutions and he is committed to offering greater precision, dexterity, and visualization to surgeons. On Fox News Channel, Samadi hosts Sunday House call as a doctor.

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