Sheldon Lavin: CEO of biggest food Production Company in the world

OSI Group is a leading food production company in the world. It is the biggest company in the world under this category. The company was started in 1909. It was started by a man known as OTTO. OTTO started this company as a small butcher shop in the state of Illinois. Over the years it managed to grow into a global company that is now the biggest in the world. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of this company. He is the one who has helped it reach this level of growth. His input as a former banking executive has proved very effective. OSI Group is expected to maintain this growth over the years. Since it has been laid on a foundation that is very strong. Sheldon Lavin has made sure that the company observes food safety, and green practices for food production. He has also made good strategies that make the company a leading company in the world.

His marketing strategies have been out of this world. He has managed to make the company a global company by opening branches in numerous locations in the world. OSI Group is a leading group that has gotten to this position through sheer hard work of the management. Sheldon Lavin has made it possible for the company to reach new markets through his market acquisitions strategy.

One of the recent companies that have been acquired by OSI Group is a company that is known as Baho Food. Baho is a Dutch company that supplies food to Netherlands and Germany. This is an acquisition that has it possible for the company to open operations in Europe. This will make the company get a hold of the European market. Baho has subsidiaries in 14 countries in Europe. This acquisition will make OSI Group stamp its authority in the European market. The expansion strategy of OSI Group is working very well and now the company is on almost every continent.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of this company. He is the man who has made it possible for the company to reach new heights of growth. Under his leadership, the company has moved out of Illinois and into many countries all over the world. Sheldon Lavin has laid a foundation on which the future of the company is pegged on. Food safety, green food production practices, and sustainability are the factors forming the foundation of the company. Sheldon joined the company in the 1970s and have been part of the management ever since.


The Midas Legacy: Retirement Done Right

The Midas Legacy talks about helping people protect their retirement and live healthier and when they talk about that, that is not just lip service. That is the truth. They stand behind that and their track record speaks for itself. They have proven results with clients. When it comes to protecting retirement, that is a big one. People have to remember that the person that is about to retire has spent his or her entire life waiting for this money. They have poured all of their blood, sweat, and tears into numerous jobs. Now, it is their turn to enjoy life and kick back and take it easy.

If someone gets mixed up with the wrong place, they could find themselves losing money and possibly having to go back to work, which is the last thing they want to do after having worked for so long. That is why The Midas Legacy is there to protect it. They will never put someone in a bad situation or a situation where they are going to lose money. If someone wants to invest their retirement money and get more out of it, they can help with that. The wonderful thing about The Midas Legacy is they always tell the truth and they tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

That is a big difference that oftentimes gets overlooked by a lot of people. Other companies are only interested in themselves and making money for themselves. They do not care about the client except for his or her money. The Midas Legacy is full of truth tellers. If something is not a good investment, they will tell the person. After all, they have a legacy of their own to protect and they have many clients. They do not want any bad word of mouth to spread about them. They know they are handling people’s futures and that is not something to sneeze at, for sure.

As far as living a more healthy life, people tend to be more relaxed and less stressed when they know their retirement is in safe hands and with a company like The Midas Legacy. They know they are dealing with truthful people that care about others and take their job seriously. They know what they have to do for their clients and they go out and they do it without any excuses at all.

A Global Financial Services Firm

David Osio is the founder of Davos Financial Group (DFG). Today, he serves as the group’s CEO and is responsible for all global and domestic strategy at the firm. Additionally, he also collaborates with the DFG board to define and revise the mission and vision of the company.

Osio oversees all operational matters and ensures that effective management practices are effected. He is also a part of the team that develops the firm’s portfolio and financial services. Osio successfully managed to establish DFG in Venezuela and expanded to the rest of the Latin American market. He has spent 20 years transforming and expanding DFG into the international market. Today, the company has offices in major global cities including New York, Miami, Lisbon, Panama and Geneva.

Between 1989 and 1993, Osio served as the V.P. of commercial banking at the Banco Latino International and was based in Miami. He was in charge of private and corporate banking as well as defining the bank’s strategies. He was able to increase the bank’s international portfolio allowing it to counterbalance the then instability experienced in the Venezuelan banking industry.

Schooling and Early Career

David Osio attended the famed Catholic University Andres Bello based in Caracas, Venezuela. He graduated with honors with a law degree and soon started his working career at the Legal Desk MGO. As a director at the Venezuelan firm, he was tasked with offering legal advice to various multinational clients including Consolidated Bank and Ferro. After 8 years, David completed a specialization course that he was taking at Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA). He later studied management investment portfolios at New York Institute of Finance.

At Davos Financial Group, Osio is committed to expanding operations and increasing the firm’s international markets. He has concentrated on creating an all-inclusive financial services company that offers customized services to meet the individual demands of clients. This guarantees quality service delivery, customer satisfaction and confidentiality. It is this professional growth approach that has seen the development of DFG from a small company into a large financial boutique.

David Osio’s specialties include asset management, portfolio structuring, corporate and tax planning, success planning as well as banking services. As a lawyer, Osio also advises his clients on legal issues pertaining their business and operations.

Philanthropy and Interests

Osio is committed to providing support to various charitable institutions including Venezuela’s Children’s Orthopedic Hospital and Wayuu Taya Foundation. Other interests of Osio include collecting art, travelling and playing at the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Anthony Marsala: An Exceptional Young Investment Banking Professional

The name “NACVA” is short for the “National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.” The organization picked Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital as one of its “40 Under 40” notable individuals for the year 2015. Marsala is an esteemed professional within the investment banking realm. He’s the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Madison Street Capital, for one. He’s also one of the firm’s founders. The goal of the NACVA organization was to find young individuals (less than 40 years in age) with great accomplishments. NACVA looked for professionals who had incredible achievements in arenas such as financial forensics, business valuation, litigation consulting, mergers and acquisitions and witness testimony, for example. NACVA’s executive staff selected the nominees. The CTI (Consultants’ Training Institute) helped NACVA with the selection process as well.

Marsala is a standout investment banking professional for a variety of significant reasons. He plays a big part in taking care of global matters for his company. He is heavily involved in its operations in Asia and Africa, to be specific. Marsala works for his company’s analytical and due diligence divisions as well. These divisions conduct business valuation services that are vital for the company’s mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance clientele.

Madison Street Capital is a well-known boutique agency that specializes in financial advisory assistance and related matters. Some specific specialties that are available through Madison Street Capital are capital restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, private placement, buy out and bankruptcy guidance. The firm focuses on intangible assets valuation work on a regular basis as well. Many people even reach out to Madison Street Capital for purposes of acquiring fairness & solvency opinions help. The team at Madison Street Capital is proficient in a broad range of services within the investment banking universe.

The company has many extremely high-profile clients. Some clients of Madison Street Capital are Fiber Science, Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC and lastly, the Bond Medial Group Inc. The firm’s main office is in bustling Chicago, Illinois. It has been in operation since 2005. Standout people on Madison Street Capital’s illustrious team include Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Charles Botchway, managing director Jaydip Sinha, managing director Lester Rodgers and finally, senior managing director Karl D’Cunha. Madison Street Capital works with businesses that are both privately and publicly held. It has branches in many areas of the planet. One of its offices is located in the West African nation of Ghana.

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