How Indie Beauty Brand Evolution Of Smooth Became A Market Leader

To the average person lip balm might be seem to be a rather mundane affair. After all it is a product that is about solving the discomfort most of us feel when our lips become dry or cracked because of harsh weather or dehydration. And until very recently lip balm products reflected that mundanes. With notable exceptions like Bonne Bell’s Lip Smacker products the overwhelming majority of lip balm products were cylinders of white wax that came in short tubes that were often difficult for many consumers to keep up with. Other lip balm products often come in small pots that many people feel apprehensive about constantly have to dig their fingers into for hygienic reasons. For the adult consumer lip balm has long been rather humdrum but one upstart independent beauty company has set out to change all of that.

These days we are accustomed to talking about innovation with regard to fields like technology or education but it turns out the lip balm market had, unbeknownst to many of us, been ripe for disruption. Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller are the three original entrepreneurs behind independent lip balm company Evolution of Smooth (also known as EOS) that has filled beauty aisles across the country with their distinctive lip balm. EOS’s lip balm is organic and comes in a wide variety of flavors like Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint. EOS’s wide array of flavors and organic formulation are not the only things that have made the small beauty brand grow into a company that is worth $250 million, according to Fast Company Magazine. One could say that EOS’ lip balm’s distinctive shape is responsible for that.

What makes EOS lip balm ( stand apart from any other product on the market is the spherical shape that the product comes in. The product design, which is informed the consultation of a clay artist, was created based on the feedback of eBay consumers who found that short tubes of lip balm were easily misplaced and that pots of lip balm were not necessarily optimum. EOS’s design is utilitarian in that it is easy for consumers to keep track of once they have purchased it and that makes the lip balm fun to use.

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