Cassio Audi’s Inspiring Musical Journey

Cassio_Audi_Cassio Audi, a well-known Brazilian in the business globe, is also familiar with the music world. Cassio used to be a true fan of rock music before starting his own musical journey. In 1985, he decided to kick his own journey. Cassio and his friends Machado Andre,Pet Passarell, Felipe Machado and Yves Passarell founded the Viper Rock Music Band. The music band mainly was motivated by the work of Iron Maiden and British Heavy metal. Through cooperation and passion, the band experienced incredible achievements in the industry.

In the team, Cassio had the role of a drummer where with discipline and commitment, he gave his best skills. Moreover, Cassio also participated in marketing and composing the songs. The band mainly specialized in thrash metal, power, and heavy metal genres. Cassio Audi also worked hard to see Viper Band receive airplay. The band gave electric performances in every show they attended. They shook the industry with hot hits like Nightmare, Kilera, and Princess from hell and learn more about Cassio Audi.

After being appreciated by Brazil fans, they decided to extend outside Brazil. They performed in Europe and America. With Casio’s composure talent, they released their first album, Soldiers of Sunset, in 1987. The album was awarded a four-star with Allmusic and was featured in magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, and Metal Forces. The band rocked the industry because they also composed songs in English, unlike other Brazilian bands. They released their second album, Theater of Fate in 1989. Cassio was named an amazing composer after Theater of Fate was acknowledged and more information click here.

After Theater of Fate in 1989, Cassio joined Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Sao Paulo attaining a business administration degree. Later, Cassio earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo. Despite leaving the music industry for business, Casio is still respected in the game and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.

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Multitalented Man Shoots Amazing Videos and Photos

Jon Urbana is truly a jack of all trades. He engages in hosts of activities, business, and charity work. He is a fascinating person with a colorful history. Jon attended Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics in 2005. He was also a champion Lacrosse player in college. He has an Airmen Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (

Jon Urbana as mentioned before was an accomplished lacrosse player who went on to play professionally. He is currently retired from the sport but now co-owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Another interesting point about Jon Urbana is that he is a popular and skilled music composer. He creates and remixes electronic tracks like Paper Navy Swan Song that have a huge following on sites like Soundcloud (

Jon has also had an impressive photography career that can be viewed on display at Vimeo. He has done some truly impressive work and has quite a following with this endeavor as well ( His photography lends an ethereal quality to the photograph. His keen eye captures the beauty of what he is trying to shoot and present to his Instagram viewers. Though he is a man of many talents, Jon Urbana really stands out because of his extensive charity work. Jon is currently attempting to raise money for environmental causes. He has a Gofundme campaign set up to directly benefit Earthforce. Earthforce actively recruits youth to help with environmental cleanup and education. Jon also uses the Crowdrise platform to try to raise money to benefit Earthforce in addition to the Gofundme fundraiser.

Urbana’s Twitter handle is @jonurbana1 and you can enjoy dozens of tweets per day like the ones below.