The EDM/pop Duo Chain Smokers and their Success

EDM/pop duos known as The Chainsmokers have been able to hit the music charts and hold on to the frames for the longest time over the past year. They have successful tracks such as “Closer” which features the popular pop singer Halsey. Chain Smokers have owned the better of 2016 with their successful tracks didn’t fall off the charts till 2017 which helped it knock on the doors of history where it had the most weeks at the top 10 on the Hot 100 of all time. It lived at the uppermost region for more than 32 weeks bringing it to a tier with LeAnn Rimes “How Do I Live” who had taken the position many years before. Besides taking the Us top 10 hits by storm “Closer “ also had many weeks inside the arena where it set a record by having the most weeks inside the top five.

Though Chainsmokers have been in the Industry where they have a good run, it was the year 2016 that saw them kick off the Chart run with a thud. They seemed to have the year 2016 under their feet running well into the year 2017 where they made history, This was due to the unbelievably awesome hits such as “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer” “Paris” and the recent debut featuring Coldplay known as “Something Just Like This” They have laid claim at having the second-longest stay at the highest tie. For 61 weeks continuously their name came at least one position between numbers 1 and 10 which is almost unbelievable. Currently, they hold the second position behind Taylor Swift who had 69 weeks at the top 10.

Their success was so great that at one point they had three songs feature at the same time at the top 10 list which is an infrequent occurrence in the industry. Only 15 artists have ever managed to have so much control on a chart, and The Chainsmokers are at the third position of group acts. The year 2016 may have been the bigger year for the duo group but its 2017 that saw them mark their existence at the charts. Chain Smokers have proven that they are much more capable and powerful than anybody ever imagined.

The Chainsmokers Chased Dream

The Chainsmokers are an American duo group that launched again in the year 2012. Their career really took a turn in 2013-2014 when they began playing in shows and their hit song “Selfie” came out. The song was their first breakout moment and put them on the music chart in twenty different countries. After selfie they launched another single called “Roses” and then “Don’t let me down” which featured the incredible, Daya. These two songs became their first songs to make it into the top ten on the music charts. The next song they launched was their hit “Closer” which landed them as the number one spot on the music chart for weeks, and it featured the incredibly talented, Halsey. After that they put out a new album which featured “Something Just Like This” which featured Coldplay, and their hit song “Paris.” Finally, in 2018 they created a different type of music and came out with another hit single titled “Sick Boy.” In their music career they have already won various awards and even a Grammy. They have gained millions of loyal fans all around the world and the numbers keep adding.

With all of the success you can’t help but to wonder how the Chainsmokers came about, and how it all came together for them. According to a recent article, before the chainsmokers, members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were just ordinary men.

Alex had a job in New York and Djing part time, until one day he decided that he wanted to make music his career, so he told his manager and chased his dream. ng to find the success they hoped for and more!

Andrew was a college student in Maine until one day he heard about the chainsmokers seeking a second member and so he took a bus to New York to meet Alex’s manager. Alex’s manager introduced the two and they began making music instantly. It didn’t take them lo