Drink Healthy: Waiakea Hawaiian Water

Waiakea, an up-and-coming bottled-water company, is delivering a fresh new spin on bottled-water thanks to its many beneficial attributes. When it comes to bottled water, most bottled-water companies receive their fluids from underground springs. What makes Waiakea so different is that its fluids come from rainfall as well as snowmelt. The significant part of the equation is that the fluids flow straight through some of the most porous rocks on earth. So, what’s so special about porous rocks? The answer is very simple because these types of rock do a phenomenal job of filtration. The Mauna Loa volcano of the Hawaiian islands takes purification to a whole new level. By the time the water reaches the bottom, it will have traveled through over 14,000 of porous rock.

Waiakea Hawaiian water has its fair share of minerals. In addition to that, the water has plenty of electrolytes. These life-sustaining minerals are very healthy, especially if they’re being consumed on a regular basis. When it comes to pH-levels, few bottled-water companies have higher pH-levels than Waiakea. The cutoff point before the water becomes acidic is just below a seven. This nutrient-rich water hosts a pH-level of an eight. Staying in an alkaline state is crucial and you never want to put anything that’s acidic into your body for obvious reasons. The term drink healthy is the company’s slogan, and Waiakea definitely personifies this notion to the fullest.

Hawaiian culture is firmly in place within this brand. The source of the water and its name connects firmly with this region’s culture. Waiakea also has a philanthropic nature as it offers hundreds of liters of water to underprivileged communities. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive bottle-water brand than this. All in all, Waiakea Hawaiian water is setting new standards, and it’s raising the bar extremely high.