Interview with a Chain Smoker: The Transcendent Nature of Alex Pall

In a recent interview with, Chainsmoker lead Alex Pall discussed the unique nature of his track “Closer” and the evolution of his art. Pall, with his bandmate Andrew Taggart, discussed the ever-changing landscape of contemporary music, as well as how to provide a humanistic element to an art form that is often seen as void of emotion. Pall and Taggart intend to break the mold of the largely unemotional world of EDM and use their eclectic style and unique artistic history to do just that.

As the music industry evolves, more and more artists are willing to step outside of their specific genre and/or style to produce music meant to entrance and delight its listener. Pall and Taggart, already known for their experimental nature and style-bending sound, want to make it clear that they are willing to step onto whatever musical stage fits them best, and “Closer” is a perfect example of that. Pall and Taggart introduced the hypnotic voice of the singer Halsey into their newest single, whose haunting vocals cascaded over hedonistic rhythms to create a sound intoxicating to the ear.

Pall and Taggart, according to a recent interview, hope to continue to break into various realms of music, and continue to evolve his style “…it’s constantly a journey of self-discovery and checking yourself,” Pall states, and his music mirrors this sentiment exactly.

Pall’s artistic nature does not remain fixated on just music; the other elements of his life mirror his eclectic style and genre-bending nature as well. Before becoming an international sensation, Pall worked at an art gallery in Manhattan, and his exposure to contemporary and classical art bleeds into his music as well as his personal life. His home is a hodgepodge of architectural styles, and his fashion choices can be seen as elegant and eclectic, just like his songs.

Pall continues to transfix the world with his music, his style, and his unconventional lifestyle, and one cannot help but be excited to watch the continuous evolution of him as an artist. There is nowhere to go but up with the Chainsmokers, and judging from Pall’s work to date,

The Prosperity of Graeme Holm Australia Infinity Group

Infinity Group, a debt reduction company founded by Graeme Holm and his business partner Rebbeca Walker has brought financial solutions at the doorstep of many Australians. Through the firm, Graeme has adopted a very simple yet unique business mo0del to help people solve the issues they go through whenever they are faced with financial crisis. He has gained an excellent reputation due to his ability to take money lending to a whole new level. Through his investment firm, Graeme has focused on evaluating the various ways in which money ending institutions exploit their clients by placing high-interest rates in their loans as well as other extra costs that are not accounted for during the payment process.


The renowned entrepreneur fully understands the importance of working together with other people and due to his ability to maintain a great relationship with people, he has successfully established an outstanding carer for himself. He founded the Australia Infinity group in conjunction with Rebecca, who today also adds up as his wife. Together they have achieved significant successes and attracted avst number of clients through their fast and reliable services.


The firm is customer oriented, and Graeme has striven to ensure that every need of his clients is met within a short period as well as addressed to their satisfaction. He has shown perseverance in his career and his ability to put significant efforts towards accomplishing his goals have seen him achieve mots of plans. Graeme is also a leader that strives to serve as an expense, and he always involves his team of employees in his decision-making process to ensure that his firm moves fast towards achieving success. He believes that every entrepreneur that works closely with his team of employees falls higher chances of achieving success as the ideas they acquire form their clients and group of employees play a vital role in helping them make info0red decisions concerning their firms. Besides, he insists that such entrepreneurs fall high chances of achieving the success they all work together towards the achievement of a common goal in their firm.


Graeme Holm also flaunts many years of experience in his field of specialization, and through this, he has successfully achieved success through the adoption of the strategies he has gained I the sector over the recent years.


The Australia Infinity Group acts as a persona; trainer to its clients through offering them guidance of the best ways they can use the money that they get from financial institutions. The team of experts in the firm has always striven to ensure that every client develops financially and meets their goals as planned. A vast number of customers at Australia Infinity Group have given positive feedback about the firm, and they believe that through the launch of the latter, they have successfully stabilized their careers.


With the launch of the firm, many people have also achieved financial freedom. Besides, people have acquired a chance to save capital and launch other ventures to save them from the agony of bankruptcy and need to loan money that attracts huge interest rates, which leads them towards incurring major losses. Learn more: