Betsy DeVos Impeccable Philanthropic Record

Betsy DeVos is the current United States Secretary of Education. She was born in Holland, Michigan 59 year ago. Her husband was a former CEO of a multi-level marketing company. Both are considered to be among billionaires in the United States. The family is ranked as the 88th richest family in America based on a list produced by Forbes in 2016. Besides being married to a wealthy husband, Betsy DeVos is also a renowned businesswoman in the US. She is also a politician and an activist who has been at the forefront in fighting mostly for equality and better education for children. She has been active in politics for the last 35 years after she was elected chairman of the Michigan Republic Party. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

However, Besty DeVos and her family are well known for their conservative philanthropic activities. This has seen the DeVos family being ranked among the most generous benefactors of the conservative movements and the Christian rights. It is believed that Betsy DeVos together with her family has invested over 200 million dollars in right-wing causes. They have also helped to fund nearly every prominent Republican running for national office. It is estimated that they have given over $44 million to the Michigan Republican Party, GOP legislative committees and Republican candidate since 1997. In addition to this, she is also described as a talented fundraiser as she was able to raise over 150,000 dollars for the re-election of George W. Bush. Their total donations as a family to the matters related to politics are estimated to be over 18 million dollars since 1989. This is a remarkable contribution. Their contributions in the political arena have, however, been more frequent in the last five years where it is estimated that they donated over 10 million dollars.

Besides giving their donation for the political cause, DeVos family has also been ranked by Forbes as 24th most philanthropic family in the United States. Their total lifetime donation on all causes is estimated to be over $1.3 billion approximated to be a quarter of their total net worth. They are involved in health, health research and Christian related missions. This is carried out under their family foundation known as Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation. They also have a national advocacy known as American Federation for Children, which promote school choice, school vouchers, and scholarship tax credit programs. Their focus has mostly been on funding on Christian Schools and religious missions. The couple’s philanthropic record is a clear indication that they view choice and competition as the best method of enhancing and improving the education system of America. Their total donation to charter schools is estimated to be around $5.2 million from 1999 to 2014, and their donation to private Christian schools was estimated to be over $8.6 million. They firmly believe that the power of education and Christianity can impact a positive impact on the society.

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Jeffry Schneider Has Realized the Growth and Expansion of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder and Principal Executive of Ascendant Capital, LLC. He is currently based in Austin, Texas. Jeffry has helped investors to generate approximately $1 billion dollars. High service quality and efficiency have resulted in growth and expansion of Ascendant Capital. In so far, the company has hired over 30 personnel. Five years back, Ascendant Capital had only two employees. Jeffry possesses a wide and in-depth experience in the alternative investment business niche. He gathered experience while working for Axiom Capital Management, Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors, and Smith Barney. He acquired his degree from the University of Massachusetts, located in Amherst. He has realized the growth and expansion of the company through careful understanding of the industry.

Ascending Capital helps all alternative asset fund sponsors to raise funds through diverse strategies of marketing, education, operational services, sales, novel strategies for financial restructuring. Jeffry works with an established network of Family Offices, Private Banks, broker-dealers and the Registered Investment Advisors. The Company’s capital has been used for the acquisition of technology companies, auto dealerships, real estate and much more. Jeffry and his team are determined and dedicated to achieving more in the future. In 2016, Ascendant Capital had planned to raise more than $50 million in every month.

Jeffry has built an enabling and favorable environment to facilitate the growth and expansion of the Ascendant Capital Company. He has developed a culture that is characterized by effective communication, open dialogue, and strong spirit of trust among the workforce. Jeffry Schneider is proud of the culture of transparency in his Company. The Company has succeeded in aligning its interests effectively compared with those of expressed by investors.

Jeffry and his team share a common believe that modern businesses are moving towards alternative investments since it remains a profitable venture. It is through alternative investments that companies can reduce volatility and enhance the diversification of their holdings. The tremendous Ascendant Capital growth’s over the recent years is primarily attributed to the alternative investment industry. Principally, the allocation of capital to alternative investment surpasses the money pools that can be achieved by the majority of Registered Investment Advisors. Therefore, in practice client portfolios are most often allocated to alternative investments.

Jeffry is a philanthropist who focuses on supporting the disadvantaged in the society. He collaborates with several charitable organizations to serve the needy. He has donated to not-for-profit organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Home for Children. Apart from philanthropy work, Jeffery loves to practice and encourage his staff to adopt healthy lifestyles. It includes eating healthy food, exercising and taking vacations. He toured various places in the world including South America, Europe, Asia, and others.