Betsy DeVos Supports School Choice for All

Betsy DeVos has long been known as someone who is interested in educational reform. Both Mrs. DeVos and her husband have given millions of dollars to programs aimed at giving students, teachers and parents more choice when pursing their education. She talked more about her thoughts about education reform with Philanthropy magazine.


DeVos Cites the Popularity of School Choice Initiatives


According to the interview that took place in spring 2013, DeVos mentioned that there were 250,000 students in private choice educational programs across 17 states. She also claimed that Latinos in particular were bullish on the prospect of increased choice in education. She believes that vouchers, educational savings accounts and other alternatives to public school work because the public school system is failing.


She Didn’t Immediately Jump Into the School Reform Debate


DeVos says that there wasn’t one event that caused her to take an interest in education reform. Instead, it was a series of events over time that piqued her curiosity. She said that it wasn’t fair that families such as hers could choose schools for their children while those who had fewer financial resources couldn’t do the same. Both Betsy and her husband Dick are involved with the Potter’s House Christian School in an effort to help low-income parents provide a quality education for their children.


More Information About Betsy DeVos


While she has been characterized as aloof or tone deaf in public appearances as a member of the Trump administration, she is liked by those who know her privately. Even those who don’t necessarily agree with her views say that she is generous and pragmatic. Her views on school choice are influenced by those that were developed in the Netherlands during the 19th century.


In both America and in the Netherlands, debates have raged as to whether religious schools should be treated the same as secular schools. Betsy DeVos is a supporter of school choice and believes that students should be able to use vouchers to pay for religious schooling. DeVos does believe that giving secular and religious schools equal funding does not necessarily violate the separation on church and state.


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Ara Chackerian Is A Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Also Passionate About Philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is a successful entrepreneur who is also passionate about philanthropy. He is currently a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Capital Holdings is an investment firm that specializes in healthcare companies. Chackerian is also the founder of TMS Health Solutions. He founded the organization to pay specificate attention to patients suffering from resistant depression.


Ara Chackerian has had a successful career in business. He is an astute investor who is very well studied on the healthcare industry. During Ara’s time in the industry he noticeable alarming trends within healthcare. It motivated him to found TMS Solutions in order to resolve these problems. Chackerian has observed the tough relationship that doctors and clinics have with their patient’s insurance companies. He studied the limited insurance covers policies in order to get a better grasp on the issue. TMS TMS Health Solutions is a place to ensure that patients get the type of service they expect at the clinic.  For more details you can checkout



TMS Health Solutions has been at the forefront of helping thousands of people with resistant depression. Ara Chackerian has pushed to build specialized outpatient clinics in order to create a new experience for patients. His company has built several facilities that are located around the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. They were constructed with treatment rooms and consult areas. Chackerian brought in a special designer by the name of Josh Heitler in order to create a relaxing feel in the facility. Ara wanted to make sure that his patients felt very comfortable since they were suffering from psychiatric issues. Chackerian hopes that this style of clinic will catch on as a brand and is thought of as more than just a healthcare facility.


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