The Chainsmokers’ “Somebody” Video Shows Artists at Play

Recently the Chainsmokers released a tiny little making-of video for their new hit single, “Somebody”. The New York-based EDM band has been charting singles for years, ever since their breakthrough in 2014 with “#Selfie”. The making-of video shows two artists at work, and although it looks like a lot of fun, one can see that it is also quite a bit of work.

The video shows DJ’s Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart compiling sounds for “Somebody”. Taggart is playing riffs on a piano, while Pall sits behind a sound booth with a laptop. The video definitely captures the feel of mixing. Taggart for instance is recording piano sounds that will be mixed later by Pall. Pall is listening to a vocal track they are using, a track which was recorded for another song. The track is apparently too low, so Pall changes the pitch and the voice goes higher.

The intricate attention to detail is seen here, as Pall listens for just the right sound. It almost reminds one of building with Legos. Trying to construct an impressive structure from hundreds of tiny little bits. Some of them are so small you might lose them, others do not click in the way they should, and some require you to push harder and that breaks apart what you just did.

The work is painstaking, with both Pall and Taggart striving to get every little detail right. They make it look easy, even though the tiny film is a bunch of little scenes edited together. It definitely compliments their artistry. After Pall messes with the track he plays it back with its new pitch, he then adds it to their primary track and plays that. This is the song eventual listeners will hear and it contains all the individual sounds we just saw the duo making.

“Somebody” sounds really good, and to hear the finished track is a testament to how each little piece forms a whole. The song has their same beat, their unique sound, and knowing the Chainsmokers a real-life reference to the artists themselves.