The Discounts Obtained With A Magnises Card Will Easily Pay For The Membership

Having any type of membership can have its benefits, but having a Magnises membership is something that every millennial will want to have, especially if they live in New York City and beyond. New York City is the birthplace of Magnises and its headquarters as well, so many people in the city know of or have heard of Magnises. Since Magnises was created as a membership, there has been an explosion in membership, and thousands have joined with more coming in all the time. Many don’t even think about the membership fee, which is currently $250, and that’s because it’s easy to get payback for that money.

Getting discounts at restaurants, free bottle service, room upgrades and more can all help to add up to the cost of membership, and this can add up very quickly, making the membership more than worth its weight in gold. Even young professionals who have the money to go out to special events may not have the access because their credentials may not be what’s needed to get into certain parties. There are always special parties and events going on, and Magnises has strived to get their members into as many of these parties as possible.

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Magnises has even created a ClubPass that helps to get their members into nightclubs, which can be awful at times when the clubs are the most popular, like on the weekends. Standing outside with a line that goes down the block can be the standard night for a nightclub in New York City, so having the Magnises pass will at the very least guarantee the member will gain entrance into the club. Another amazing pass that Magnises is very proud to offer is a HotelPass, which gives significant discounts to all kinds of hotels, but The Dream Hotel in particular has significant discounts.

With discounts that exceed $150 for a single night, who wouldn’t want a HotelPass, especially if they plan on going to other places in the world that have hotels that will give the same discounts. With the other passes that Magnises has, it’s easy to make life a lot more fun. Sports fans should obtains the SportsPass, which makes going to any sports game much more enjoyable because the card member is likely to get great seats that give them a better view of the game. Another pass is the WorkPass.

Having the WorkPass offers its own discounts, especially to Alley, which has co-working spaces for anyone who needs them. Magnises is also offering their great concierge application to their members, and the application makes it so much easier to get any kind of reservation, even if it’s to a bar or restaurant. Also, take some time to visit the clubhouse that Magnises has for their members, and you’ll be able to meet other members as well. Even going to the parties that are held for Magnises members only will be a great way to socialize with others and to have fun.

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