The Lung Institute Is Tapping into a New Source of Medicine

People with chronic health conditions have usually tried almost everything on the market. Chronic conditions of all types are defined that way for good reason. They’re heavily resistant to standard treatments. Someone with a chronic condition will often be stuck with it for the rest of their life. The worst part of this is that many people with chronic conditions become so convinced that there’s no hope that they miss out on real breakthroughs. A recent example of this can be found on PR Web.

Lung conditions tend to be highly resistant to traditional treatments. Lungs are very important to any mammal’s life. As such the human body is incredibly protective of the lungs. For the most part the body simply can’t tell the difference between medicine introduced to help alter lung behavior in a good way and invading elements trying to alter lung behavior in a bad way.

One organization has found a way to entirely bypass the issue. If the body fights off foreign substances that are trying to help, than the answer might be to use medicines made from the patient’s own body. This is the basis of the Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy. They take a small sample of a patient’s own blood or bone marrow. From there the Lung Institute can isolate and activate stem cells into a medicinal compound.

What’s really amazing about the resulting medicine is that it’s not at all foreign to the patient’s body. The medicine is far more potent than synthetic medicines. But at the same time the body recognizes it as something which is supposed to be there. This gives the medicine full access to all the body’s normal pathways. The stem cells can be reintroduced into a patient’s body and they’ll quickly make their way to the lungs. From there the stem cells will help to heal and rebuild damaged areas within and around the lungs.

The Lung Institute has had some amazing results with this new treatment. The most amazing thing about it is that many of the people had all but given up hope of ever feeling better. The Lung Institute isn’t just changing the face of medicine. They’re giving new hope to people who had resigned themselves to chronic lung conditions. It’s even more amazing when one considers that the stem cell therapy is fully natural. Patients can use it with full assurance that the treatment is working with their body, rather than against it.

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