Talkspace Goes to the Next Level by Partnering with Michael Phelps

There is nothing that is comforting than finding someone who has been through what you are going through to comfort you. There are times that we feel like no one gets what we are going through regardless of what they say. Individuals with depression agree with this statement, those who are suicidal even say no one can get them out of the dark whole they find themselves. This is why the partnership of Michael Phelps with Talkspace Reviews is very valuable.

Talkspace is an organization that offers online therapy sessions through chatting and video calls. The app currently has 1 million subscribers. Oren Frank has been making multiple additions in the firm to make the services effective. He employed a chief medical officer from UnitedHealth. This will enable physicians to prescribe tablets when necessary. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

The partnership with Michael Phelps will be in the form of a TV Campaign. Many people suffer silently because they hate themselves for what they feel. The campaign will help kill the mental illness stigma and encourage people to talk about how they feel openly.

Michael Phelps says that he suffered from depression all through his career. He says that it wasn’t easy to get the help he needed. In his mind, Phelps considered talking about what he felt weak; he thought it made him vulnerable until he did. Contrary to his expectations, he realized that he felt in control and strong whenever he shared. It was, therefore, an empowering moment when he discovered he could talk about what he felt through chat and video calls.

Mr. Michael Phelps will help the patients who are in the recovering process through his personal experiences. Additionally, he will become a member of the board of directors of Talkspace. Having someone who understands what their clients are going through and what they need, will be very helpful.

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Talkspace Online Therapy for Those Who Cannot Afford Traditional Therapy

There are many people who suffer for mental health issues and even after noticing its symptoms, simply ignore it. The primary reason behind it is that the treatment can be expensive. Talkspace has emerged as the savior for such people who are suffering from mental health issues but can’t afford mental health treatment. It is a mobile app that anyone can easily download on their phone and register at. The people suffering from any kind of mental health issues can take the help of mental health therapist at Talkspace. The fact that one has to pay just a fraction of traditional therapy at Talkspace is what has caused its popularity to grow tremendously.

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Talkspace has also recently introduced counseling for teens, which is a helpful concept for teenagers. Teenagers these days go through many challenging issues and times, which wasn’t the case earlier. It is due to this reason they need someone to talk to and open about those issues as many of the teenagers are not comfortable talking about these issues with their parents and sometimes, even friends. Talkspace has become the go-to online therapy app for adults as well as teenagers as it gives easy access to professional therapists at a very affordable price. People do not have to waste their time or their money on visiting a traditional therapist.

Talkspace has been trying to help more people seek help for any mental illness. Also, for those having problems in their relationships can also talk to a therapist and a solution to a problem. Michael Phelps has undergone mental problems, and he knows how difficult it can be to get help for many people. He himself was reluctant in getting help, but online therapy allowed him to get clean. Now that he knows that online therapy is quite effective, he wants other people to come forward and get help too. Learn more:


Rick Smith’s Magical Leadership Skills Leading to Success

Rick Smith holds the CEO position of Securus Technology. Rick progressed to the CEO post in July 2008, when the management found him as the best person to hold the position. Mr. Smith has the experience, excellent education, the dedication, the skills and the focus needed to run a company. Since then the company has been rising, and with their high-quality services and products, they remain the leading organization to serve correctional facilities. Rick has also worked in other sectors such as telecommunications, information technology, financial industry, business progression, operations and much more.Rick Smith’s education is also an added advantage to equip him for great leadership. Rick attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned an associate’s degree. He later joined the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Mr. Smith also did his master’s in engineering at the State University of New York. To add on that, Rick received an MBA from the Simon School of the University of Rochester.

From school, Rick started pursuing his career by working for several companies before joining Securus Technology. In 1972, he acceded to the Global Crossing North America Inc. Rick held several posts in the enterprise such as chief information officer and controller. Rick was also involved with the Frontier Information Technologies and served as the president of the company. Later, he became the vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations and the Operations Director position of Network Plant.In 1998, Rick went to work for Eschelon Telecom Inc. Just like in the previous company Rick used to work for, he still held several high positions in Eschelon. Mr. Smith progressed from the chief financial officer, then the president and finally the CEO position of the firm. Under his leadership Eschelon’s profits grew from $30 million to $350 million.Rick worked for Eschelon till 2007 and joined Securus in June 2008.

Rick has had the privilege of holding top rank positions in the companies he has worked for before joining Securus. The experience acquired improved Rick’s leadership skills with time. Mr. Smith has steered Securus to success, and between 2013 and 2016, the company has managed to acquire other technology-based companies. The enterprise has also managed to invest a lot of money in technologies and patents.Securus Technology is based in Texas having its headquarters located in Dallas. Securus is dedicated to the provision of technology to correction facilities and prison systems. The techniques and services offered by Securus are meant for secure communications, public information, surveillance, managing incidences, investigation, inmate self-service, biometric analysis and appropriate response to emergencies. The firm is well-established serving public safety agencies, 2600 correctional facilities, law enforcement bodies and over 1000000 inmates in North America. Securus Technology has a wider range of products and services from other companies acquired such as JPay.

Talk Fusion: Your Life, Your Rules

They often say that money does not buy happiness, and that is true. There are a lot of rich people out there that are not very happy with their lives. They have money, yes, but they don’t feel as though they are doing anything special or unique with their lives. They are simply collecting money and the more money they make, the more miserable they become. However, money does buy freedom, which is an underrated feature of life. Everyone wants freedom. After all, in America, we are free to do as we as please, as long as it is legal. Talk Fusion is giving freedom back to people that have lost it at their jobs.


One thing that is very noticeable out there in the world is that when someone gets in a position of power, they think they are unstoppable and untouchable. No one can get near them and no one can touch them. They are the bosses and they call the shots. As the old expression goes, it is their way or the high way. It does not leave a lot of room for other people to chime in with their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. It causes them to be incredibly unhappy. They don’t have freedom because someone is power hungry.


In fact, they say to themselves, “If I were in charge, I would do things my way, of course, but I would also treat my employees with respect and listen to them.” With Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, they are allowing people to be their own bosses when they use their voice, data, and chat features. It gives them everything they need to get their feet off the ground and soar. They will have freedom and they will have a life played by their own rules. One of the major differences is the fact they won’t be as stubborn as other bosses. They will listen.


Talk Fusion is listening, and they have 30-day free trials for people to regain their freedom and live life by their rules and run their business by their own rules (


Erick Pulier`s success as a Technologist and an Entrepreneur

Technological Entrepreneurship

Many people around the world envy wealthy and famous people, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. While most of the focus is directed to these industry leaders, innovative entrepreneurs such as Eric Pulier require more credit. Innovative entrepreneurship is what propels the American market into one of the most powerful economies in the world.

Eric Pulier is a hardworking and determined businessman. He determines the success of innovations by predicting future product scarcity and market demand. Pulier utilizes technology to benefit substantially while improving the world. He utilizes his established business processes to achieve his objectives. Pulier is a man who does not believe in textbook solutions. The businessman invents creative methods of solving business challenges. His style has made him successful in areas where many entrepreneurs have failed.

Eric Pulier is a polymath who has studied a broad range of subjects. His passion ranges from literature to natural sciences. Pulier`s wealth of knowledge in various disciplines enables him to brainstorm solutions. The genius entrepreneur is a technologist who understands market patterns. In a span of five decades, Eric Pulier has built successful technology companies. He has also raised money to help the disadvantaged children in the society.

About Erick Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American technologist, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He lives in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey. Although he attended public schools, he was successful at a young age than most students who went to better schools. His technological proficiency manifested, when he developed his own computer, in the fourth grade.

In 1984, Pulier joined Havard University where he studied English and American Literature. The course equipped him with editorial skills, that enabled him to write for The Harvard Crimson. He graduated with honors from the institution in 1998. Pulier also attended MIT where he pursued courses in technology and entrepreneurship.

Pulier started his first company, People Doing Things, in 1991. The firm majored in medical and educational technology. Later, Pulier founded and co-founded many organizations including Akana, Desktone, Media Interactive and MediaPlaform. vAtomic Systems is his latest business venture. The company became operational in 2015 to develop the economy using digital goods.

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Jason Hope – Helping Understand the Internet of Things Technology

Jason Hope is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the United States, based in Arizona. He is known for making significant investments in the technology firms and is currently working with mobile technology companies to develop the futuristic mobile technology. As a self-proclaimed futurist, Jason Hope believes that the world of technology is going to transform in a big way in the future. Jason Hope talks about his vision of the technological world and various technologies in many of the events he attends and the articles he writes. One of the technologies he is highly excited about Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope feels that people are using the smart technology because of its easy availability, but when the Internet of Things technology would be available, it would be widely accepted by the people. It would make day to day work easier, and the companies would also find many different uses of the Internet of Things technology. In factories and large scale industries, the Internet of Things technology would make the operations more efficient and also help with saving time and reducing waste. Proper utilization resources would become possible with the aid of Internet of Things Technology.

Jason Hope also believes that the average life span of human can be increased to a great extent with the help of extensive research on a molecular level. Jason Hope feels that the process of aging can be reversed to a great extent, and it is for this reason he donates to and is associated with the SENS Research Foundation. It is a research based foundation that is involved with finding ways to increase the average life span of human beings and stop the process of aging.

Jason Hope believes that even though the idea seems impossible as of now, there is evidence to support that it is very much possible. Jason Hope is associated with many other charities and continues to donate generously to support many noble causes. He also provides funds for the ambitious start-ups he feels have a good scope in the future. Jason Hope is undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic futurist and technology experts in the United States today.

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