Looking at Greg Secker’s Success Story in Forex Trading


Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who was fortunate enough to become a multi-millionaire in his 20s. He has managed to establish and grow one of the most successful trading companies of all times in Europe. His principal object of coming up with the business was to provide entrepreneurs with a smooth way to realizing becoming successful. He founded the SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and learns to Trade.

His philosophy is “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy” which has enabled him to try and tackle any challenge that he faces along the way in the world of the entrepreneur. He does not believe in failing and will always accept a problem and then later figure how out how to handle it.

Greg first started in agriculture and then switched lanes to finance later. The journey to financial world and later to forex trading began with him being interested in computers. Due to his interest in coding programs, he went to a computers career fair at one time where he encountered this guy from a firm dealing with financial Services. The guy invited him for an interview and secured a job to develop a currency trading platform, the Virtual Trading Desk. This was the pioneer currency trading platform and gave him a chance to interact with other traders while converting their strategies from human language to a machine understandable language through coding.

While developing the platform that is when he became interested in forex trading. Secker saw how everything worked and decided to borrow some £5,000 to try out his luck. Lucky for him, within a year, the money had grown to £60,000. What helped him was learning some core principles like having a very risk-managed approach to every trade, being disciplined and sticking to a strategy-driven trading plan.

Greg Secker shares his knowledge and passion about forex trading through motivation speaking in places such as seminars. He has also written motivational books. He has steered his efforts towards empowering young people to shape their life while at a young age. Greg Secker aims at imparting them with entrepreneurship skills to enable them to navigate around quickly and even gain ground in forex currency trading.