George Soros: Big-Time Democratic Supporter

Most people don’t like hearing about billionaires donating millions of dollars to specific political parties. Usually, those billionaires are trying to buy political favoritism in a coming election. That’s not the case with George Soros. He donates to improve society and make a difference.

Most of the money he donates goes to his foundation, Open Society. Over the years, he’s donated billions of dollars to the organization. In a recent NY Times article, it estimated his total contributions added up to $18 billion. His $18 billion commitment is one of the largest transfers of wealth on record.

In fact, it’s made his organization the second-largest philanthropic organization in the country. No one knew about his contributions until earlier this year. It was the first time the organization released his wealthy generosity in a public statement. According to The Wall Street Journal, he’s been donating over $800 million a year for the past 30-plus years.

Now, Mr. Soros spends a lot of his time working with Open Society to heal America. On a personal level, he donates a lot of his time and money to Democratic politicians, believing they’re the country’s best bet at finding some measure of peace and equality.

When it comes to politics, things can get heated very quickly. Sadly, people like Soros get caught in the middle of these passionate arguments and become targets for online trolls. Because Soros supports politicians like Hillary Clinton, he’s being targeted by dozens of hate groups claiming to be proud Americans.

Some people don’t know how to behave with it comes to articulating their political views. Usually, their opposition comes across as hate speech; and in a lot of cases, it is. That’s what’s happening with Mr. Soros’s opponents. They love slandering his name and his organization, and what George Soros knows.

It’s gotten to a point where he refers to their attacks as the demonization of philanthropy. A JPost article recently explored the meaning of the “demonization of philanthropy”. Soros spends a lot of time funding and supporting civil and human rights groups all over the world. Many of his opponents refer to his acts as hateful.

One source even accused him of villainy for supporting the NFL protests and the Women’s March. He’s also been accused of supporting both sides of the Charlottesville incident for his own enjoyment, and

Todd Lubar Conveys How The Emerging Smart Homes Market Is Headed In The Right Direction

Prominent real estate entrepreneur Todd Lubar has no doubt smart home technology will soon be within everyone’s reach.

Lubar, whose career spans more than twenty years, shared his enthusiasm over technology that involves smart homes. According to Lubar, there are many positive options with smart homes and he believes while the technology is already in use today that all new homes will come equipped with the technology within 30 years.

He also pointed out how convenient it would be for owners to have control over all the devices, including smart lights and smart locks, in their home.

Making use of smart home technologies can lend a hand to people with physical challenges as well. The technology can be utilized to turn lights on and off and raise or lower temperatures in the home. Benefits also take in hands-free controls for cooking appliances and speakers.

On the other hand, the technology is not advanced enough for people with speech barriers. While smart home technologies take action to voice commands, people with speech and hearing disabilities may find the technology of little use as there are still limitations to them communicating effectively.

According to Patch, Lubar is among the many entrepreneurs who has faith that confidence, questioning and determination rank at the top of the list for success as an entrepreneur, along with devotion and the ability to learn from failure and rejection. For more details visit Crunchbase.

He believes entrepreneurs need to keep themselves well organized and work extremely hard to build their business. In addition to the real estate industry, Todd Lubar has taken an interest in other lines of businesses such as automotive scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition.

Todd Lubar began his career working in the real estate and finance industries in 1995 as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He went on to hold positions at the Legacy Financial Group before starting residential development company, Legendary Properties.

The entrepreneur and businessman is the current president at TDL Global Ventures and senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Check out to see more.

Lubar received a B. A. degree from Syracuse University. He and his family live in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Expansion In The Hands Of Sheldon Lavin

What A Facility In The Philippines Means For Sheldon Lavin

The platform for growing industrial business is on an international level.

The world is expanding as a whole and is no longer limited to the productivity of individual nations. Every nation must build trade ties with those throughout the world. The level of productivity that any country has is a result of what business brings to culture and daily life experiences.

We still have to take a closer look at how most societal systems are put in order. To best describe this system, we have to consider mass productivity. It takes large factories and assembly lines to service an entire country.

Sustaining the demand of these countries take into account much more than individual hand-made good. Cutting down on time, resources and energy is accomplished by sustaining mass productivity and where there’s a clear demand for the supply you have.

There’s No End To Growth

The OSI Group is now leading the world as the business taking advantage of an emerging international market. This market is built from the expansion of nations like the Philippines. The CEO of OSI is Sheldon Lavin, and he currently builds in the third world where many small nations are contributing largely to the world.

These developments in industry are sustaining the business operating of groups like OSI because small nations seek the products and efficiency of the most advance on the planet. Integrating these nations into the modern design is done by bringing the innovation of world powers down to a smaller level.

The American Society Peaked

The OSI Group helps the world advance by taking what it perfected within the United States and constructing it for governments, cultures and peoples of different nations. The OSI Group works in the food processing industry and leads the world in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of processed meats.

There are then food chains that are serviced by the OSI Group and in order to supply businesses with meat used for the product of various food items. The list of businesses under the meat processing and distribution of the OSI Group are brands like Pizza Hut, Subway and Papa John’s.

Sheldon Lavin info:

Dr. Mark McKenna Launches OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is known globally as a highly successful doctor and entrepreneur. During his early years of practicing medicine he also opened his own business. The business was called Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title and it was a combination of multiple businesses that offered everything from home design to real estate closings. The company was so successful that it grew to employ more than fifty people.

As Dr. Mark McKenna continued to thrive in the business sector he practiced medicine as well, although less frequently. He sold his first clinic to a publicly traded company and the practice went on to do extremely well under the reigns of the publicly traded company. He is still licensed to practice medicine in both Georgia and Florida.

Dr. Mark McKenna was born and raised in New Orleans. He is known in the New Orleans community as an incredibly generous man who puts the community first. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans in 2005 most of Dr. McKenna’s business investments were hit very hard. However, instead of focusing on immediately rebuilding his own business interests, he decided to focus all of his considerable efforts on aiding the community in rebuilding. He rallied support for the rebuild of New Orleans and spent a considerable amount of his own time rebuilding homes.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta to watch his aesthetic medical practice, ShapeMed. ShapeMed became an Atlanta institution and was soon bought by Life Time Fitness, also traded publicly. Currently, he is working on his latest business venture, OVME. He founded OVME in 2017 and it will serve as a holistic medical company focusing on aesthetics and elective health options. Dr. Mark McKenna stated in a recent interview that he founded OVME after noticing a great number of areas for disruption in the current medical industry. He has always prided himself on his ability to disrupt the status quo and OVME will be the next way he makes an impact on the medical landscape. The combination of his medical knowledge and business success should prove to help OVME see rapid growth within the next few years.

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Giving American Children Hope with Joshua Smith

Great Full Gardens Café and Modular Greenhouses gave High Desert Montessori School students a reason to smile when they awarded them with a brand new greenhouse. During the handover ceremony, the donors said that they were pleased that the students would be able to learn the good methods used in food production. This will be for their own wellness and health. This is not the first time that Modular Greenhouse has donated a greenhouse. The local startup has in the past surprised the Boys & Girls Club with a greenhouse. The officials of the company spoke after the ceremony.
They said that they have an ambition of ensuring that every school situated in Washoe County has a greenhouse in the next three years. Not only did High Desert gardening program receive a greenhouse, but it also received funds to acquire seeds, planters, and soil. Greenhouse chief executive Joshua Smith said that they have a program that will turn the dream into a reality. Tyler Jones is a seventh grader who was excited about the program. He said that he learned that there are plants that can grow in the area. Great Full Gardens also expressed their delight in being part of the program. They said that they would buy some foodstuff from the program in the future.

In the United States, Joshua Smith can be referred to using many titles. He is a rogue visionary and a serial entrepreneur. He has also participated in the establishment of a number of companies. He concentrates in the fields of sustainable technology and wellness.

He has been in the field of entrepreneurship for the last 17 years. Other than business, Joshua Smith has a philanthropic heart. In the past, he has said that every child in America and around the globe should be provided a fighting chance. Joshua Smith also loves to read. In a recent interview, he said that his favorite book at the moment is a book called the Art of War. He also said that his biggest challenge in business came when he did business with the wrong people. Joshua Smith is very active on social media.

Rocketship Education Heightens Learning Activities in California

Rocketship Education has for long been California’s most benefiting non-profitable organization. The foundation aims at offering educational programs for over 10 years now. The needy communities within California have had most of their youths educated through the charitable program. They began by establishing their learning institutions in San Jose. The scholars are offered a variety of lessons within the preferred curriculum.

Since its establishment in 2007, Rocketship Education has managed to expand its branches to form more than 16 branches. The schools have gained certification from the sector of education. It was co-founded by Preston Smith and John Danner. Some of the cities in which students can now access Rocketship Education include Washington D.C and even in the prestigious Redwood City. The firm has offered job opportunities to people within those communities. The types range from working throughout the day or on partly basis.

Some of the procedures used include involving parents to follow up in the progress of their children. The teaching staffs visit homes to engage into interactive studies with the kids. The approach has built greater relationships between teacher, students and parents as well.

Excellence in leadership and management of Rocketship Education is the major factor that has led to the provision of holistic education to the scholars. The constant increase in the levels of standard in which the services are offered has made Rocketship Education to remain top notch.

Most of all, the organization has also integrated a variety of schools so that their systems are at per. Students can now access affordable and quality educational services at the comfort of their homes. They get issued with assignments which their parents help them through.

Interestingly, the performances of the students have improved through quality evaluations. The teachers are qualified professionals from top notch higher learning institutions. They underwent incomparable trainings to make them excel in delivering their services. They have lowered their guards down to fit within the living standards of the vulnerable communities. For California, youths have been mentored all through since the beginning of the program. It is because of the active involvement of Rocketship Education that California now has an improved education system.

Looking at Greg Secker’s Success Story in Forex Trading


Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who was fortunate enough to become a multi-millionaire in his 20s. He has managed to establish and grow one of the most successful trading companies of all times in Europe. His principal object of coming up with the business was to provide entrepreneurs with a smooth way to realizing becoming successful. He founded the SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and learns to Trade.

His philosophy is “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy” which has enabled him to try and tackle any challenge that he faces along the way in the world of the entrepreneur. He does not believe in failing and will always accept a problem and then later figure how out how to handle it.

Greg first started in agriculture and then switched lanes to finance later. The journey to financial world and later to forex trading began with him being interested in computers. Due to his interest in coding programs, he went to a computers career fair at one time where he encountered this guy from a firm dealing with financial Services. The guy invited him for an interview and secured a job to develop a currency trading platform, the Virtual Trading Desk. This was the pioneer currency trading platform and gave him a chance to interact with other traders while converting their strategies from human language to a machine understandable language through coding.

While developing the platform that is when he became interested in forex trading. Secker saw how everything worked and decided to borrow some £5,000 to try out his luck. Lucky for him, within a year, the money had grown to £60,000. What helped him was learning some core principles like having a very risk-managed approach to every trade, being disciplined and sticking to a strategy-driven trading plan.

Greg Secker shares his knowledge and passion about forex trading through motivation speaking in places such as seminars. He has also written motivational books. He has steered his efforts towards empowering young people to shape their life while at a young age. Greg Secker aims at imparting them with entrepreneurship skills to enable them to navigate around quickly and even gain ground in forex currency trading.


The Prospecting Power of Paul Mampilly in High End Investments

Paul Mampilly is a renowned personality in the financial sector. He has a great reputation as an investor. He has also held high ranking positions in hedge fund investment in a series of companies over the years. Like any other young man aspiring to live the American dream, Paul left India for America at an early age.

He was introduced to the Wall Street investment where he grew his experience with time. In 1991, he joined Bankers Trust where he became an assistant portfolio manager. This would be the start of his career in fund management. He later joined the management team of Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank among other key players in the industry.

It was at this point that Paul joined the reputable and world renowned, Kinetics Asset Management. At this hedge fund, he secured a high ranking position as a manager. By this time, Paul had garnered a lot of experience and was able to grow the firm’s assets from just $6 to $25 within a short time.

This growth was marked widely by the market players. In fact, it was identified among the top “World’s best” hedge fund of the time. During the infamous 2008/2009 economic crisis, Paul Mampilly broke the record by growing an investment worth $50 by a good 76%.

The fact that he was able to do this during such times and without any shorting of stocks was indeed remarkable. Apart from his contributions in the hedge fund investments, Paul has also made a name of himself in his own investments. He is a known risk taker. His calculative moves and skills in the stock market have surprised many.

In 2012, Paul Mampilly made a very bold move by investing in a company that was trying to develop a new drug. Under normal circumstances, many investors would shy away from such an investment. However, Paul’s move was proved genius after he gained 2539% of the investment after only 8 months! and more information click here.

It is evident that Paul Mampilly has mastered his great prospecting skills. In 2008, he prospected the future of Netflix through market observations. He made an investment here as well and in barely 2 years, he sold at a profit of 634%. Following these achievements, it is easy to see why many people in the business world look up to Paul. He has been a symbol of resilience and success for a long time, and Paul on Facebook.

Securus Technologies Helping Inmates and Law Enforcement Agencies Use Technology Effectively

Correctional technology plays a vital role in ensuring that the correctional facilities function smoothly and that law and order are maintained inside the prisons. The modern correctional technology also helps the law enforcement agencies to catch the culprits, control the flow of contrabands in and out of prison, and ensure the safety of the prisoners and the law enforcement officials. With the help of investigative correctional technology, the law enforcement agencies have been able to perform with much more efficiency than before. The crime rate has significantly decreased inside as well as outside the prison with the help of investigative solutions offered by Securus Technologies.


The inmate communication services are essential for the prisoners as it is with the help of these services that the prisoners can talk to their loved ones. In the absence of such services, the prisoners would feel stressed in an already highly stressful and isolated environment in prison. It would also lead to increase in crime, which is probably not what the law enforcement agencies would prefer. Securus Technologies doesn’t only provide the inmate communication services, but also offer the investigative services that help the law enforcement officers to keep track of the criminals and their movements, inside and outside of the prison. It has efficiently helped in reducing the crime rate inside the prison and in the community.


Securus Technologies believes in the power of innovation, and it can be seen in its product line as well, which is unique and different from what the counterparts offer. The company wants to use technology efficiently to transform the correctional industry, and it continues to do so by investing in research and development. In the last few years, the company has made rapid progress in the industry and introduced many innovative products that weren’t available earlier. Securus Technologies continues to build products and services that help the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies.

Equities First Holdings Has Many Different Loan Opportunities for All

Equities First Holdings is a large company with the boutique feel that will help people get the loans that they need. This company has helped a lot of people get a loan product that suits their needs, and they are trying to make sure that they can get something that will help them have some more cash flow. That is very interesting for people who want to be sure that they can have more money in for investments or a business deal. There are some things that might make more sense when they talk to Equities First Holdings, and the company will offer only the exact amount of money that is needed. It is very important for the company to give people better lending options, and it helps them get better rates, terms, and fees so that they can move on. There is little documentation needed, and it makes life simpler, and more information click here.