Fortress Investment Group Multiplies its Access to Resources

Fortress Investment Group is a highly diversified alternative investment organization that has spread its wings beyond the US boundaries. The company uses its longstanding experience to assist investors in reducing business risks and to identify alternative assets that few other asset management and investment organizations notice. Fortress offers services ranging from financial advisory in a broad range of strategies for investment including liquid markets, private equity, and the conventional management of assets. Fortress has joined hands with SoftBank, the Japanese digital technology company with a bias for telecommunications, artificial intelligence, clean energy technologies, smart robotics, IoT among others.

SoftBank Purchases Fortress

Fortress Investment Group manages assets for over 1750 public and private clients. In recent time, Fortress attracted the attention of SoftBank, a giant Japanese company specializing in digital technology solutions across a range of client needs. Fortress was acquired by SoftBank in a deal that allowed Fortress to continue operating independently. The officials from the two companies confirm that the deal has successfully been sealed; with SoftBank meeting all the statutory requirements and conditions for the purchase. The SoftBank management says that the acquisition of Fortress adds to its investment expertise. SoftBank purchased Fortress at a cost of $3.3 billion. SoftBank now owns rights to all of Fortress shares. All conditions for closing the transaction were met including the approval by the shareholders of Fortress. Details of the deal reveal that all class “A” shares will be converted to a compensation of $8.08 each, in cash. The merger proceeds would be paid out based on the payment procedures outlined in the Fortress Definitive Proxy of June 7th, 2017.

Following the purchase, Fortress Investment Group shares have been withdrawn from the NYSE. While Fortress is allowed to continue operating independently, with Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randy Nardone still heading the organization, the financial results will be consolidated with those of SoftBank. According to Peter Briger, the deal allows Fortress to access a larger spectrum of resources and clients. They say that the Fortress management remains intact. In fact, they retain their culture, business model, and staff. So, there is no worry that anyone is going to lose. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties. SoftBank management on its part observes that there is no need to upset the order since the current Fortress formula is still working the desired magic. SoftBank seeks to take charge of the next technology revolution that is already knocking at the door. SoftBank astounded investors and the market by posting over $93 billion in capital investments during its initial close.

Rare Assets

Fortress Investment Group has been growing over the years and has consistently posted impressive growth reports. Fortress has attracted a wide range of clients with diverse interests and investment preferences. It has a history of helping startups and established organizations to deal with risk. Fortress has a knack for investing in rare assets. It identifies assets that have been declared unprofitable by established institutions and buys them. It refurbishes such properties and either resell or rents them out. Figures show that Fortress has made a fortune from investing in such ignored, neglected or even hated assets.

Ronald Fowkes Continues To Make A Difference In His Critical Role As A Mentor:

Ronald Fowlkes is the man who runs the off the ice training program for the Triple-A squad of the St. Louis Blues hockey club. He is also the team’s equipment guy. Giving back to his community in this way gives Ronald the opportunity to truly use the extensive skills he developed while serving his country in the military as well as working in law enforcement. Ronald is also a lifelong super fan of hockey so getting to give back in this capacity has extra meaning to him. Ronald Fowlkes also works full time in the tactical gear industry as a business development manager. His past experiences have made him the ideal person for this type of work.


Ronald is former Marine who was a member of the Special Ops and he is also a graduate of the United States Army Parachute School. These experiences have certainly given him a huge background in physical fitness. This makes Ronald the ideal kind of person to run a conditioning program for a sports team. He knows how to get the best out of the kids he mentors and it is a great help to the team’s coaches as far as on ice performance. Ronald also has a deep knowledge regarding the use of equipment and its maintenance. His military and law enforcement background also provided him with this skill. He has years of real-world experience using all sorts of tactical equipment and loves to counsel his students on the fact that well-maintained equipment is often the difference between winning and losing. Ronald’s son is also a member of the hockey team and so giving back in this way is not only giving to his community but giving back to his family. Ronald is a devoted family man as well as an American patriot.


Ronald Fowlkes is an employee of Eagle Industries Unlimited, a premier tactical gear supplier. He is the company’s Business Development Manager and manages a line of products that have applications in the world of law enforcement, the military and numerous outdoor sporting applications. The company has been in business for over thirty years and is a leader in providing the most high-quality tactical gear available. Ronald is the perfect fit for the Fenton, Missouri based company because his past life experiences have provided him massive insight into the use of gear and equipment. Ronald Fowlkes is an educator at heart and spends a lot of time educating the company’s customers as well as its sales representatives. Ronald Fowlkes served in the Marines from 1989 until 1993 and then embarked on a thirteen-year career in law enforcement serving with the St. Louis County and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Departments.


The Characteristics of a Successful Investor with Jose Hawilla

There is no secret to success. For you to be successful, you need to be astute. You need to keep reading and expanding your knowledge on the market issues. Despite not having a defined way to success some traits have been observed to be common among all the successful people. Here are some of the characteristics;


They View the Glass in All Angles


Many investors advise young business people to view the glass as half full. This is very good advice to cultivate optimism. However, this may block you from reality. It is crucial to see the business in all the dimensions to be prepared.


The naïve business people count their chicks before they hatch. On the other side, the prominent business people reason and weigh all the options. This is why they earn when things are good, and earn even more when things are not good.


Patience in Business


The successful business people are very patient to see their ideas materialize. Many people miss some points because they are greedy and want quick results. It is important that every investor understands that success is not built overnight.




They are good at controlling their Emotions


Successful people do not let emotions control them in making their decisions. Some investors are controlled by their emotions while making decisions. Greed and fear are among the leading emotions that affect investors.


The successful investors do not become overconfident when things are going smooth or chicken out when the business is experiencing setbacks. The successful people make decisions based on logic and market conditions. They stay neutral. Check out



They Stay Focused


As an investor, you will always have an idea of something that could work better than the businesses you are already conducting. It takes discipline to focus on your project. Successful people focus on their projects and keep making them better.


Jose Hawilla is an example of a business person who other investors can emulate to become better versions of themselves.


Hawilla worked as a sports journalist and a producer for more than ten years. Jose Hawilla lost his job, and instead of finding another job he opted to become his own boss and bought Traffic

William Saito’s entreats entrepreneurs to step outside of their proverbial comfort zone

Growing up as a Japanese-American in East Los Angeles county during the 70’s and 80’s; not much of William H. Saito’s early childhood experiences could have prepared him for the unparalleled business successes that would define much of his adult life. But Saito does does believe that fate favors the bold and may partially explain why he has experienced so many triumphs when many of his business contemporaries have failed. Saito had no idea that his teen interest in then fledgling tech arena of IT cyber-security would later lead him as a college student to create I/O Software Inc.,—an innovative IT Security Software company. I/O developed groundbreaking biometric and identity authentication systems; becoming one of the early global pioneers to offer this technology. Microsoft later acquired the I/O patented software and integrated it into all future Windows operating systems. Saito became the golden boy of startup businesses and was named by Ernst & Young as the 1998 recipient of it’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Never content to rest on his laurels; Saito did a reinvention of sorts and turned his vision east towards his familial place of origin—Japan.


He leveraged his prior IT security software business expertise to become a trusted IT security advisor to many higher ups in the Japanese government; including then Prime Minister, Shinze Abe. Saito’s acumen was widely sought after in Japan, and he eventually found himself working as an advisor within various governmental agencies. One of the most notable was his advisory role within the National Diet Committee—the agency that had been assigned the daunting task of investigating the recent 2011 Fukushima Nuclear leak. After eventually finding as much success in the public sector as he had previously enjoyed in private enterprise; Saito’s achievements were once again publicly lauded when he received the 2011 Young Global Leader Award at the World Economic Forum.


Never one to shy away from a challenge; Saito eventually chose to pursue the previously uncharted arena of academia; becoming a professor at Japan’s University of Agriculture and Technology. He also eventually committed to sharing his vast experience, insight and successes with prospective entrepreneurs and became a published author—another achievement in a long list. These days William Saito has a renewed passion and commitment to helping start up business owners navigate the often treacherous waters of venture capitalism. He fervently believes that fate favors the bold and points to the fact that the most successful business start ups have found that success during the most depressed of economic times. And, it’s not really surprising that Saito would entreat small biz startups to step outside their proverbial comfort zone—his entire life exemplifies this credo.

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Sussex Healthcare- Celebrating Life And Success

Sussex Healthcare is celebrating over two decades of providing superb and outstanding care to adults with specialized needs and the elderly. The healthcare has its facilities located in the strategic environment on the England Southern Coast.

It has two joint chairmen Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, and together they have victorious opened over 20 facilities. The facilities include a daycare, gym with the latest technology and residential houses offering full-time care. The leading core is specializing in providing a live-in facility for the older people who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, but they also have facilities for the younger adults with cognitive issues and neurological disabilities. Sussex Healthcare facilities offer the much-needed care to individuals with extensive and limited needs.

The company boasts of the skilled support team and caregiving staff that are committed and trained to take special care of the individuals who embrace Sussex Healthcare facilities as their home. Competitive compensation, continuing education, and training are the company hallmarks of managing its staff. The Sussex Healthcare provide services based on the philosophy and believe that all people need to enjoy access to recreational, social and leisure activities regardless of their situation. They love giving their residents more than rubric of their physical health and embrace the aspect of making them enjoy and live life.

Their facilitate have programs that encourage the residents to stay engaged and active in their surroundings that includes having personalized activity and leisure plans based on their resident earlier interest in life. The facilities also maintain high trained and skilled kitchen staff and chefs who prepare nutritious meals for the residents daily according to individual specific dietary needs.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges

Shiraz Boghani has a background in hospitality while Shafik Sachedina is a trained dentist. Shiraz Boghani is a great entrepreneur. He is an active member of Splendid Hospitality a hotel group that operates more than 20 hotels including St James Conrad London and Hilton London Bankside. He is Sojourn chairman and founding partner. In 2016 he received the Hotelier Asian Business Award. Shiraz Boghani was born in East Africa Kenya, and he settled in the United Kingdom in 1969.

Shafik Sachedina was also born in East Africa Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania, and in 1957 he graduated from the University of London Dental School-Guys Hospital. Shafik Sachedina is a successful dental surgeon and an active member of the Ismaili community, Aga Khan Developments Networks and FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance.

Sussex Healthcare celebrates 25 years of being the largest provider of nursing and residential care to over 580 residents.

Drink Healthy: Waiakea Hawaiian Water

Waiakea, an up-and-coming bottled-water company, is delivering a fresh new spin on bottled-water thanks to its many beneficial attributes. When it comes to bottled water, most bottled-water companies receive their fluids from underground springs. What makes Waiakea so different is that its fluids come from rainfall as well as snowmelt. The significant part of the equation is that the fluids flow straight through some of the most porous rocks on earth. So, what’s so special about porous rocks? The answer is very simple because these types of rock do a phenomenal job of filtration. The Mauna Loa volcano of the Hawaiian islands takes purification to a whole new level. By the time the water reaches the bottom, it will have traveled through over 14,000 of porous rock.

Waiakea Hawaiian water has its fair share of minerals. In addition to that, the water has plenty of electrolytes. These life-sustaining minerals are very healthy, especially if they’re being consumed on a regular basis. When it comes to pH-levels, few bottled-water companies have higher pH-levels than Waiakea. The cutoff point before the water becomes acidic is just below a seven. This nutrient-rich water hosts a pH-level of an eight. Staying in an alkaline state is crucial and you never want to put anything that’s acidic into your body for obvious reasons. The term drink healthy is the company’s slogan, and Waiakea definitely personifies this notion to the fullest.

Hawaiian culture is firmly in place within this brand. The source of the water and its name connects firmly with this region’s culture. Waiakea also has a philanthropic nature as it offers hundreds of liters of water to underprivileged communities. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive bottle-water brand than this. All in all, Waiakea Hawaiian water is setting new standards, and it’s raising the bar extremely high.

The Outspoken Author of JNS; Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israeli born American. He was born in Haifa. He has a passion in humanitarian activities and serving in worthy causes that include raising funds. Adam Milstein also likes to partner with like-minded people to benefit society and citizens of the world. Adam Milstein is a pro-Israeli activist who supports education for the Jews. Mr. Milstein is also an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He also serves as the chairperson of the Israeli-American Council.

The Jewish News Syndicate: Milstein’s views

Adam Milstein wrote an article on Feb 7, 2018, where he discussed the sources of anti-Semitism. He argued that anti-Semitism is the cornerstone of the many movements of radical Islam that are in today’s world. The ideology has contributed to reinforcing a wave of racism, bigotry and hate, and the sharing of malicious ideas. Anti-Semitism is conspicuously present on the radical right, and it continues to grow on the left. The radical leftists had joined radical Islamists in the acts of undermining minority rights, condemning gays and stoning women who were in violation of Sharia law.

Countries then decided to join hands in the effort because they have a shared ideology. The nations desired to achieve anti-Semitism, tolerance, and freedom of speech and association. Several people characterized the alliance. One of the most vocal activists was Linda Sarsour. She praised how women were treated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even said that one of the Jewish journalists was a staunch member of the Semitic alt-right group.

Israel was myopically condemned by another guide from the New York University. The guide had 55 references more than what had been referenced to white supremacy, racism, alt-right and US President Donald Trump. The condemnation was further illustrated by two rallies that happened in the city of Chicago, Illinois, during an LGBT gala. In the gala, three individuals were barred from having access because of having the Star of David on the flags that they were carrying. In another event, some Jews were barred from taking part in a walk against sexual violence. The Jews were condemned by the event organizers and were later deported.

AIA CEO Explains The Need For Public Health Officers And Architectures To Work Together

Mr. Robert was born in Columbus Mississippi. He later acquired bachelor’s degree in from Sewanee University. He then graduated from the University of Tulane with a master’s degree in architecture. Robert has served as the vice president, and has also been in charge of over-seeing activities at the McGraw hill construction and being the editor in charge on the architectural record from the year 1996 to 2010, Robert is currently the executive vice president / chief executive officer of the American Institute of architects. He was named the CEO of AIA in the year 2011.

What Robert had to say on the interview on ZDNet
Robert Ivy explained how they are working with public health to promote health, like in the draining of swamps in the Washington DC, to eradicating sub-standard houses and reducing the rates of common life style diseases such as heart attacks by building staircases in buildings to encourage a healthy life style as well as improve one’s activeness. They also ensure that buildings have access to enough sunlight, clean water, and fresh air, which are essential for good health.

Robert’s view about committing the profession to public health
Being the public health ambassador of architecture, Robert Ivy discusses how good designs play a significant role in addressing today’s complex health challenges. For example, using of stairs instead of elevators offers good health to the occupant of the building and the environment around it. Ones’ wellbeing is increased when the body is moving regularly. This activity will aid in reducing diseases such as diabetes, obesity and other disorders.

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Robert Ivy stated that architects are hence working hand in hand with public health officers to deal with the issues arising, and have even come up with several strategies to put this measure in place. For instance; the Seattle children’s hospital “building hope” expansion, which plays a huge role in ensuring the children and the visitors feel comfortable and relaxed.

Robert’s hopes and vision for the future of architecture
Robert ivy aims at making architecture a “creative consultant” to a wide range of industries and be able to solve various problems. Robert also hopes that architecture will have the ability to provide more infrastructure, get within areas realm and even help accomplish goals related to mitigation and adapting to climatic changes. Robert advocates for medical schools to offer architecture as a part of their unit, because, more accomplishments will be achieved with both combined. Robert’s presence on social media reveals his soft-spoken nature and wisdom.

AIA has changed to become more responsive, influential, and proactive. With the changes, AIA is more capable of serving its 95,000 members better and has also transformed the people’s perception of architects in America. AIA’s headquarter is located at Washington DC. AIA is the most influential architectural group in US.

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See What David Samadi Has Done to Reduce Prostate Cancer Problems

Everyone agrees that doctor David Samadi happens to be a superstar urologist. He is board-certified and he has specialized in diagnosing urologic diseases and treating them. He is also good at diagnosing the cancer of the bladder, cancer of the kidney and cancer of the prostate gland. For prostate, David uses treatments that are minimally invasive. He is a specialist in advanced robotic and laparoscopic prostatectomy. The life of Dr. Samadi is quite interesting. He was born and also raised in Iran. He flew to Belgium from Iran when he was 15 years old after the 1979 Revolution. Many changes have influenced Samadi’s life after the Iranian Revolution got him separated from his family unit.

Samadi and also Dan, his brother, had to begin a fresh life without their small sister Heidi and parents. They were not only young but also lonely. However, they proved to both life and people that they still were ambitious and strong to follow their dreams. To accomplish greatest desire, Samadi had to continue with his studies, following his dreams of being a competent doctor someday. The life of Samadi and his brother became better and they became happier in Belgium. Samadi has first 6 productive years that saw him complete his honors degree in biochemistry at Stony Brook Medical School in 1990.

Before arriving in the United States, Samadi continued his education both in London and Belgium. He had attended his high school studies in the U.S at New York Roslyn high school. He later proceeded to Medical Center Montefiore where he trained as an undergraduate urologist. Samadi also got admitted to the Medicine College of Albert Einstein in 1996 for proctology training. He finished oncology fellowship in 2001 at Memorial Sloan Cancer Center. He then flew to France where he completed robotic fellowship associated with radical prostatectomy in 2002. Professor Claude Abbou offered the mentorship that Samadi needed to achieve this at Henri Mondor Hospital.

Samadi is a respected leader in Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy. He is a doctor who has managed to perform about seven thousand robotic prostate surgeries. He is remembered for the robust practice he established at Presbyterian Hospital in Columbia. He served in the urology department at Robotic Surgery as the Director. He is an experienced and passionate doctor in men’s health. He lectures on urology in different medical institutions and he is committed to offering greater precision, dexterity, and visualization to surgeons. On Fox News Channel, Samadi hosts Sunday House call as a doctor.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media:

The Impressive Achievements of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the serving chief executive officer of an international meat company known as OSI Group. He has a high profile in the food and meat processing manufactory. Lavin is also privileged to head the company’s subsidiary dealing with foods. He has advanced industry knowledge from the year 1970 where he was part of sponsoring Otto & Sons. Later, Otto & Sons, advanced into OSI Group. Under Sheldon’s management and vision, the OSI Group expanded from a local food processing organization to a global industry leader.

As of now, the company has more than 60 locations across 60 states. In the year 2016 Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award by India Vision World Academy. He was awarded because of getting the OSI Group into the international industry and being part of job expansion around the world. The organization has also been awarded very many environmental and feasibility awards under Lavin’s management. He mainly deals with large-scale commercial operations that make the organization to retain complex food distribution chains. Sheldon shares his duties with the most skilled people in his organization through allocation; he is able to consider multiple variables while doing little research. This makes him make detailed decisions about the organization.

Lavin has been recognized for his charitable efforts. He often gives out a lot of money to Ronald McDonald House foundation. This foundation offers housing accommodations and services to families who are encountering severe illness. Sheldon is committed to supporting families around the world. In an interview, he stated that he got into the business by gaining knowledge about tricks of finance while he was in school. He said that he had a vision of creating companies that could give individuals the food and commodities they use every day.

Sheldon was asked how he makes money and he said that it is effortless to get it. Lavin went ahead and stated that one needs money to make money. Sheldon acquires most of his money from financial industries. Lavin said that he has some ETSFS and mutual funds.

When Sheldon started working with Otto & Sons, he was not sure of his abilities, but he depended on his instincts and knowledge. The results were good, and he was able to extend his services to bigger companies. He states that this is the main reason he has not retired because he enjoys it. Lavin says that his most satisfying business moment is him seeing ideas work over time.

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